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Una - Hill Station of Himachal Pradesh

Amazing hill station Una is our target for the day. Our search for today gets completed at Una. This place is located at South-West Himachal Pradesh. Una is the big region of HP and there are countless ranges comes under this district. Shivalik ranges are best among all hills famous for heavy rainfall throughout the year. The impressive part of Una hills are most of the areas are covered with scanty vegetation. Hoshiarpur district is closer to Una, though it was the part of Himachal Pradesh till 1966. As per the present status Una is bordered with Bilaspur and Kangra Hamirpur.  

This Indian tourist place could be your favorite location for holidays as the place is all time cool in temperature and the surrounding is covered with greenery. If we talk about the tourism in Una some spots are on the top such as Mata Chintpurni idol, Bangana Lathian Piplu, Dera Baba Barbhag Singh, and the Una town. Hills are always reasonable for holy locations and Una is having similar feelings for Indians. Few best temples of the location are Chintpurni temple, Shiv Bari, Dera Baba Rudru temple, Baba Barbhag Singh, Baba Rudran, Dhyunsar Mahadev Temple and Ashram.

Geographical Structure:
A town located at altitude of 1200 meters from the sea level and closest nearby big destinations is Jalandhar (78 km) and Hoshiarpur (39 km).

Weather Conditions:
Hills of Una are basically with semi-tropical and semi-arctic conditions. Average temperature in summer is between 8° C to 45° C, though winter temperature rises between -3° C to 33° C. You can reach the Una town in any season, but winter is a most preferred period to reach this place.

India is famous for not only for locations, but also for religious values. In Una the popular fairs are Hola MOhalla fair, Sawan Ashtami Fair, Chintpurni fair, Paanch Bhisham fair, Baisakhi festival, Piplu fair, and Prakash Utsav. However, known lake of this place is Gobind Sagar lake starts from Bilaspur region. 

Some of the key locations that you can visit in Una town are mentioned here:

Baba Bharbhag Singh: A first place to visit in town Mairi of Tehsil Amb is 3 kms. You have to reach village Nehri comes with the route of Una to Hamirpur. Dera is basically a holy place which is believed to be the spot for curing the patients possessed by evil spirits. Here you can also find the famous Gurudwara visited by the large amount of Sikhs throughout the year. This Gurudwara was established by Bharbhag Singh the popular saint of Himachal Pradesh. This Dera is located at distance of 40 Kms from Una Town. Direct buses are available Dera from almost every part of the region. Chandigarh is the biggest station for reaching Dera. The best part of the Gurudwara is it is on the top of a hill surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

Bangana Lathian Piplu: Positioned on the peak of Sola Singh Dhar popular for amazing sceneries. This place is impressive in the winter season and some big religious celebrations are conducted at such period. Don’t forget to visit Jogi Ponga and Temple Naina Devi at Piplu.

Una Town: I am sure you are having amazing feeling as you are going through this document. Though the next spot is more impressive than other places of town because the spot name is Una Town. You are getting a chance to visit one of the beautiful rivers of India known as Swan River. This river is tributary to the holy river Sutlej. Local people believe that the famous saint Valmiki named the river as Som Bhadra and also mentioned in his myth book Ramayana. He mentioned the river as Swastu Una. 

As I have mentioned that every hill station of India is having holy locations so the Una is also listed in similar locations. Few of the famous shrines of Una are Chintpurni Temple (famous for Shukalpaksh festival), Dera Baba Rudru Temple, and Shiv BariShiv Bari at Gagret, Mairi, Dhyunsar Mahadev Temple, Baba Rudranand Ashram, and some more holy places.

Gobind Sagar Lake: I like boating specially at different locations or hill stations and if you are on the list, then enjoy the boating at Gobind Sagar Lake of Una. However, there are several other lakes as well at Una but Gobind Sagar Lake is special then all. This is the artificial lake, though many other spots, areas available closer to this lake. The lake area is famous for water as well as events like speed boats and ferry rides. Water skiing, kayaking, sailing and scooter racing at lake are few more impressive sporting events available at this place.

Bhakra Dam: Built on river Sutlej at Bilaspur region is the next wonder place to visit with Una. Bhakra dam is listed as world's highest dams. Constructed under the supervision of American dam expert Harvey Slocum started in 1955 completed in 1962.

Una Wild Life Sanctuaries: Most of the hill areas are covered with greenery and dense forest. There is a sanctuary managed by the Bhakra Management Board constituted in outer area of Bhakra Dam.  

How to reach Una?
Himachal Pradesh is connected through road to various parts of India. However train project is also implemented in major parts of the state. To reach Una you can get the transport from Delhi, Sonipat, Kurukshetra, Chandigarh, Ambala, Nangal, Bilaspur and some more cities. Shimla is another source available to reach Una because Shimla is closer to this Indian tourist place.

By Air: Biggest airport is Jalandhar located at 78 km distance. Jodhpur is a domestic airport but flights to Jodhpur are available from almost every city of India.

By Train: Una railway station is properly linked to many major stations of India as a broad gauge line is available in the town to reach easily.
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