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Jagdalpur - Best Place of Chaattisgarh

Do you believe that earth is heaven? If yes then we are going to discuss about the place that is exactly a breathtaking place with amazing locations. Today we have selected one of the best Indian tourist places Jagdalpur. This small but very impressive city is popular for thick forested landscapes, amazing waterfalls and full scenery areas. 

Jagdalpur is the city of Chhattisgarh State, India turned as valuable tourist place of India. If you are the nature lover and want to spend your holidays at eye warming place then visit Jagdalpur. The city is also famous for wooden handicrafts. Travelers are getting complete package of destinations in Jagdalpur.

We will go years and years back to learn the history of city. At the time of Ramayana this place was house of saint Valmiki. The great Emperor PrithviRaj Chauhan also spends his valuable time in Jagdalpur.

As this place is having religious values there are countless temples located in different portions of city. Shrines famous here are Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple and Danteshwari temple. once you plan to attain Jagdalpur then you must reach the popular waterfalls such as Chitradhara and Tirathgarh waterfalls. Niagara Falls is world famous and Chitrakot Falls is one of the member of Niagara falls.

If you are at Raipur or Vishakhapatnam then you can easily reach to Jagdalpur by covering the only distance of 300 kilometers.

Attraction of Jagdalpur:
Bastar Palace: An important spot for travelers in city is Bastar Palace constructed during the ruling period of Bastar rulers. Its momentous structural design will attract you that it will become memorable place for you.

Kotumsar and Kailash Cave: A finest spot located between 38-40 Kms distance from Jagdalpur is our next location. Kailash and Kutumsar Cave are placed in thick forest of Kanger National Park. You can easily reach to Tirathgarh waterfalls once you reach to Kailash cave.

Chitradhara Falls: Get the route for Chitradhara falls located at 19 Kms distance from Jagdalpur. This nature’s exquisite creation is all time favorite spot for travelers in city. You have to reach Pontanar Village to attain waterfalls area. River Indravati flows from this location and it is the source of Chitradhara waterfall. Height of falls is 100 meters and flow of water is for whole year.

Chitrakot Falls: Next spot we have for you is Chitrakot falls which is a part of Niagra falls. Travel for 48 Kms distance from Jagdalpur central part to reach spot. Experts suggest Chitrakot falls is one of the broadest waterfalls in India.

Tiratgarh Falls: Next ideal tourist spot is Tirathgarh Falls of Jagdalpur located in Bastar region. Its only 35 kms far in south-west direction of city Jagdalpur. You have to be little careful when you attain to Tirathgarh falls because it is located between the dense forest of Chhattisgarh. Here you can enjoy the Kanger valley that is full of scenic beauty.

Danteshwari Temple: A holy place Danteshwari temple is our next spot. The shrine is group of 52 Shakti peeth built by Chalukya Empire rulers. This shrine of 14th century is amazingly built named after diety Danteshwari.

Some more attraction areas of Jagdalpur are Anthropological Museum, Bhairamgarh Sanctuary, Indravati National Park, Kanger Valley National Park, Sri Venkateswara Temple, Dalpat Sagar Lake, Ganga Munda Lake, Mandawa Falls and Thamada Ghumar Falls.

Attaining to Jagdalpur:
Bastar region is properly connected to various cities of India. Reaching Jagdalpur is not a difficult task as trains and buses are available for city in good volume.

By Road: Jagdalpur city is a well-known place of Bastar region and state transport is having direct buses for city from various parts of nation. Raipur is easiest location to reach Jagdalpur. Get NH 49 to reach the spot and Raipur is only 300 km away from city Jagdalpur. Buses for our destination is available from Kanker (150 KM), Dantewada (82 KM), Bacheli (120 KM), Vishakhapatnam (300 KM), Rajahmundry (300 KM), Bhadrachalam (250 KM), Vijayawada (420 KM), Hyderabad (550 KM) and Jeypore (80 KM). It is also having the link buses from various cities so overall road is the best transport mode to reach the Jagdalpur city.

By Rail: Limited trains are available for Jagdalpur. Kirandul of Dantewada region is the only railway station having direct train for Jagdalpur. You will get the 1 passenger train only for Jagdalpur. However, train is having sleeper coach so reservation is possible. Train is running daily between Kirandul-Visakhapatnam and reaching Jagdalpur. The train board from Jagdalpur at 9.45 am. However, it starts from Vishakhapatnam at 8.15 pm.

By Air: Closest airbase for Jagdalpur is Raipur domestic airport. You can get the train from Raipur to Jagdalpur. 

Note: The finest part of this train is you are absolutely going enjoy the journey because the train passes from fantastic breath-taking tunnels and Ghats. Semiliguda is the highest BG railway station of IR (Indian railways) that comes in the route between Jagdalpur and Raipur.  This wonderful journey is of 10 hrs and you will be able to view world’s best marvelous photographic sceneries. Train is just 1.5 km long full of iron operated with combination of 3 powerful electric engines. The reason of placing railway line in this region was to carrying iron ore from Bailadila to City Vishakhapatnam.