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Palani - Hill Station of Tamil Nadu

Are you in need of place where you can spend you holidays? Do you want your holidays to be memorable? Reach Palani a wonderful place on earth that is popular for its greenery, hills and forest life. However, the town is containing lots of other tourist destinations so overall this place is going to make you happiest person on the earth. Many people link the Palani hills to Palani town which is not exactly correct thinking. The town is having countless spots for travelers whereas the hill area contains valleys and dense forest. 

When we talk about the hill area of Palani this oldest hill range is dated of prehistoric Pre-Cambrian era. The mount of Palani is made of gneisses, schist’s and charnockites. 

Palani is located in south India comes under the state Tamil Nadu. Palani city is positioned under Dindigul region of TN (Tamil Nadu) and famous religious city Madurai is 100 km away from Palani. Coimbatore City is just 60 kms far from the city. Experts say Palani is the home of god Kartikeya. Approximately 7 million followers are reaching Palani every year.

Attraction of Palani: 
Ayakudi: First place for travelers of Palani is Ayakudi that is Gram Panchayat town. Here the popular thing is guava cultivation and local markets. Ayakudi is also recognized for sugarcane, paddy, cotton, lime and farming of mango. The top feature of town is their productive items are exported to the different nations. 

Keeranur: Next location is Keeranur that is also a small village lies between Palani and Dharapuram. Don’t miss to visit the Hindu temples in Keeranur like Karuppanna Swamy Shrine, Mariamman Temple, Semmandi Amman and Pappathi Amman Temple. 

Palani Hills: Wonderful spot of Palani town is their hill area spread in 2068 square km area. The hill is housing rarest type of birds, amphibians, plants and butterflies. Coffee plantation gives different view to voyagers because the complete slope area of the hill is covered with coffee farming. You must attain to two streams of Palani hills such as Vaigai and Amaravathi. 

Palani Murugan Temple: A shrine where you can take blessings of God Murugan is our next destination in Palani. However, you have to climb nearly 670 steps of the hilltop to reach temple. People who have difficulty in walk or not able to move freely can take help of Haulage Winch or the small rope cabin. Its a kind of rope car available for the voyagers to reach the hilltop. 

Palani Hill Temple: Hilly areas are always favorite destinations for adventure lovers and if the place is linked to religion then it becomes more interesting spot. Palani Hill shrine is positioned on hills of Palani devoted to God Murugan. The idol is in the form of Dhandayutha Pani. The average height of temple is 1500 feet from the sea level. Two more spots reachable from Palani Hill temple are Tiruchirappalli/Trichy and Madurai. Here you can take a dip in holy pool Saravana Poigai. 

There are many more holy and attractive destinations in Palani such as Mariamman Temple, Madattukkulam, Aivarmalai, Bison Wells, Tiru Avinankudi Temple, Dhandayuthapani Temple, LNPT (Laxmi Narayana Perumal Temple), Saravana Poigai, Varathamanathi Dam, Periya Nayaki Temple, Idumban Temple, Bhogar Samadhi, Palar Dam, Thekkanthottam, Kuthiraiyar Dam Falls, Shanmuga Nadi Temples, Kannadi Perumal Temple, etc. 

General Traveling Tips for Palani: This small town is having good accommodation facility, but as people are reaching Palani in large amount you should book your hotel in advance. Get the stay facility before you start your journey. 

Attaining to Palani:
By Air: Nearest airport for Palani is Coimbatore located at 100 km distance. Coimbatore is properly linked to major cities of India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi /Cochin, AhmadabadBangalore and Chennai.

By Road: To reach any hill station road is the major transport mode. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation is having frequent buses for Palani from Trivandrum, Madurai, KanyakumariCoimbatore and Chennai. If you are coming from Madurai you have to travel for 112 km, though Tiruchirappalli/Trichy is 152 km away and Kodaikanal is 65.4 km far. 

By Train: Railway station of Palani is available for you. Direct trains for Palani are available from Palakkadu, Madurai and Coimbatore.