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Sawai Madhopur - Historical Places of

Rajasthan is always the major attraction for visitors. The reason behind is their cities are proof of royalty era. The whole state is an excess romantic charm. Indian tourist place is exploring the amazing places of India. Our prime target for today is Sawai Madhopur. Experts recognize this place as tiger city because many big hero’s of Rajasthan came from this region. Even the real tiger of Ranthambore park is also from similar area.

Tour to Rajasthan will always be finest experience for voyagers. Sawai Madhopur is an important tourism destination of Rajasthan. Attraction spots of Sawai Madhopur are world famous and for hospitality Rajasthan is already popular in the world.

This destination offers countless varieties for tourism. If you heard about the Ranthamore National park then it is under the Sawai Madhopur region. It is the city having amazing forts, temples and many other attractions like gardens, etc. Sawai Madhopur is the ideal location for vacations. Ranthambore National Park is famous, rich wildlife national sanctuary.

Places to visit in Sawai Madhopur:
Ranthambor Fort: Initial place to visit in the region is Ramthambhor fort that is surrounded with Aravalis and Vindhyas hills. However, nobody knows the period of construction of this fort, so we can’t judge the age of the fort as well. The structure of the fort is amazing, though it was the biggest challenge for the makers to construct such fort at high hills. According to past of the city none of the rulers become successful even the city was most peaceful and strong structural. The fort is having several other interesting parts inside like Toran Dwar, Sameton Ki Haveli, Mahadeo Chhatri, 32 pillared Chhatri, Ganesh Temple and Mosque.

Ganesh Temple: The most famous spot of Sawai Madhopur is Ganesha Temple that is located in Ranthombore area. Devotees of Lord Ganesh reach this temple from every corner of the India. Local people send the wedding invitation cards to Lord Ganesha in this temple.

Amareshwar Mahadeo Shrine: Get the route of Ranthambhor National Park to reach the Amareshwar temple of Lord Shiva. The surrounding area of the temple is full of greenery turned as best picnic center.

Rameshwaram Dham: One more location at only gap of 60 kms is available for you. Of course, dam areas are always green in surrounding. Chambal and Banas are two rivers in Rameshwaram dam. Shiv Ratri is the major festival when people gather at this temple in large amount.

Chamatkar Temple: Located near Sawai Madhopur railway station. It is the temple of miracles and that is the reason the shrine is named as Chamatkar. Sarad Poornima is the main festival period.

Kala-Gaura Bhairwa Shrine: A temple constructed on the hills in the right direction of the city gate is next place to visit. This temple is also known as Tantrik of Bhairava temple.

Khandar Fort: A monument of Taragarh is one more impressive location. You have to attain to 40 Km distance from Sawai Madhopur. As per sources the fort is constructed in end of the 12th century.

Chouth Mata Temple: A shrine at 25 km distance on hill is next tourist attraction. It is listed as one of the most exciting and beautiful temples of Sawai Madhopur.

How to reach Sawai Madhopur?
If you are coming from Jaipur then you to travel for 158 km to reach Sawai Madhopur. Delhi is 349 km far, Indore is 467 km away, Kanpur is 476 km distant and Lucknow is 549 km far from the destination.

By Train: Sawai Madhopur Junction is available that is directly connected to many major cities of India. Delhi and Mumbai are two major rail hubs to reach the destination. Jaipur is another big station having direct trains for Madhopur station. You can get the train from Chennai and Pune as well for Madhopur.

By Air: Jaipur is the major airport to reach our location. You have to cover the distance of 180 km from Jaipur to the city. Easy availability of flights for Jaipur makes it most convenient mode of transport to reach S-Madhopur.

By Bus: Rajasthan Roadways are having direct bus services for S-Madhopur from various parts of the state. However, many major cities of India are also having buses for our destination.