Vythiri - Hill Station of Kerala

Sincere apologies to all the readers of for taking long time-sharing new destination to our travelers. Though keeping all aside, we have a new location for our readers. Vythiri is our prime location for today also known as queen valley South India. This hill station is not much popular like Munnar or other south India destinations, but it is the most calm and peaceful green location.

Vythiri is a small town of Kerala listed as favorite tourist places of the state. This loveliest hill station lies in Wayanad region popular as green paradise. However, you must cover the 90 kms distance from the seashores of another best tourist place Kozhikode. If we talk about the Wayanad the name has been delivered from the two different words Vayal and Nadu which means land of paddy fields.

Vythiri is the astonishing hill station and a key place for tea, coffee and spice plantations. This unpolluted place consists of luxuriant greenery and the best view of hills. The vi…

Chalsa - Green Destination of West Bengal

Our destination for today is beautiful green hill station Chalsa offering a wide-ranging coverage of plantation. It is also a known destination for Gorumara and Chapramari sanctuary. It is reachable through Bagdogra that is another Indian tourist place. Chalsa is a small but impressive town in Jalpaiguri region of West Bengal surrounded with tea plantation, dense forest, and rivers.

Indian tourist places are always unique compared to world tourism. This is the reason travelers are increasing day by day to various places. Not only for Indians our destinations are favorite for abroad tourists as well. If you are the one and looking for a calm and green destination for short period, you can reach Chalsa.

Attraction in Chalsa Gorumara National Park Frankly telling real jungles are always at hills because of less population in such areas. Evaluating jungles globally maximum jungles are safe and protected near hills. Gorumara National park is the first place you can enjoy at Chalsa. The na…

Shillong - Beauty of North East India

Tourism in India is always special and today our destination is Shillong the capital of Meghalaya. Because of natural beauty, the place is also recognized as Scotland of East India. The city is in East Khasi region spread in just 64.36 km2 area.

Shillong is the hill station and word meaning are "The Abode of Clouds".  Meghalaya is the smallest state in India, but each city of the state is unique and covered with natural beauty throughout the year. The average altitude of the city is 4,908 feet above the sea level and the highest peak point is at 6,449 feet. Experts suggest this place reminded the European settlers of Scotland, so they refer to it as "Scotland of the East" as well.

Attraction in Shillong Laitlum Canyons A place famous for its breath-taking view of hills. However, most of the time area is covered with snow and the cloud so vision is very less in this area. The place is full of incredible serene, but food arrangement is the area you must compromise. …

Dudhwa National Park - Wildlife In Uttar Pradesh

Watching tiger live is always a best experience, not in zoo but in live jungle. Dudhwa is the Tiger Reserve in Lakhimpur Kheri region of Uttar Pradesh, India. Our target for today is Dudhwa National park established closer to Palia Kalan city. This beautiful park just 9 km from Palia covered with dense jungle and greenery everywhere. This Indian tourist place was established in 1977 spread in 490.3 km2 area. Indo-Nepal border is closer to the spot.

Climate Dudhwa has thrilling humid subtropical climate especially in dry winter. Temperatures rises to 40 °C in summer. The hot wind Loo is common in this area and it became strong from April and May. The only issue with the place is its climate conditions as most of the time place is hot and not easy to survive.  
Jungle Walk Though it is dangerous, but some part is available of jungle for walk. You can take help from the guide or the forest department to spend some time in the jungle. Ratio of tiger is more in this jungle from other na…

Pindari Glacier - Haven of Uttarakhand

How would you feel if you get a chance to travel to any of the Glacier? Pindari Glacier is the easiest accessible glacier spread in 32. Km length and 1.5 km Width. The best part is you can cover the whole distance in 1-week max. Approx 82 km trek with full of excitement and dangerous routes is special part of this tour. This Indian tourist place is in Bageshwar city of Kumaon region and altitude is 3350 meters. You need at least 7 days though trek grade is moderate. Your journey will start from Loharkhet and best time for glacier visit is from April to November.

Kumaon region itself is full of beautiful destinations as the mesmerising Himalaya ranges are either starting or ending in Kumaon region.

Trek to Pindari Glacier Your trekking in India is not complete if you have not done trek to Pindari Glacier. Nanda Devi and Nandakot are two religious spots close to our destination this mean you can enjoy some more locations if you reach Bageshwar town. Nanda Devi and Nandakot are all time…

Gopalpur - Amazing Beach City of Odhisa

An unexplored coastal area of India Gopalpur is our prime destination today. It is the town of Ganjam region in Odisha, India. It is the commercial as well as famous sea beach for travelers at 15 km distance from Berhampur. This Indian tourist place is having ample of beaches and there is a point when sea is divided in two parts. You can view the amazing pictures of this wonder beach land.

History Gopalpur is the ancient commercial port, though now its lying in ruins. Soraine family controlled the town for longer and they became wealthy as well. Development during their ownership was good and later it became big trade centre from little fishing village. They also founded the rule allowing any villager to build own house, with some perimeters. At British ruling period family transferred and become British missionaries. Town played important role for British East India company especially for trading with Bhutan and other north-east countries. Gopalpur is the very quiet and relaxed plac…

Pantnagar - Town of Uttarakhand

Like other states of India Uttarakhand is also famous for its beauty. One of the prime destination Pantnagar is our target of the day. This amazing town is located at Uttarakhand under Udham Singh District. The best part is you can visit Nainital, Kashipur, Kiccha, Rudrapur and Haldwani once you reach at Pantnagar as these are the surrounded cities.

This town is known to the world for its first agricultural university of the nation. It was established on 17th Nov 1960 and was named as Uttar Pradesh Agricultural University at the initial period. At present it is known as GBPUAT (Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology). Town is also recognized for big industries like Tata motor, Bajaj, HP, Britannia, HCL, Voltas, Nestle, Schneider Electric, Dabur, Vedanta as they big plants in this town.

Few Facts about Pantnagar Till November 2000 the town was in Uttar Pradesh State. On 9th Nov 2000 it became the part of Uttarakhand that is full of natural beauty destinations. Pa…