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Tanglang La

Do you love to visit the dangerous places? You will be surprised that Tanglang La is the route of India located in Leh region that is full of insecure curves and tiny roads. However, it is the most beautiful place because the maximum area is covered in the snow. The elevation of this town is 5,328 meters claimed as world’s 2nd uppermost route. 

Tanglang La is listed in most dangerous routes around the world, and that attracts the visitors so much especially the adventure lovers. This is the reason why the strength of visitors is increasing at this place. Frankly, this place requires some attention, and visitors must do essential steps for safe travel to Tanglang La. Local tourism buses, and private taxies are available for this high route, but if you are planning to go by your own vehicle, then you must carry the first-aid kit, warm clothes and a road map. 

​It could be the enjoyable journey, or it can be the most dangerous travel if you are not fit and mentally prepared for this location. The road is completely unpaved dirt, and the most dangerous part of this route is the top 20 km distance that is full of loose stones. You might feel difficulty of breathing on uppermost area because of low oxygen level. 

Tanglang La is a highway that connects Leh to other cities of J&K. You might face traffic on peak as the heavy vehicles are using this route as a transport medium. The impressive part of Tanglang La you will find the Buddhist flags of prayer in complete pass.

​The place is not holding any particular location for attraction, but the route that you are going to cross itself is the major attraction point of this town. The low oxygen and chilled temperature are enough to freeze your blood. Be careful if you have decided to visit this amazing tourist place of India. 

During the route, you will get lots of deep valleys. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful nature of Leh region. Tanglang La is full of dry mud but the high mounts, and the peaks are wonderful. Winter is the season when the maximum area is covered with snow that means if you reach Tanglang in winter you will face lots of difficulties to travel. 

​You can plan the trip after seeing the amazing videos of Tanglang La available on various media websites. The striking route and wonder scenery is enough to make the moment memorable. Risk is always there with challenging places, but the excitement level is also high of these locations. Both conditions match with Tanglang La pass. Enjoy watching Yak and several other animals during the journey. Stay in the village located near the Tanglang pass and take some rest, then continue your journey back to your destination. 

How to reach Tanglang La?
​The nearest big station for this pass is Jammu. The international airport is located at Srinagar that is close to Tanglang. Traveling to Leh allow visitors to connect Tanglang route.