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Nanded City is popular religious region of Marathwada Division, Maharashtra, India. Nanded is the holy city having huge value for Sikh religion in India. Sources say City is the landmark of Hazur Sahib Gurudwara. Hindu religion people are also having huge value for Nanded as this holy place is having big known Renuka Devi Shakti Peetha shrine located at Mahur. River Godavari is flowing from the Nanded city, which is also a holy river of India.

This oldest city of Marathwada distraction is located close to Godavari River. As per history Nanda dynasty administered the region for long years between 4th to 5th centuries BCE. In 272 to 231, BCE the city was under Maurya Empire Ashoka.

Earlier city was recognized as Nanditat during the ruling period of Andhra Bhrtyas and Satavahanas  It was the headquarters of Telangana region during ruling period of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. This Mujhal ruler died in 1708 and then Guru Gobind Singh reached the city with spiritual values for Sikh community. Guru Sri Gobind Singh Ji established the small area and Guru Granth Sahib in Nanded for welfare of Sikh community. Maharaja Ranjit Singh founded the world-famous Gurudwara Nanded Sahib Ji in 1835.

Attraction in Nanded:
Sachkhand Gurudwara: Nanded is the religious place of India popular for Sachkhand Gurudwara also known as Takhat Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib. Sources say Guru Gobind Singh Ji took his last breath in Nanded. Maharaja Ranjit Singh did construction of Gurudwara in Nanded in 1835. He ruled the Punjab city between 1830-1839 A.D.

Mahur Gad: another religious location known, as Mahur Gad is available for voyagers, though place is popular for Shaktipith in MaharashtraHere voyagers must attain to Goddess Renuka Devi’s temple located on high hill area. Temple is placed at only distance of 2.5 kms distance from small town Mahur.

Kandhar Dargah: a Dargah recognized, as Haji Saravar Magadum Dargah is next location for voyagers. Construction of Kandhar Dargah was done 750 years ago.

Malegaon Yatra: a small town located in Loha Taluka is next tourist attraction in Nanded. Malegaon is popular for conducting the biggest fair to honor the Lord Khandoba. Name of the fair is Malegaon yatra and people from diverse cities are reaching Malegaon to attend this fair. Town is just 57 kms away from Nanded City center. Specialty of fair is sale of animals such as horses, camels, asses etc.

Masjid of Biloli: Hazrat Nawab Sarfaraz Khan Masjid is another place for travelers. People also recognize the place as Masjid of Biloli constructed 330 years ago. The Masjid was named after Sarfaraz Khan who was the officer in Mughal army.

Vishnupuri Dam: River Godavari is flowing from Nanded City and the beautifully constructed dam on the river is next tourist attraction. Vishnupuri Dam is the largest lift irrigation plant in Asia constructed close to Asarjan village, which is just 8 kms away from Nanded. Surrounded area of Dam is properly managed by Nanded administration and countless beauty spots are available where travelers can spend their time.

Kandhar Fort: famous fort located in Kandhar Town is next spot in Nanded. Fort is surrounded with ditch filled of water. The ditch in area was the part of safety of fort.

Sahastrakund Waterfall: nature lovers can find the location Sahastrakund waterfall in Nanded. The good height of fall on Banganga River could be diverse experience for voyagers. Finest feature to attain the place is water flows for whole year at this place so voyagers can attain spot anytime.

There are many other places for voyagers in Nanded like Hottal Temple,               Unkeshwar Hot Springs etc. However, there are numerous other tourist attractions surrounding the Nanded City like Aundha Nagnath, Parli Vaijanath, Bidar Gurudwara, Basar Temple, and Narsi Namdev. These all places are unique and having plenty of beauty spots with greenery.

Attaining to Nanded:
By Air: domestic airport of Nanded is available, which is also recognized as SGGS (Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji) Airport. Flights from Mumbai, TrivandrumNagpur  and New Delhi are available at good quantity to reach Nanded. Biggest international airport close to Nanded is Hyderabad located at only distance of 284 kms.

By Rail: Nanded railway station is properly connected to major cities of India as many link trains are crossing the city from various parts of the nation. Trains entering to Maharashtra are touching the Nanded city. Direct trains from Mumbai,  New DelhiHyderabadAmritsarPuneAurangabadBangaloreVisakhapatnamNagpur,  Kolkata, PatnaTirupati, Sambalpur, Ajmer, Rameshwaram, Sri Ganganagar and Thiruvananthapuram are available for Nanded City.

By Road: reaching Nanded by road is also possible through travelers have to cross the distance of 651 kms from Mumbai to attain the city. NH 222, about a five-hour drive from Aurangabad and an eleven-hour drive from PuneSeveral passenger bus services operate from Nanded providing overnight service to most major cities in MaharashtraIn 2009, NHAI has announced the extension of existing NH 204 National Highway 204 which passes through Nanded city which connects Kolhapur-Solapur-Latur-Nanded-Yavatmal-Wardha to the NH 7 near Nagpur.