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Dodital Lake - Hill Station of Uttarakhand

I love to reach hill stations or different adventurous places especially on vacations. However, my family is not having such interest. They believe to go to religious locations so I have made a plan to visit that place which is full of adventure as well as known for its religious values. Well! This time I am fail to find the religious place but I got a destination that is full of beautiful lakes and amazing hills stations with green valleys. Today my target at big Indian tourist place is Dodital. It is the place famous for freshwater lake located in Uttarakhand, India. The altitude of Dodital is 3,024 m from sea level. The town Dodital is having another name Dhundital. 

I love this place because of its natural beauty and I am sure you are also going to love this wonder destination. However, you have to reach Uttarkashi first to attain this place. From Uttarkashi you have to travel by road. You also have to walk for nearly few kms from Bebra to Dodital. I personally believe to enjoy the spot completely and always visit the nearby tourist place as well from my main destination. If you have enough time then you should plan your trip for nearly 1 week at least for Dodital. People believe the spot is named after Himalayan Trout's recognized as Dodi. If you love to live in place that is covered with dense forest then visit Dodital. Just at the end of forest you will see the Dodital lake of 1.5 km and a temple of Lord Ganesha.

Sangamchatti is one more impressive spot for you located at only gap of 21 km. Here you will get the chance of gentle trek of high hills. It is the possible station of overnight halt as well. Next nearby spot is Agora located at 7 km distance from Sangamchatti.

For accommodation you can try few forest guest houses at destination. The big benefit of stay in forest guest house is you can easily apply for permit for stay and forest safari from the office. People come with their own tents as well for camping. For food you can reach to small basic cafeteria.

I was reading on various website about the Dodital town and came to know that this place is having mythological values too. As per legends the God Ganesha select this spot as his domicile. Lord Ganesha temple is the proof of his devotees. The Dhundital Lake is named after Lord Ganesha’s name. The world Dhund-I-tal means Ganesh ka tal.

General Information:
Dodital is the hill station famous for amazing valleys and beautiful lake. The best period to reach the spot is among April to November. 6 days are enough to enjoy the spot completely, but you can spend more time as the valleys are amazing in appearance. Hottest temperature of city is 15¬¬¬0 C and coolest is temp is 00 C. Some big nearby tourist destinations are Uttarkashi, Agoda, Sangam Chatti, Dodital and Darwa. 

How to reach Dodital Lake?
The last 22 km simple trek to reach Dodi Tal starts from Sangam Chatti. If you have planned to reach Darwa Top then you have to move further. Road is available to reach Sangam Chatti from different areas of Uttarkashi.

Delhi is the major hub to attain Dodital Lake. Delhi is easily reachable through Meerut, Haridwar and almost every big city of India.