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Rohtang Pass - A Tunnel Road of Himachal Pradesh

Adventure in life is the only way to keep self happy. However, adventure should not be that risky that life becomes danger all the time. Today we are going to discuss about the Rohtang Pass that is one of my favorite Indian tourist place located at good altitude of 3,978 meters from sea level. It is the high mountain area of east Pir Panjal Mountains of Himalaya. The pass is around 51 km long and one of the biggest tourist destinations of India Manali is just 32 miles away from Rohtang. This world famous pass connects the Kullu Valley to Lahaul and Spiti of HP (Himachal Pradesh), India.

Although Rohtang pass is just a highway but the adventurous locations comes on the route are amazing. It could be the best experience for the visitors as the complete pass is full of hills, dangerous valleys and amazing greenery spread surrounding. If you reach the location in winter you will find only snow everywhere.

Geographical info: This route divides two major tourist destinations of India such as Kullu and Manali. Some other big closer points to reach through Rohtang pass are Lahaul, Spiti valleys, Chenab and basins. Beas River is flowing from this area, though it emerges underground and flows towards south direction of place. Northern part is having another holy river Chandra that is the source Stream of Chenab River.

Overview: As the pass is located in Himalaya ranges so reaching spot in winter is difficult. The route is open between May to November so try to attain at such period only. Basically route is not difficult enough, but you can face the snowstorms anytime so for precautions its better not to get there in winter. If we go through historical background the pass is used since ancient period specially for trading between people of Pir Panjal and other cities.

NH 21 is connecting Kullu Valley to Keylong through Rohtang Pass. It also connects the Lahul city to to Leh of Ladakh. It is also used as military route to reach Kargil in summer season. You might face traffic jams at this highest route of India because the roads are wider but are covered with snow maximum time. Many military vehicles such as trucks and jeeps are regularly using this pass so crossing them could be little challenge for driver.

Impressive things about Rohtang Pass:
Unknown Waterfall: Because of increased traffic some danger is occurred to the environment of this place. You might see unknown waterfalls during the route as effect of global warming is registered in this region.

Road tunnel: The beautiful surroundings and amazing natural spots are major reason that people are reaching Rohtang pass regularly. As it is the highway and open throughout the year the Indian government has constructed a road tunnel with investment of $320 million in 2010. The distance of this tunnel will be 8.5 km and its completely safe and faster route to reach Keylong, Spiti, Lahaul and Leh.

According to votes given by people the best tourist attractions of Rohtang pass are Rohtang Tunnel and Dash air. If you go through detail study of pass you will find there are nearly 14 different places to visit in Moorang city that is only 41 km away from Rohtang Pass.

Best attraction spots near Rohtang Pass:
First place to visit near pass is Manali located at altitude of 6398 feet from the sea. The Himalayas ranges are most popular attraction of the city. However, this honeymoon spot is all time favorite location for travelers. Manali is only 51 km away from Rohtang Pass so enjoy the city and spend maximum time of your vacations.

Kullu: Next spot for you is valley of Gods known as Kullu. This beautiful valley city of HP is available throughout the year. People love to visit this place in summer holidays because of calm and pleasant temperature. The accommodation and hospitality of Kullu is famous in world. You have to cover the distance of 93 km to reach Kullu from Rohtang Pass.

Jagat Sukh: Another spot to visit near pass is Jagat Sukh that is popular for old temple of God Shiva. Distance of Jagat Sukh is only 48 km from Rohtang Pass.

Few other demanding locations for voyagers near Rohtang pass are Rahala Water Falls (37 km away), Nehru Kund, Hadimba Temple, Vashist hot water spring and shrines. Manu Temple is also one more best location for travelers located at 50 km distance from pass.

How to reach Rohtang Pass?
By Air:
Closest airport for pass is Bhuntar positioned at 104 km distance. Famous destination Manali is also in the same route. NH 21 is available for you to connect Rohtang and flights from Delhi are available for Bhuntar.
By Road: HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) buses are accessible from Manali for Rohtang Pass. You will be surprised if you go to pass through road because the best view of nature is able to make moment memorable. Keylong is also having buses for this pass so no worries about the transport in this region.
By Rail: closest railway station is Joginder Nagar located at 103 km distance from Rohtang Pass. Manali is also having station but only meter gage trains are available for Manali.

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