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Narsapur Forest - Jungle of Telangana

15th August is a very important day and it became memorable day for me and my team. We had a sudden plan to visit weekend place to make this day more valuable. After searching for ample of places we decided to go to Narsapur Forest region of Telangana State, South India. However, the place is just 60 km away from Hyderabad, but we were not known to this wonder jungle land. The dense jungle with lots of poisonous snakes was our target now. Everybody was scared not because of lack of information, but the dense jungle and the difficult trekking part.

About Narsapur

Nasarpur is a small town of Telangana State and just 60 km away from a big city Hyderabad. Road to the town are beautiful, though only two lanes are available so driver should be little cautious. One important part we were not able to see any wild animal in the jungle but there are leopards and some more dangerous animals available in the forest so if you are going for trekking then do some preparation to protect yourself from any danger. Make a note of one thing that there are two Naraspur’s in India. One is in Telangana region that we are discussing about and the other is Andhra Pradesh’s town located near Guntoor region.

Well we tried to cover most places but because of less time we were not able to enter the core jungle of the region. We just had a small area covered where we found small and big temples, a beautiful lake and core jungle. Monkeys are commonly seen in the jungle as you will find people serving food to the monkey. On the way there is one Hanuman Temple as well that is believed to be ancient temple of the state. However, its very small and you can find on the road side itself. The best part of the jungle is all monkeys in the evening return to this temple area after long search of their food. If you have something to give these monkeys to eat then please throw them on the side instead of middle of the road. Many monkeys lost their life just because of food thrown by the travelers in the middle of the road.

Attraction of Narsapur forest:

Krishna Temple: 

A big beautiful temple at just 3 km distance from Narsapur lake is our first destination. However, we were completely unknown about this temple and got the information from the local people of town. It is beautiful structured with wide land area. Photography is not allowed in the temple and you have to be quite till you come out of the temple gate. A holy Bhagwat Geeta is skilled to the students here and they do practice for whole day. If you found making noise or disturbing the students then you will be forced to leave the temple area. Pin drop silence and beautiful temple is key attraction for the visitors in Narsapur.

Narsapur Lake:

A natural lake with full of water is next spot for you in town. However, the water is not clean and not good to swim, but you can spend quality time at this place. Cold breeze and greenery is key factors of Narsapur Lake.

Narsapur forest: 

A jungle with green mounts is special spot for our travelers. No safari no jungle jeep is available here, though you can do trekking with your friends in the jungle. Be careful from the nature danger as countless snakes are eagerly waiting for their food in the jungle. Some incidents occur in the past as nobody enters the jungle so you will not find any kind of help if you are in some danger. Local people are habitual with the conditions so they can manage, but for travelers or visitors it could be real life hazard. We entered the jungle but almost kind of lost so we back with the GPS help and came back to highway from the dense jungle.

How to reach Narsapur Forest?

By Road: Road journey to the jungle is awesome as the route is full of greenery and clean road. State government is properly managing the road service in Telangana. You will get state buses passing Narsapur at regular intervals. You can hire the taxi from Hyderabad or Secunderabad for Narsapur trip. Have some mobile data in your phone as GPS can be required any time in the jungle.

By Train: Closest railway station is Secunderabad that is properly connected to all major cities of India. Accommodation at Secunderabad is better instead of searching for hotel or lodging in Narsapur. You might face language difficulty as people in Narsapur only speak Telugu.

By Flight: Rajiv Gandhi International airport at Hyderabad is allowing abroad travelers to reach the spot easily. Hyderabad is properly managed and having good transport service so you can either hires taxi or can go through state buses for Narsapur. Guide facility is also available for the Narsapur visitors.

NOTE: This jungle is also Naxal-infested forest so again there is another danger that can cause you serious problems. I am again informing you that the place is beautiful but dangerous too. 

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