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Nelliyampathy Hills

We try to find best locations for you. Our team is always searching the locations that are amazingly beautiful of itself, but need the popularity of tourism. The place we are discussing today is known as Nelliyampathy also recognized as Nelliampathi. Nelliyampathy is the hill station located at 60 km distance from Palakkad town of Kerala. This Indian tourist place surrounded by coffee and tea plantations. Kerala is the most demanding tourist destinations of India following Goa. However, the state is known for backwaters and water events but there are some wonder hill stations and ground areas that are comparatively best for touring.

The same way Nelliyampathy is one of the finest tourist places of India. Pothundy dam is major attraction of this town. The dam was built in 19th century in Nelliyampathy town. The viewpoint of Nelliampathi is known as Seethargund located at 8 km distance from town. As per the legends, Seethargund is the famous place because Lord Rama, Laxmana and Sitha rested in Seethargund during their exile period. One more point of attraction in Nelliyampathy is Para Kesavam viewpoint. Many Tollywood and Bollywood movies shot their important scenes here.

Nelliyampathy Hills: Nenmara town of Palakkad region is famous for the cloud peaks and Nelliyampathy hills are one of them. The altitude of hill ranges in this area is 467 meters to 1572 meters. A road that starts from Nenmara is best mode to reach Nelliyampathy hills. Later that road connects you to Pothundy Dam. Nearly 10 hairpins are there in the ranges of Nelliyampathy that bends and can be negotiated during the journey to Nelliyampathy.

Pothundy Dam: One main tourist spot of town famous for picturesque places. Facilities such as jungle safari and boating and key factors in dam area. Once you reach Pothundy then you can also enjoy impressive views of the Palakkad Gap of Tamil Nadu State.

Expressing beauty of this place is not possible in words. Check the amazing photos of dam and other areas of this hill station. You can imagine the beauty with such wonder images.  

Kerala is the green state of India and you will see lots of bio farming during the journey. The complete journey of this town is wonderful and you will not feel bored at any place in the state. After reaching Nelliyampathy hill you will see lots of orange farms.

Nelliyampathy hills are not far from Palagapandy which is another fantastic valley city having good height of 100 meter waterfall as prime spot. If you love to do trekking then Palagapandy is an ideal place for you. Reach Mampara that is breathtaking point in this region. Here you will find big farms of coffee, tea and cardamom. However, wildlife is available in Palaganpandy where you can enjoy watching Indian gaur, leopards, elephants, squirrel etc.

How to reach Nelliyampathy?
By Train: Nearest railway station to reach Nelliyampathy is Palakkad located at 52 km distance from Nelliyampathy.

By Air: Big air hub for our destination is Coimbatore Airport, located at 55 km distance from Palakkad. Coimbatore is listed as best tourist destinations of India. You can enjoy the town and then start journey towards Nelliyampathy.

By Road: Kerala state transport is having buses in Palakkad, though the buses are limited with services so you have to find the reservation that is available online for Nelliyampathy.