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One tourist destination Alampur is also named as Alampuram. This holy location is accessible with countless shrines positioned in Mahbubnagar region, AndhraPradesh. Distance between Alampur and Hyderabad is just 200 kms. The two known rivers meet at Alampur so its having lots of religious and natural values for Indians. Two big scared rivers Krishna and Tungabadra meet at Alampur area. However, town is not must popular but few points are available for tourism, which makes this spot a very special destination. City is holding the major part of Tungabadra River that surrounded with high hills. Various shrines and holy locations of Alampur gave special place to city in mythological history of India. Shrines of Alampur are years old and no such historical dates are available of temples.

Among all spots, Navabhrama Temples are most famous of city. The 9 shrines are mostly visited by people for whole year. Construction of temples is mixture of Western and Northern structural designs. Badami ruled the city for long period and constructed the shrines at several locations in the city.

Alampur is famed for Jogulamba Temple and Navabhrama Temples, though there are loads of other shrines where people can visit.

City is not much popular but the riversides and temples of city can be attained because of amazing sculptures inside the temple.

Attaining to Alampur:
Distance of Alampur from Hyderabad is 215 kms, Bangalore is 382 kms, Chennai is 486 kms, Pune is 631 kms, and Mumbai is 804 kms.
Attaining to Alampur is much better through road then rail. However, the big closest international airport is Hyderabad  which is properly linked to big cities of India and different nations as well. Private taxis and buses are available from Hyderabad for Alampur.

Alampur railway station is having less trains so reaching through train could be little difficult. Kurnool railway station is close as well as bigger then comparing to Alampur. Trains for Kurnool are available from various parts of country.