WhAt'S NeW?
Our destination for today is beautiful green hill station Chalsa offering a wide-ranging coverage of plantation. It is also a known destination for Gorumara and Chapramari sanctuary. It is reachable through Bagdogra that is another Indian tourist place. Chalsa is a small but impressive town in Jalpaiguri region of West Bengal surrounded with tea plantation, dense forest, and rivers.

Indian tourist places are always unique compared to world tourism. This is the reason travelers are increasing day by day to various places. Not only for Indians our destinations are favorite for abroad tourists as well. If you are the one and looking for a calm and green destination for short period, you can reach Chalsa.

Attraction in Chalsa

Gorumara National Park

Frankly telling real jungles are always at hills because of less population in such areas. Evaluating jungles globally maximum jungles are safe and protected near hills. Gorumara National park is the first place you can enjoy at Chalsa. The nature walk is one of the features of this park, though you must take permission from the forest department. Doors peaks are also visible from this spot and you can also view the Himalaya foothills from the park. This national park is not that big, but it is the house for Indian rhinoceros. In 2009 it was declared as best protected areas of India by a ministry of environment and forests department. Climate conditions are best all time as it ranges between 10 to 35-degree max in bad conditions too. The best feature here is you can find Bengal tiger in this jungle so be safe when you are entering the jungle without a guide or forest officer.

Chapramari Wildlife sanctuaryThis reserve is next attraction of Chalsa though it is 30 km away from our destination. This forest is spread in 960 hectares only. This park is famous for housing elephants and popular for flora and fauna. You can also find rhinoceros, leopards, deer and many other wild animals. Bird watching is one more added feature of Chapramari park. A railway line crossing through the jungle is a danger for wild animals here as many animals died because of accidents. Malbazar station is closest rail hub and Siliguri is the big station at 2 hr distance from Chalsa.

Few Things You Can Do at Chalsa

  1. Resort: Stay at Resort available in the jungle. Yes! You can enjoy the stay inside the jungle but again it's dangerous.
  2. Cultural activities: Apart sightseeing you can also enjoy the cultural activities conducted by the localities. However, you must reach the closer towns to watch these events.
  3. Historical monuments: Few monuments in Chalsa are an impressive stating history of the town. Don’t forget to visit such and the natural attractions as well.
  4. Trekking: Trek the jungle and make your moment memorable.
  5. Gardens and parks: Town is holding several parks and gardens. Visit them and spend time in the fresh air.
  6. River adventure: Jaldhaka river is flowing from this part that is full of adventures. There are teams conducting events on this river so visit and flow with nature here.
  7. National parks: Park details are already provided so plan your trip to this place and learn about the real natural beauty of India.
There are few more places you can visit once you reach Chalsa such as Samsing that is 15 km away and Mal Dooars or Malbazar (7 km away). Each place is famous for landscape and green hills.

How to reach Chalsa?

Bagdogra domestic airport is accessible for Chalsa that is only 147 km. It will take 1 hr to reach Bagdogra, though limited flights are available for this airport. Best will be you should reach Jalpaiguri and reach Chalsa by bus, taxi or private transports. You can also try for Siliguri that is a big railway station closer to Chalsa.
Tourism in India is always special and today our destination is Shillong the capital of Meghalaya. Because of natural beauty, the place is also recognized as Scotland of East India. The city is in East Khasi region spread in just 64.36 km2 area.

Shillong is the hill station and word meaning are "The Abode of Clouds".  Meghalaya is the smallest state in India, but each city of the state is unique and covered with natural beauty throughout the year. The average altitude of the city is 4,908 feet above the sea level and the highest peak point is at 6,449 feet. Experts suggest this place reminded the European settlers of Scotland, so they refer to it as "Scotland of the East" as well.

Attraction in Shillong

Laitlum Canyons

A place famous for its breath-taking view of hills. However, most of the time area is covered with snow and the cloud so vision is very less in this area. The place is full of incredible serene, but food arrangement is the area you must compromise. You need to take your meals or at least a few items to kill an immediate hunger strike.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

The destination is beautiful, but the road is a little challenge here. Once you enter to the amazing world of the forest. The jungle path towards Khasi hill is wonderful as well. Jungle path becomes terrible during rainy season so better to avoid in such season. 

