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Chhatarpur District

India’s big city Chhatarpur is also the district of MP (Madhya Pradesh). The city was established in 1785 and identified after the name of leader from Bundela Rajput “Chhatrasal”. During the period whole state was administered by family members of Chhatrasal till 1785. However, later the city was ruled by Ponwar clan of Rajput community. In 1806, the state MP was handed over to Ruler Sone Singh Ponwar by the BEIC (British East India Company).

Maharaja Chhatrasal of MP was the great worrier and the city was named after him. About the geographical structure of the city the region is located in North East side of state Madhya Pradesh. The land area of the region is around 8687 Sq Kms and the longitude is 24.06 in north and 25.20 latitudes in East.
Chhatarpur is the big region having countless tourist destinations in the city as well as outskirts of the city. Some key spots are Khajuraho which is the famous spot of India, Dhubela (available with museum at only distance of 15 KMs from city), Jatashankar (the religious place close to Bijawar), Bhimkund (a known spot filled with natural water source), Raneh Fall (tourists have to attain to Khajuraho to reach the waterfall), Hanuman Tauria (one of the finest Hanuman temple of India), Bambar Baini (the oldest shrine of Goddess Durga situated on the hill of Lavkush Nagar), PNP (Panna National Park housing wild animals and dense forest), Pandav Falls (near Khajuraho where Pandavas from Mahabharata sought the shelter), SAI Baba temple (situated near the Hanuman Tauria), and Pitambara Temple (the popular Pitambara Devi shrine located on Satai road).

The mentioned attraction sites are amazing and having unique features. Travelers can make their holidays memorable by visiting the region Chhatarpur. This religious city is having countless temples and locations where travelers can attain.

Tourist sites of Chhatarpur:
Kandariya Mahadeo: the shrine made of Khajuraho style is first spot of city. The idol of lord Shiva is placed in temple.  

Chaunsath Yogini: the only granite shrine of Chhatarpur is next special destination for visitors. Experts call the temple as only surviving temple of 900 AD. The goddess Kali idol in the temple is amazingly constructed. The big part is only 35 temples of such period are alive in 65 shrines. Next Kali temple of Chhatarpur is Goddess Jagdambe Shrine.

Chitragupta Temple: the shrine located in east direction of city is Chitragupta Temple placed in 3rd position of tourist spots of the city. This Surya temple is 5 feet in height in riding horse position.

Vishwanath Temple: the shrine of Lord Brahma with 3 headed faces is best here. Visitors can watch impressive images on the wall of temple with lions and Elephants. The Nandi (bull) face in the front of temple is amazing too.

Lakshmana Shrine: this temple is having three idols of creator and destroyer of the Universe. The lord Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu with their wives are beautifully described in the temple. The lord Narsimha and Varaha idols are also special to watch in the temple.     

Matangeshwar Shrine: next spot for visitors in Chhatarpur is Matangeshwar Temple.  This Lord Shiva temple is eight feet in height.

Parsvnath Shrine: this is the temple of Jain community beautifully curved with numerous idols. Experts call this temple as biggest shrine of Jain’s. This shrine was constructed in 1860 by various community people.          

Ghantai Shrine: another Jain temple of Chhatarpur is amazingly curved that represents the 16 visions of Sri Mahavira’s mother.

Adinath Shrine: the shrine devoted to Saint of Jain community Sri Adinath. The plentiful work with stunning sculptures on the wall including yakshis is best thing to watch in Adinath Temple.

Duladeo Temple: next location is Duladeo Shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.  Again shrine is amazingly designed with Apsara sculptures on the wall.

Chaturbhuj Shrine: This temple has massive, intricately-carved image of Vishnu in the sanctum.

Attaining to Chhatarpur:
This region is linked through railways, airlines and roads from diverse cities of India. People can easily reach to city as well as other parts by mentioned services. Mentioned above tourist places are located in different locations and cities of Chhatarpur region so tourist must plan their trip before booking the ticket.