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Dungarpur - Historical City of Rajasthan

Dungarpur is the prime city of Rajasthan, India and our preferred tourist place as well. This city is easily reachable through train as line between Udaipur and Himatnagar of Gujarat touches the city. NH 8 is crossing the city Dungarpur so we can say people can easily reach the city.

Dungarpur is the important seat for Sisodiyas of Udaipur. Their younger center is Maharana of Mewar established in 1358 A.D. by Veer Singh who was the elder son of the King Karan Singh of Mewar. The town is having historical values for India which means you will get countless historical spots to visit in the town. Some best locations of Dungarpur are mentioned below:

Major attractions of Dungarpur:
Badal Mahal: A place famous for clouds palace is first place to visit. This palace is located a side of Gaibsagar. It is kind of palaces constructed in 2 different stages. Mr. Gopinath was the key man to built this palace, though he structured Verandah of the place with impressive ground floor stage. Mr. Punjraj constructed the 2nd stage of the palace between 1609 to 1657 AD. He construed verandah in of first floor, ground floor and dome of palace. Its beautifully structured and must visit spot of Dungarpur.

Baroda: A closest but impressive Baroda town is another Indian tourist place. Baroda village is the capital of Vagad located at only gap of 41 km. Baroda is famous for cricket ground and amazing temples.

Beneshwar: An island placed on the meeting point of Som and Mahi River. A place famous for fare conducted every year during Magh Shukla Ekadashi. Nearly 5 to 7 lakh people reach Rajasthan during this fare. The other name of Beneshwar fare is Kumbh ka Mela of Vagad". Beneshwar is having holy values for people as they compare the place with Prayag, Haridwar and Kashi.

Boreshwar: The shrine of Boreshwar Mahadev is located at gap of 83 km from central Dungarpur. Solaj is closer town of this place having some more interesting temples for visitors.

Devsomnath: Next is Devsomnath located at 25 Km distance from Dungarpur. Som River is flowing from closer to the temple. This different kind of temple is built with stone only. There is no material like sand, lime, etc. so we can say it’s a unique temple.

Ek Thambiya Mahal: Udai Bilas was the dream of Krishna Prakash. It is a palace known as 'Ek Thambiya Mahal'. Palace is surrounded by Khuman Niwas, Udai Bilas, Lakshman Niwas and Vijay Niwas.

Fatehgarhi: Next spot located opposite to Gaibsagar Lake is available for you. Fatehgarhi is located on peak of hill so you can easily view the city of Dungarpur from the peak.

Gaibsagar Lake: A lake Gaibsagar constructed during ruling period of Maharaj Gopinath is another favorite picnic spot for voyagers. The lake was constructed in 1428 AD and its construction proofs are available closer to Hanuman Temple.

Galiyakot Dargah (Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed): A holy place located closer the River Mahi is next place. However, you have to reach Galiakot village that is just 58 km away from Dungarpur town. Closest town is Sagwara lies at only gap of 19 km.

Juna Mahal: This Indian tourist place is positioned on foothills of Dhanmata Mountain in town is our next destination. The palace is around 700 years old with impressive paintings on the walls. The other name of palace is Bada Mahal which means big palace. Some people call it as Purana Mahal means old palace as its too old compared to other palaces of town.

Surpur (located at 3 Km distance): This place is having some big old temples of state and Gangdi river is flowing from this region so its having lots of holy values for the voyagers.

There are countless other places for voyagers in Dungarpur like Nagfanji (famous for Old Temple), RDK (Rajmata Devendra Kunwar) Museum, Shri Adinatha Jain Temple, Shrinathji Temple, Udai Bilas Palace, Raj Rajeshwar Temple and some more.

Climate: This dry city is known for hot temperature, though January is best period to visit the place as its cool and calm period for Dungarpur visit.

How to reach Dungarpur:
If you are coming from Ahmadabad to reach Dungarpur then you have to cover the distance of 173 km. However, Indore is 317 km away, Jaipur is 522 km far, Delhi is 768 km distance and Pune is 797 km distant from Dungarpur.

By Train: Dungarpur railway station is available for you to reach by train. However, there are limited trains for this station so it’s better to book the ticket of closest bit railway station so that you can reach the destination easily. Closest big railway station for Dungarpur is Ratlam located at little km distance. Ratlam is the big city of Madhya Pradesh State, India. Trains for Ratlam are available frequently from various parts of the nation. For Dungarpur you will get the trains from Ratlam, Ahmadabad and Udaipur.

By Air: Closest airport for town is Udaipur located at 110 km distance. Flights for Udaipur are available from DelhiHyderabadMumbaiJaipurAhmadabad and Jodhpur. Private taxis are available from the outer part of the airport so reaching destination is not a big trouble for voyagers.

By Bus: State buses are available from various parts of Rajasthan. Frequent buses are accessible from Udaipur, Ratlam and some more cites. 

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