Specialty Museums

The museum is the first place to learn the history of any place. Specialty museums are placed on the 3rd position as tourism spot in Shillong. Though the city is not having that big history still you can learn a lot about the changes happened at regular intervals.   Few other attractions in Shillong are Umiam Lake, Mawjymbuin Cave, Caverns & Caves, Ward's Lake, Churches & Cathedrals, Elephant Falls and many more. Each place is different, though 1 week is enough to enjoy the place properly. Weather is all-time best of this northeast Indian tourist place.


Stay is not a problem here as there are plenty of hotels and lodges for family and individuals. Oyo rooms are available so if you have planned your trip you can book a room in advance to avoid any last-minute accommodation problem. The range will be between 1900 INR to 6000 INR for standard rooms. Make My Trip is the best portal through which you can book your room. Some of the known hotels in Shillong are Latei Ville Inn, Homestead, and Sunshine farms.

How to reach Shillong?

By Train: The closest railway is Guwahati linked to all most all big cities of India. Frequent trains are available for Guwahati so no issues with train journey for the spot.

By Air: The nearest airport is the Umroi Airport close to Barapani city that is 25 km away. It is the domestic airport and very limited flights are available from parts of India. Guwahati is the big air hub that you can use to reach the spot.

By Road: Take the route towards Guwahati if you are going by road. You can also avail state buses for Shillong from Guwahati.
Watching tiger live is always a best experience, not in zoo but in live jungle. Dudhwa is the Tiger Reserve in Lakhimpur Kheri region of Uttar Pradesh, India. Our target for today is Dudhwa National park established closer to Palia Kalan city. This beautiful park just 9 km from Palia covered with dense jungle and greenery everywhere. This Indian tourist place was established in 1977 spread in 490.3 km2 area. Indo-Nepal border is closer to the spot.



Dudhwa has thrilling humid subtropical climate especially in dry winter. Temperatures rises to 40 °C in summer. The hot wind Loo is common in this area and it became strong from April and May. The only issue with the place is its climate conditions as most of the time place is hot and not easy to survive.  

Jungle Walk

Though it is dangerous, but some part is available of jungle for walk. You can take help from the guide or the forest department to spend some time in the jungle. Ratio of tiger is more in this jungle from other national parks so there are more chances to view this national animal live. Stay at distance as it could be dangerous for you. It is family visit destination, so you can enjoy this wonder land with your kids and other members. However, we suggest booking the accommodation in advance in you have planned your trip to Dudhwa.



Lucknow is the biggest station closer to the spot. Some of the travel companies are having packages for Dudhwa and most of them starts the journey from Lucknow city.  Our spot is 226 km away from Lucknow though evening safari is the best thing you will get here. This national park has good populace of tigers, swamp deer, Elephant, Leopard, 1 horned rhinoceros, Hog Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Jackal, Wild boar and around 90 kinds of fishes and reptiles such as Mugger crocodile, Python, Fox, Cobra and Lizards. It is also famous for bird watching and visible birds in the area are Ducks, horn bills, goose, barbets, cormorants, teal, bee eaters, woodpeckers, kingfishers, cranes, owls, and many more. Very rare parks allow for evening safari in the world and Dudhwa is one of them.


Relatively the place is new to the world as it was established in 1977. This is the reason this place is not heavily crowded and less popular. We can say this is the good part as you will not get much public here and can enjoy the park in better way compared to other national jungles.


How to reach Dudhwa?

Lucknow is the easiest way to reach this wonder Indian tourist place. You will get ample of public transport from Lucknow, though better to book in advance. You never know if the registration is already done. You can reach Lucknow city through train, air or by road.
How would you feel if you get a chance to travel to any of the Glacier? Pindari Glacier is the easiest accessible glacier spread in 32. Km length and 1.5 km Width. The best part is you can cover the whole distance in 1-week max. Approx 82 km trek with full of excitement and dangerous routes is special part of this tour. This Indian tourist place is in Bageshwar city of Kumaon region and altitude is 3350 meters. You need at least 7 days though trek grade is moderate. Your journey will start from Loharkhet and best time for glacier visit is from April to November.

