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Majuli - Largest River Island of India

A small island of Assam known as Majuli is our next Indian tourist place. The other name of this island town is Majoli popular as one of the largest river islands of India. It is located on Brahmaputra river the big and every flowing heavy river of India. If we go through the list of largest rivers islands of the world then Majuli stands on 24th position. It was spread in area of 1250 sq kms that is equal to 483 sq meters. However, the area of Majuli was reduced to 421.65 sq kms because of erosion occurred in 2001. 

Formation of this island was done by the Brahmaputra River, though its north part is connected with Subansiri River. To access Majuli island people can get the ferries from Jorhat City. This island is 200 kms far from largest city Guwahati. 

Majuli is popular for breathtaking scenic beauty. Here in this island there are two villages known as Kamalabari that is located at only gap of 3km and Garamur situated at 5km distance in north. Kamalabari is impressive village having monks and a small museum of Ahom artifact. Ras Mahotsav is the festival that visitors must attend.

Majuli town is popular for bird watching because more than 100 birds are reaching this island at regular intervals. You can get the info related to Majuli at Tourism Centre. Bird watching events are conducted by Jyoti Narayan Sarma in Majuli tourism office. 

Attraction of Majuli: 
Garmur: initial place to attain in Majuli is Garmur popular as holy place. Some more places to visit in Garmur area are Auniati, Kamlabari and Daksinpath. 

Kamalabari Satra: next spot for visitors in Majuli is Kamalabari Satra known for sightseeing attractions. This river side island was founded by Bedulapadma Ata. This center is famous for art, literature, culture and studies. 

Chetiagaon: another spot of Majuli is Chetiagaon comes under Assam region. This place is covered by Dhapaliagaon, Gogamukh Bordoloni and Dhakuakhana. Famous river of north east known as Subansiri River is flowing from this area. 

Auniati Satra: voyagers can attain to Auniati Satra if they want to enjoy the Apsara and Paalnaam Dance. If you are the good collector of jewels, utensils and handicrafts then you can reach Auniati Satra.  Founder of this center was Niranjan Pathakdeva who was having a wide collection of Assamese products. 

Dakhinpat Satra: a place that is going to take breath away is Dakhinpat Satra where travelers can enjoy watching satra of Ruler Ahom of Assam. 

Tengapania: a picnic spot known as Tengapania is located close to Brahmaputra River. This spot is favorite destination for local people as well as outsiders. Founder of Tengapania were Disangmukh and Dhakuakhana, Machkhoa. The only distance of 24 kms from Sibsagar is turned as first choice for visitors of Majuli. 

Raja Maidam: a spot identified as Raja Maidam is next destination for you. It is the vault of Ruler Purandar Sinha. The reason behind construction of this monument was a tribute to ruler died on 1st Oct, 1894. To reach Maidam people have to travel to area of Tocklai River. 

Bengenaati Satra: don’t miss to reach Bengenaati Satra that is a popular place housing huge collection of antiques related to cultural significance of the village. Established by Muraridev who was the grandson of Shankara Deva's step-mother. 

Bangalpukhari: a monument known as Bangalpukhari is another key attraction of Majuli. However, reaching such spot is possible if voyagers will travel towards southern area of Jorhat city. Construction of historic tank was done in 1739 after the murder of Badan Barphukan. 

Shamaguri Satra: there are many spots in Majuli but Shamaguri Satra is popular destination among youngsters. Here major attraction is Vaishnavism centre. Established in Jorhat region popular for Shamaguri art centre, studies and cultural. 

Attaining to Majuli: 
By Road: if you reach to Jorhat close to Guwahati you can get the ferry for Majuli. Assam State Transport is having buses for Jorhat from Guwahati. Private buses are also available that reaches in morning. However evening buses are available too from Jorhat. If you get the bus in moonlit night then your trip is going to be memorable forever. The distance will be covered in 6½ hours by bus. 

By Train: closest railway station for Majuli is again Jorhat. Train for Jorhat is available from Guwahati and some parts of the state Assam. 

By Air: nearest airbase for Majuli is Jorhat. Frequent flights are available for Jorhat from Kolkata and Guwahati.

By Ferry: best way to reach Majuli is boat or ferry ride. Frequent govt. ferries are available towards Majuli in the morning, afternoon and evening. 

When to attain Majuli: best time to visit Majuli is between October-March. This is the festival period of village when different types of dance events, music programs and dramas are organized. Try to reach Majuli at the time of Krishna Janmastami, Raas Leela and Ram Leela.
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