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The famous city of India Nagpur is the winter capital of Maharashtra state. This city has gained the huge popularity in last few years for its educational and trade improvements. This growing city is 3rd biggest metropolis of Maharashtra following Mumbai and then Pune. Population of city is approx 2405421 according to survey conducted in 2011. Nagpur is recorded as the cleanest and green city of India. The city plays vital role in commercial and political matters of the state. The production of fruits in Nagpur makes it more special than other cities of India. The metropolis is also recognized as "Orange City" for major growth and trade of oranges in India.
Founder of the city was Gonds, though it becomes the part of Maratha kingdom under the Bhonsle. Later in 19th century the BEIC (British East India Company) overtook Nagpur city and created it as capital of the CP (Central Provinces) and Berar. Because of dense forests and many tiger reserves the Nagpur city was also declared as Tiger Capital of India.
Nag River of Nagpur is famous as the city got its name after the river. Nag means snake which means there are countless snakes in the city due to greenery everywhere. Talking about tourist attraction in city there are certain areas where travelers can visit to make their holidays special. Few big locations are Balaji Mandir, the Seminary Hill, the Ambazari Lake, Maharaj Baug and Zoological Park.

Few must visit locations of Nagpur are described below:
Dhamma Chakra Stupa: also known as Diksha Bhumi is first spot in attraction list. This stupa is having religious values for Buddhist, though any cast peoples visit the spot. In this stupa Dr. Bhem Rao Ambedkar began the conversion about the Buddhism to Dalit people of India. That day is declared as Ashok Vijaya Dashmi by the state government of Maharashtra.
Ambazari Lake: next spot comes is lake recognized as Ambazari. This picnic spot is best location for local people, though tourist must visit the spot too. Here the visitors can take pleasure of boating and theme garden. The park contains several amusement items for children. The musical fountain is also finest thing to watch in Ambazari Lake.
Futala Lake: another lake of Nagpur is Futala. The hangout of local people on weekend is common here. The lake is constructed with all beauties and tourist will definitely enjoy the charming atmosphere and the colorful fountains at this spot.
Lake Garden Sakkardara: one more weekend destination is Sakkardara Lake and garden. The big playing areas and the scenery of the park attracts local as well as visitors.
Maharaj Bagh: also known as botanical garden of Nagpur is next famous spot for travelers. Loads of visitors are arriving Maharaj Bagh every year due to its beauty. This impressive garden was made by the king of Bhonsle Empire. The nearest other spot where tourist can visit is zoo housing some rare types of birds and animals.
Musical Garden: the park with musical event is next special tourist spot of Nagpur. The park is located at Surya Nagar constructed under the instruction of Jaiprakash Gupta who is the trustee of NIT group. Locally garden is recognized as LMMG (Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden).
Shukrawari Lake: experienced people suggest the 275 years old Shukrawari Lake is best spot of Nagpur particularly for weekend picnics. Lake is also recognized as Gandhi Sagar, though earlier it was known as Jumma Talab. Boating and Lord Ganesh temple visits are some more attraction areas in this lake.

Telangkhedi Lake: Nagpur is the city of lakes so tourists are going to have lots of natural beauty spots. Telangkhedi is one known as finest picnic spots of the city, though the lake is situated in the outskirts. Family visitors can spend lots of time at this lake and can enjoy the boating and several gardens in the area.

Bohra Masjid: few religious destinations of Nagpur are also famous. Bohra Masjid is popular for architectural structure situated in Shanti Nagar. This mosque is built for Dawoodi Bohra society. On Friday the mosque gets completely busy with Muslim community people.
Ramtek Fort Temple: temple located inside the Ramtek fort is attracting tourist throughout the nation. People assume that Lord Rama did rest prior to leaving to Lanka.

Attaining to Nagpur:
Some big cities that are directly connected to Nagpur are Bhopal (383 kms away), Hyderabad (489 kms away), Indore (607 kms away), Pune (766 kms away), and Mumbai (875 kms away).

By Rail: Nagpur itself having railway station linked through central and South-East railway lines. Lots of super fast and passenger trains crossing the Nagpur city.

By Air: the domestic airport situated in Sone Gaon, Nagpur is allowing travelers to attain flights from big cities of India. However, the airport is just six kms away from the center part of city. Flights from Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi to Nagpur are available at regular time.

By Road: State transport of Nagpur is having frequent buses from various cities of India. Maharashtra Government buses are available direct from Mumbai to Nagpur, though the distance among Mumbai and Nagpur is 467 kms.
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