Kumaon region itself is full of beautiful destinations as the mesmerising Himalaya ranges are either starting or ending in Kumaon region.

Trek to Pindari Glacier

Your trekking in India is not complete if you have not done trek to Pindari Glacier. Nanda Devi and Nandakot are two religious spots close to our destination this mean you can enjoy some more locations if you reach Bageshwar town. Nanda Devi and Nandakot are all time snow-covered peak locations. Here trek will take you through dense forests, lush green valleys, verdant meadows and cascading rivers. You will get mesmerizing worm’s-eye view of the royal Nanda Devi peak from our spot.

Travel to Village:

During the trek you will cover few towns and villages of Kumaon district. These towns are again beautiful, and people are very friendly as well. In case you need any help, you can check with the villagers. Almora and Bageshwar are two big towns you will go through during the trek. Villages in Kumaon are simple but rich in culture life and Pindari is one of them. You will trek among dense forests and can see streams ending at two big glaciers.

Once you reach the spot you can also trek to Kafni Glacier that is another impressive location. Kafni is 3860 meters elevation from the sea level. Some travel firms are having packages for the trek for such spot, though all are having similar kind of plans.

How to reach Pindari Glacier?

Initial trip will start from Kathgodam to Bageshwar and then Loharkhet. From Loharkhet you will move towards Dhakuri. Your trekking will start from Loharkhet that is 10 km easy trek. From Dhakuri you will trek towards Khati that is 9 km simple route. From Khati move towards Dwali for 11 km trek. It is kind of moderate trek, so you might face difficulty here. Then Dwali to Phurkia and then zero point and then Kafni glacier. There are some more trekking parts that you can try. For this tour you require minimum 7 days to enjoy it properly.

You must reach Kathgodam to start your journey. Kathgodam is easily reachable through Howrah and some other big cities of India.
An unexplored coastal area of India Gopalpur is our prime destination today. It is the town of Ganjam region in Odisha, India. It is the commercial as well as famous sea beach for travelers at 15 km distance from Berhampur. This Indian tourist place is having ample of beaches and there is a point when sea is divided in two parts. You can view the amazing pictures of this wonder beach land.


Gopalpur is the ancient commercial port, though now its lying in ruins. Soraine family controlled the town for longer and they became wealthy as well. Development during their ownership was good and later it became big trade centre from little fishing village. They also founded the rule allowing any villager to build own house, with some perimeters. At British ruling period family transferred and become British missionaries. Town played important role for British East India company especially for trading with Bhutan and other north-east countries. Gopalpur is the very quiet and relaxed place, but the only big difference about this place is it is one of most hunted beaches of India now.


Town is just 16 km far from Brahmapur that is commercial hub of southern Odisha. Brahmpur is also close to the border of TN (Telangana State). This torpid beach is full of casuarinas, coconut groves and gentle sand dunes.

Gopalpur Beach

Renewed in 1970s initiated by Odisha government, the docks were supposed to recuperate the trading activities of the port. The old dock is key tourist attraction here that was the major point for trade and commerce during medieval times. The sailors of that time started journey from this dock to Indonesia and Rangoon. It's a amazing drive-in for the visitors and the view of sea from this point cannot be expressed in worlds. It is listed in longest stretch beaches of India famous for cashew nut trees as well. Town is having main business of cashew nuts and export is done at large scale from this town. Lighthouse is placed at the point from where the maximum area of sea can be covered. Town is also popular to localities for 'beach festival' organized every year. Another big beach is Dhabaleshwar also known to the world for temple.

Attractions near Gopalpur

Beach Festival:

The first beach festival was conducted in the 1996 by Ganjam Hotel Association. The reason to start festival was to promote tourism and culture.

Aqua Sports:

Notorious Scuba Diver Shabbir Box established the training cum fun ride service on the backwaters of the sea. Wind Surfing, Scuba Diving, Rowing, Swimming, Water Scooter and Paddle Boat are few major events performed with well trained professionals.

How to reach Gopalpur?

