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Ujjain - Holy Place of India

World popular holy place Ujjain is our next Indian tourist place. Few other names of city are Avantikapuri, Ujain, Avanti, Ujjayini, and Avantika. This Malwa region ancient city is located in MP (Madhya Pradesh). Kshipra River flows from the city which has religious values for Hindus.

The initial name of Ujjain city was Ujjayini described in the epic Mahabharata as well. However, the city was capital city of the Avanti Empire. Ujjain city is listed in most holy places of India as it is one of the seven blessed cities for Hindu community. City is recognized to the world because of Kumbh Mela also known as Simhastha Mela. This huge pilgrimage site attracts loads of Hindu devotees from almost every corner of the nation. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is also located in Ujjain. The city holds huge value for Hindu’s because Lord Krishna, Lord Balarama and friend Sudama got education from famous Rishi Sandipani.

Sagar Manthan (shaking of primal sea to come across the pan of nectar) was affected the Ujjain City. As per epic the contest was done between the deities and fiends to get the nectar initially. Throughout this process a nectar drop fell to Ujjain and city becomes the sacred place.

Many legends ruled the city at intervals like ruler Chandragupta II, King Brahma Gupta and Bhaskar Acharya spend their valuable life time in Ujjain. Famous literature gem Kalidas was also spend his life in city.

Kumbh Mela: the huge religious Maha Kumbh Mela is also conducted in Ujjain. This fest is explained in holy legend Bhagavata Purana. Kumbhfest will be carried in 2016 in Ujjain.

Few tourist spots of Ujjain City are:
Bhartrihari Caves: Bhartrihari who was the step brother of Ruler Vikramaditya lived in these caves. Bhartrihari came for contemplation after relinquishing sophisticated life. Shringarshataka, Nitishataka and Vairagyashataka were written in these caves by Bhartrihari.

Kalideh Palace: Mahal of Ujjain positioned on island is next stop for voyagers. Palace is built on island located between River Shipra in 1458 AD. Founder was ruler of Mandu, though some part was destroyed when Pindaris came to the city. Palace was restored by the best leader of India Madhav Rao Scindia in beginning of 20th century.

Many other holy locations such as Pir Matsyendranath, Gomti Kund, Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Chaubis Khamba Temple, Gopal Mandir, Kal Bhairav Temple, Mahakaleshwar Temple, Navagraha Mandir, Patal Bhairav Temple, Ram Janardhan Mandir, Ram Mandir, Ram Mandir Ghat, and Sandipani Ashram are available in Ujjain city where voyagers can spend their important time. Mentioned places are holy locations where travelers can take blessings of various Gods of Hindu community.

Ujjain is always the special destination of India where travelers are reaching throughout the year. place becomes fully crowded when followers access to city in Kumbh Mela festival. However, the fest is celebrated after complete 12 years so attaining to spot in 2016 will be most impressive moment for voyagers.

Many tourist spots are accessible in Ujjain which are still not described in this note. Referring the guide of Ujjain tourist spots will help travelers to take more pleasure of this holy destination of India.

Attaining to Ujjain:
By Air: closest airbase for Ujjain is Indore located at only distance of 53 kms. Indore is an intense metro city containing domestic airport. Flights from New Delhi, Mumbai and innumerable other cities are available for Indore. IACA (Indian Airlines Continental Airways) is having flights too from Bombay to Indore.

By Rail: Ujjain junction is well-linked from almost every big city of India so attaining through rail is good option for voyagers. Trains from Indore, New DelhiKota and some more cities are available for Ujjain.

By Road: this city of MP is easily reachable through air, train and road. MP roadways is having buses for Ujjain from Ahmedabad (402 km away), Mumbai (655 km away), Bhopal (183 km away), New Delhi (774 km away), Indore (53 km away), Gwalior (451 km away) and Khajuraho (570 km away). Bus from Ratlam, Mandu, Gwalior, Dhar, Omkareshwar and Kota are available for Ujjain.
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