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Varkala - Beach City of Kerala

Indian tourist place Varkala is becoming popular since few years. This coastal town of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is having ample of locations where tourist can visit. Varkala is the city located at only 50 kms distance in north-west direction of Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), though the south-west area is boarded with Kollam city at only distance of 37 kms.

As per sources it is the only city in Kerala faces the Arabian Sea. The plenty of water streams of Varkala are special tourist spots. The city is also eminent for ancient Janardana Swami Temple which is 2000 years old. In legends the temple is described as Dakshin Kashi (South India Benares). Finest part of shrine is it is positioned near the beach Papanasam. Because of temple people believe the beach is full of holy water. However, the Ayurveda treatment is also done with the water of Papanasam beach. Tourist must watch the ancient bell detached from the shell of sank ship managed by captain of the Dutch. The top feature was there were no casualties after the sink of ship.

One more destination of Varkala is famous such as Sivagiri Mutt. This mutt was founded by social reformer Sri Narayana Guru. The top hill tomb of Sri Narayana Guru is most popular tombstone in Kerala. The neighboring hill of Sivagiri mutt is also having big University of Brahma Vidya and Sri Narayana Gurukul and both spots are must visit locations of Varkala.

Sources say the king Pandyan was taught by God Brahma to construct the shrine at this place. However, few other myths states that the temple is birth location of Varkala. The city is recognised as religious spot as countless stores and myths are connected to Varkala.

Attraction of Varkala:

Sivagiri Mutt: this popular place is well-known for ashram of Varkala. Founder of ashram was the philosopher Sri Narayana Guru. The tomb of Gurudev is best spot located at one of the hill of Varkala. The final latent place of Gurudev attracts lots of devotees each year. The mutt was constructed in 1904 on top hill of Sivagiri so it is known as Sivagiri Mutt.

Janardhana Swami Shrine: Sivagiri Mutt is the idol location and also the identification mark of Varkala. The Janardhana Swami Shrine is valuable Vaishnav’s shrine attracts huge amount of pilgrims every year. The face of temple towards Papasnanam beach expresses the value of place. This 2000 years old temple is first favorite tourist destination of Varkala having religious values.

Varkala Beach Paragliding: the sport lovers can enjoy paragliding at Varkala beach. Prior to sports the metropolis was popular for Vavu Beli which is the Hindu custom executed at religious beach.

Thiruvambadi beach: located at only distance of 1 km is next tourist spot of Varkala. A helipad nearby the beach allow voyager to reach the place by air. Travelers can take the Ayurvedic massage at the beach as countless moving parlors are available at the spot.

Varkala Beach: the famous Papanasam beach or Varkala beach is the safest place for sun-bath as well as swimming. Sunset view at this beach is best thing of beach. Lots of restaurants, resorts and additional shops are accessible at Varkala beach. Experts suggest black area of the sand at Varkala Beach includes Thorium-oxide that is the radioactive material.

Cremations: as the beach is having religious values people come here for ashes cremations into the marine.

Kappil Lake: also known as Edava-Nadayara Lake which is only 4 kms away from the central part of Varkala. The lake is covered by coconut trees, though it merges in the Arabian Sea at some part. Constructed bridge over this lake is best location of backwater view. Travelers can take pleasure of boating in this lake.

Anjengo Fort: castle close to Varkala beach is next tourist spot. This historic place is covered with natural beauty sources so travelers will enjoy the greenery as well as the oldest fort of Varkala. This ideal spot is best for people who love to walk longer in natural beauty spots. Visitors can also reach to beautiful lake Muthalapuzhi situated in the Anjengo area.

Varkala Tunnel: this popular sightseer location is 924 ft longer channel constructed in 1867 and founder was Sir T. Madhava Rao. For completion of tunnel Mr. Rao took 14 years. The light house of Varkala is located near the tunnel so visitors can go through both spots by reaching the location.

Ponnumthurut Island: the striking spot is reachable by boat only. Here, voyagers can take the blessings of Guru Shree Narayana by visiting the temple.

Sarkara Devi Temple: next shrine of Varkala is Sarkara Devi Temple popular for its age. The shrine is located close to Chirayinkeezhu. Kaliyoot festival is best time to reach the temple conducted in March.

Kaduvayil Juma Masjid: the mosque located at NH47 is next spot for visitors. The masjid is in the area between Attingal and Kallambalam. It is popular as Sunni holy place attracts local Muslims.

Kasi Yoga Anushtana Kendram: next location is KYAK (Kasi Yoga Anushtana Kendram) which is the Yoga center of Varkala.

Attaining to Varkala:
By Train: train is the best and easiest way to reach Varkala as the Varkala Railway Station is properly linked to many big states of India. Direct train from Kochi and Trivandrum allow voyagers to attain the spot with no worries. The reasonable tickets and frequent trains is finest feature to reach Varkala.

By Air: talking about nearest airbase, travelers should get the flight for Trivandrum as it is nearby airport to Varkala. The distance of Trivandrum airport from Varkala is only 66 kms. Private taxi is easily available from the outer part of airport.

By Road: KSRTC buses are good and affordable to reach Varkala. The frequent bus service from Kochi and Trivandrum allow visitors to attain the spot easily. 
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