By Air: Bhubaneswar is at 180 km distance is the closest airport for our town. Flights from almost all domestic airports are available for Bhubaneshwar.
By Rail: Closest railway station is Berhampur reachable through Calcutta, Chennai and some big cities of India.
By Road: This Indian tourist place is connected by road to Barkul, Bhubaneshwar (180 km), Berhampur (16 km), and Puri (242 km).
Like other states of India Uttarakhand is also famous for its beauty. One of the prime destination Pantnagar is our target of the day. This amazing town is located at Uttarakhand under Udham Singh District. The best part is you can visit Nainital, Kashipur, Kiccha, Rudrapur and Haldwani once you reach at Pantnagar as these are the surrounded cities.

This town is known to the world for its first agricultural university of the nation. It was established on 17th Nov 1960 and was named as Uttar Pradesh Agricultural University at the initial period. At present it is known as GBPUAT (Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology). Town is also recognized for big industries like Tata motor, Bajaj, HP, Britannia, HCL, Voltas, Nestle, Schneider Electric, Dabur, Vedanta as they big plants in this town.

Few Facts about Pantnagar

Till November 2000 the town was in Uttar Pradesh State. On 9th Nov 2000 it became the part of Uttarakhand that is full of natural beauty destinations. Pantnagar is famous for two different reasons, one is the university and the 2nd reason is the only airport that connects the Kumaon region to other cities of India. However, flights are limited for the town so if you have planned the trip make sure you check the availability of flights.

City is holding few places only for the visitors though, it is green and amazing land. Travellers can enjoy the nearby destinations as well because some key places of India are very near to Pantnagar. These places are Haldwani, Nainital and Jim Corbett.

Best time to visit Pantnagar

Weather of the town is always pleasant and the conditions are most appealing in winter. Summer is slightly hot but still manageable not like other parts of nation, winter is the tranquil season to visit here.

How to Reach Pantnagar?

BY AIR: Pantnagar Domestic airport is connected to some big cities of India and it is the only way to connect Kumaon Region through air. Weekly 4 flights from Delhi are easiest way for travellers.

BY RAIL: Its own railway station is linked to many cities, though Haldi railway station is better mode to reach our spot. It is just 5 km away from Pantnagar and well-connected with major cities of North India.

BY ROAD: Road trip to any destination in Uttarakhand is special because of beautiful curve roads. The closest bus station is just 7 km away from the central part of the town. Buses are available from Uttar Pradesh and Delhi so no issues for commuter to reach this wonder land.
I am wondered that we have such beautiful places in India. My fresh tour to Sitlakhet was amazing. This is the quite place for vacation spread in small area. Basically, it is a small village having green surroundings. The Forest Rest House is the best accommodation available in this town. However, some hotels and lodgings are also available but you might face difficulty to get room in peak season. State government always tried to restrict the visitors at this place because it is the most beautiful and charming location of Uttaranchal.  The view from corridor or the balcony of the rest house is breath-taking. The astonishing snow range visible from the room is different experience.

Sitlakhet is quaint Indian tourist place away from the hustle cities. This town comes under Almora district with less population. It is one of the secret tourist places of India and very fewer people reach here, though it is the real beauty of the nature. Ranikhet is only 24 km away from the spot so if you feel to spend more time in Uttaranchal you can visit Ranikhet too. Our destination is at 1900 meters altitude from the sea level located at Syahi Devi hills.

Attraction of Sitlakhet

Sun-kissed hills and rich flora-fauna with cool breeze environment are best things to do in the town.

Syahi Devi Temple

Syahi Devi temple is the key attraction of the place at 3 km distance from Almora. However, the forest walks and jungle safari is also few activities you can do in this town. You can also do camping at this place. Situated at 4 km from central part of town.

Jhula Devi Temple

The ancient temple dating back to 8th century is located at Sitlakhet. This is the quiet and sheltered environment at 7 km from the town. This is the temple of Goddess Durga built to protect town from the wild animals.

Chaubatia Orchard

The Orchard at 10 km distance is next place at 1800 mts altitude from the sea level. It is known as garden of delicious peaches, apricots, plums and apples.

