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Harishchandragad - The Hill Station

Harishchandragad is another secret destination for tourism in India. Harishchandragad station is situated in Ahmednagar region, Maharashtra, a big and busy state of India. The huge green hill with an astonishing view of nature is special in this spot. 

This earliest fort is made of Microlithic stone, which makes it different than other forts of India. The ancient scriptures such as Agnipurana, Matsyapurana, and Skandapurana include several references regarding Harishchandragad. As per resources, this fort is originated in 6th century, for the duration of rulers of Kalchuri Empire. The caves available in fort are probably been carved in 11th century. The cliffs are identified as Rohidas and Taramati, those are dissimilar to Ayodhya. 

Enthralling tourist spots:

Saptatirtha Pushkarni: Saptatirtha is the well-built pond on the east side of Vishnu temple of Harishchandragad fort. In recent times the idols of lord Vishnu have been transferred in the caves close to the temple of Harishchandreshwar. Nowadays, lots of trekkers are throwing plastic and creating trouble for tourists. The pond is getting polluted because of wastages thrown by the trekkers and visitors.

Kedareshwar Cave: the next tourist spot in Harishchandragad is Kedareshwar Cave. This spot is positioned in the right side with temple of Harishchandreshwar. The big Shiva ling is the special thing to watch in the cave. The Shivling is surrounded with water, which is a dissimilar occurrence for visitors. The height of Kedareshwar Cave is just seven feet, and the depth of the pond is just 2 to 3 feet. Visitors planning to visit the spot to reach the Shivlinga might get trouble because the water of the pool is frozen. Reaching the cave becomes really difficult in monsoon because of huge flow of water throughout the way.

Konkan Kada: also identified as Konkan cliff is one more tourist spot of Harishchandragad. The interesting thing of such area is the cliff that has forever been attracting people from lots of years. The superb sight of the nearby area from the cliff is amazing. The cliff looks like a hangover like snake's hood. The finest thing to watch from this point is an amazing phenomenon erect cloud burst. It looks like a magical wall is created by the clouds, which is growing directly from the cliff edge with no entrance to the landmass area.

Taramati peak: this peak is also recognized as Taramanchi. Taramati is the uppermost peak point of Harishchandragad. Guests can obtain delight of the wild life on this peak as leopards and many wild animals can be seen in the deep forests situated ahead of this peak.

Caves on Harishchandragad: the fort of Harishchandragad is surrounded with caves. Loads of the caves are positioned at the foot of Taramati peak. Such caves are also the place of lodgings. The finest feature of visiting Harishchandragad is visitors can enjoy the beautiful and deep forest and the temples situated inside the forest. The 9.1 meter profound natural cave is located sited the North West side of Harishchandragad fort. Experts say there are still loads of other caves, which are undiscovered yet.

Nageshwar Temple: this is the closest temple to Khireshwar, which is another unique place to visit. The antique structure and varied inventive works at the temple is amazing. Here the visitors will see the carvings and the 1.5 meter long statue of sleeping Lord Vishnu.

Ganesha Temple: another temple in Harishchandragad is Ganesha Shrine. The sculpture is around 16 meters longer from the base. Few caves and very old water tanks are few more spots in this temple.

Attaining Harishchandragad:

Harishchandragad is situated on boundaries of Pune, Thane and Ahmednagar.

To reach this place visitor get 2 to 3 identified routes:
Route from Thane: reaching this hill station require boarding a bus from Kalyan to Nagar. Visitor must get the bus for ‘Khubi Phata’ a small city, and from their visitor should get the private vehicle to reach the Khireshwar village. The distance between Khireshwar and foothills of fort is just 7 kms.

To reach Khireshwar tourist must proceed towards the caves, and water tanks appeared before the fort. Junnar Darwaaja is the tourist spot, and visitors must get the vehicle towards Junnar. The straight route towards Tolar Khind is another better way to reach this fort hill station. However, tourist has to walk for little distance to reach this Indian tourist place. They have to cross the 7 hills and should walk for 2 to 3 hours to attain the Harishchandreshwar temple.

Food service: food is the major concern while going to this favourite Indian tourist place. The arrangements for food done by the villagers are available for winter and summer season only. However, it’s better to arrange the food if the visitors are reaching the destination in monsoon season. The climate situation is not good in monsoon so a tourist might get trouble to avail the food service at fort. 

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