Natural spring

The natural spring at Almora town was initiated 70 years ago. It is in the middle of garden and surrounded with greenery.

Best period to reach Sitlakhet is from May to October and you should spend 1 day at least in the town. The peaks covered with snow are easily visible from throughout the city.

How to reach Sitlakhet?

Uttaranchal is beautiful state of India linked properly through road. Our town is also linked to all big cities through road. However, rail and airport are also mode of transport to reach the town. Nearest big railway station is Kathgodam at 110 km and closest airport is Pantnagar at 147 km.
Dense forest of Satpura (Satpura ke Ghana jungle – Hindi Translation) is known to the world. Our destination for today is Satpura a beautiful green location of Hoshangabad region of Madhya Pradesh. The name of town is derived from the Satpura range spread in 524 km2 area along with the adjoining Pachmarhi and Bori wildlife sanctuaries set up in 1981. This Indian tourist place is extremely rugged jungle consisting of sandstone peaks, ravines, narrow gorges and dense forest. Its 300 to 1,352 metres above the sea level has Dhoopgarh peak at highest 1,350 metres. The closet town is Pachmarhi that is another wonderful location for holidays. Closest railway station is Piparia at 55 kilometres.

Travel Guide

This wonderland is very rich in biodiversity and you can find animals including leopard, sambar, Indian muntjac, chital, nilgai, Chinkara, four-horned antelope, wild boar, bear, fox, porcupine, black buck, flying squirrel, Indian giant squirrel and mouse deer. Peafowl and Hornbills are common birds found at this national park. There was a time when the place was known as home for dacoity. However, today the place is famous as one of the biggest home of tiger.

Best Time to Visit

Correct time to visit this jungle is from October to April. As per forest department the timing for jungle safari is 6:30 AM to 11 AM. Slots are available for evening as well like 15:30 to 17:00. They have package for full day as well but it is for few extra hours. If you want to spend more time in jungle you can go for full day package that starts at 6:30 AM to 5 PM. Park is closed from June 16 to 30th September so make plan according to plans of forest administration. It is open for rest of the months so you can plan trip accordingly to location. This place came into light by British Officer J. Forsyth in 1857 when he was in search of greatest freedom fighter Tantya Tope. He accidently reached the Satpura find it suitable for military base.

Denwa River

A lifeline river of Satpura jungle originates from south-east part of Hoshangabad region and flows from east to west direction. It joins the Tawa river at Rainpur. However, the location of Denwa river is at 22.74 with Longitude of 77.71 meters. Tawa dam has been structured on this river. It offers number of activities such as boating and you can enjoy the scenic exquisiteness of National Park with bird-watching. Be careful while boating as there are many marsh crocodiles in the river.


This green destination is every time visit place though winter could be little problem here. Temperature in January goes to around 1 degree Celsius, though its best to visit from March to April. You can also visit between September to December as the climate becomes pleasant and temperature is manageable as well.

How to reach Satpura National Park?

The capital city Bhopal is just 170 km away from Satpura. Other nearest big cities to reach the destination are Jabalpur (230 km), Indore (380 km), Nagpur (340 km), Pachmarhi (90 km), and Sanchi (230 km).

By Air: To reach the destination nearest airport is Bhopal. It is properly connected to Delhi and Mumbai city.

By Train: You can also avail trains for Itarsi, Pipariya, Sohagpur and Hoshangabad to reach Satpura. As the jungle is spread in large area there are 3 main entrance points. First entrance is from Pachmarhi, 2nd is from Madhai and 3rd is from Tawa. If you are planning from Tawa you can stay at Tawa resort for further journey. Off-road cars are good for this jungle ride as many areas towards our destination are muddy roads.

By Road: This Indian tourist place can be reached by road from or via Bhopal and Jabalpur city. Road conditions are quire comfortable but suggested not to drive in rainy season.
Panna is the centric getaway offering Wildlife, Bird watching, Waterfalls and Visits to Alligator Sanctuary etc. Today our destination is Panna that is a small town near Khajuraho a well-known place of India. Khajuraho is famous for caves and ancient different types of temples. However, the surrounding area is also attractive and popular for regular outings and gateways. Panna is one of the dense jungle, though you can enjoy the bird watching and wildlife once you visit here.

This small town of Madhya Pradesh is world known for diamond mines as well. Panna itself is the name of kind of diamond which is very precious. It was a Gond settlement till 17th century. If you have heard about the Padmavatipuri Dham temple it is in this town only. This historical Indian tourist place is all time favourite destination for nature lovers. Baldau and Jugal Kishore temples are few religious spots of the town. This town was ruled by Bundela kings so you will find their structural architecture every corner.


 The bad part of this town is it was a house of tigers few ages back, but not tigers are very rare and because of this sighting is fallen over the years. Forest department tried all possible ways and they also tried relocating tigers from different regions. However, tigers are still missing from the Panna, though wide variety of animals are still there in the jungle and you watch them closely. Visitors list is also decreased in last few years. But as fewer people are reaching this town you will not face difficulty with sightseeing and accommodation. Jungle lodges and hotels are having enough rooms for you so no worries just reach this core jungle and spend quality time. You can also reach through Khajuraho that is very near to our destination. Khajuraho itself is the tourist place and you can enjoy the western group of temples here. the best part of your trip will be stay at Khajuraho for 1 day at least, enjoy the place and start your trip to Panna next day. Reneh and Pandav falls are waterfalls of this region famous for high flow water during monsoon.


Summarised Tour In Panna

Arrive at Khajuraho and visit temples. Next day you can proceed to Panna through private transport. Morning Jeep Safari is best in this jungle as day time will be hot enough and animals will not be visible that easily. Visit Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary next and enjoy the waterfalls. 2-day trip is enough for Panna national park.  


Panna national park is listed as interesting Indian tourist place for wildlife photography. Wildlife and Bird Watching are few favourite events here. Mahaseer fishing is another event you can enjoy at Panna. Raneh and Ken waterfalls are best in monsoon as flow of water will increase.  

How to reach Panna?

This small town is easily reachable through public transport. You can hire taxi or can go through train as well. Nearest biggest railway station is Khajuraho located at 44 km distance. Trains for Khajuraho are available throughout India. Khajuraho domestic airport is also connected to almost all major cities of India.
Exhausted of all regular destinations for tourism, destination tiredness had set in and I was investigating an escape from scorching heat and moistness of sultry plains of my town. Then I heard to Didihat the rich flora a mountain retreat of Uttarakhand. Its offering scenic views of valley surrounded by attractive points. This town is at pilgrimage route to Kailash Mansarovar a place added to char dham. Some Himalaya peaks including Panchachuli are key attraction here. This Indian tourist place is also a small business hub for Uttarakhand as few traders have coffee and tea plantation in Didihat.


The name of the town is inspired from the Kumauni word “Dand” that means the small hammock. The downwards valley is known as Haat Halley that is very fertile as well. Didihat is located in Pithoragarh region of Uttarakhand at 1725 meters from the sea level.   

Reason to Visit Didihat

The town is having historical background ruled by Raika Malla empire of Sirakot. The temple of lord Shiva is big example of Malaynath architecture style. Ancient fort in town is also an example of Reika kings administration. The calm and peaceful nature walks are key attraction points here and you can also enjoy the village walk with no worries from localities.


Areas to Visit in Didhat

The most beautiful peak Berinag is easily reachable through Didihat and it's just 53 km away Few more areas such as Ashok Musk deer park and dense forest are listed as key areas of the town as well. You can view the snow captured Panchachuli and Trishul peaks from our destination.  

Activities in Didihat

Hiking: This amazing town is full of greenery and wonderful landscapes. The peaceful charming nature encourages visitors to explore the gripping neighbourhood as well. The breath-taking Himalaya ranges are good spots for mountaineering.


Camping: Because of scanty accommodations camping is next inexpensive way and people are really enjoying spending night under gleaming stars. Some of the travel companies are offering packages including bonfire and some adventurous events.

Village walk: This quaint little hillock is offering village walk to their travellers. The remote part of Himalaya is available for walk at this place. You can enjoy the rustic lifestyle and culture of people and relax unobstructed by the noisy crowds.


For accommodation few hotels and guesthouses are available though you must check the availability as they are mostly booked in advance. Few decent restaurants are there where you can enjoy the special food of Uttarakhand. Food stalls are also available to taste the local food.

Temperature of the town is mostly between 21 to 34 degree Celsius in summer. However, winder is chilled and you should carry warm clothes if planning for winter visit. 2-day stay is enough for Didihat but if you are planning for longer than you can enjoy some more places of Kumaon region.  

How to reach Didihat?

By Rail: Kathgodam station is nearest big station at 195 km distance. However, you can hire taxi and private buses from outside the station for Didihat. Tanakpur is also the closest railway station at 190 km distance.

By Air: Pantnagar is closest domestic airport at 229 km to reach our spot. Pantnagar is properly linked to big cities of India so air mode is good idea to reach this wonder Indian tourist place.

By Road: Direct buses are available for our spot from Delhi, Champawat, Almora and many other cities.

The heat outside is pathetic and I always search for the destination where I can spend quality time especially when its holiday mood. Today I have a breathtakingly known destination Har Ki Doon also known as Har Ki Dun. It is basically a cradle shaped valley located at altitude of 3566 mts. However, you should reach Govind Ballah Pant National park to reach Dun. This remote destination is offering spectacular views amazing valleys that is not explored to the world yet.

Garhwal Himalayas don’t require any introduction as world. Har Ki Doon is also in Garhwal region attracting trekking lovers throughout the year. However, winter is a challenge for visitors here but still people are reaching at intervals for their adventure or vacations. From December to March the whole valley is covered with snow. Though valleys in Garhwal is also famous for its scenic beauty many people are reaching here for naturopathy as well. Himalaya peaks such as Swarga Rohini, Kala Nag, Bandarpoonch and many more are easily visible from this town. Trekking part in Har Ki Doon goes through isolated villages. These villages are yet unaffected by the Indian civilisation.

If your plan is fixed to reach here you must start from Sankri that is another beautiful town on hills. Trek distance between our destination and Sankri will be around 54 km, but yes, its easy trek so you will not get difficulty here. 2-day stay is enough to enjoy but if you want to take pleasure of weather and the valleys you must stay there for 4 days at least. As Har Ki Dun is not that popular so the challenge here will be mode of transport. If you are going in-car or taxi no issues, but using public transport will be challenge here.

Go through firms or travel agencies as they will guide you about the If’s and but’s of location. Schedule that offered by the travel companies are like

Trekking Plan to Har Ki Doon

Day 1

Reach Sankri: It’s a small village, though public transport is available for this town from various cities. You can book lodging here as there are numerous options of resorts and hotels at this town.

Day 2

Sankri – Taluka – Seema or Osla: Start from Sankri through and cover the distance of 12 km. You will reach Taluka from where the dense forest starts. From here the trekking distance will be 14 km and you will find walnut and chinar forest on the way. You just must stay on right side of Supine river and you will reach your next point. At certain point cross the wooden bridges and go through occasional climbs to reach next spot.

Day 3

Seema or Osla to Har Ki Dun: It’s a trek of 12 km starts after crossing the last wooden bridge over Supin river. Travel till small bridge to reach the stream, though its steep climb and it will take minimum 30 minutes to complete the trek. Once you reach Kalkati Dhar the scenery will change. Enjoy the beautiful nature from this location as the surrounding is dense jungle with core animals. To reach Har Ki Dun you must go to Hata peak and that is our destination of this trip.

There are many other trek points for adventure lovers like people can go to Jaundhar Glacier and some more. However, it’s risky and need stamina to continue as the path is difficult from this point. For return you should go through same route and reach Sankri. From Sankri you can hire taxi for Dehradun if you have plan for other locations.

How to reach Har Ki Doon?

By Road: Dehradun is properly connected big city of Uttarakhand linked to many cities of India. From here private taxis are available for Sankri the entry point. Buses are available for Sankri from outside of railway station.

By Train: Dehradun railway station is closest station and connected to all big cities of India. Frequent train service to Dehradun helps travellers to reach here with no worries.

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun is closed air hub for Har Ki Dun. However, its domestic airport but you will get flights from big Indian cities without any trouble.