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Tiruvannamalai: Holy Hill city of Tamil Nadu

If you are looking for a religious and peaceful spot then there is no better option than Tiruvannamalai. This district of Tamil Nadu State is very famous for the glory of Lord Arunachaleshwara. There are many sacred temples and other tourist experiencing places like caves, churches, dams, forts, museums, lakes and ashrams that are worth visiting. 

If you want to realize what complete peace is? Then there is no other destination other than Tiruvannamalai. This place was founded in the year 1989. This place is situated on the hills, there are mountains and valleys all around. Here, you can find a great atmosphere for meditation. This district is also termed as a place of god. Where, you can sense divinity.

This place is mainly popular for temples. It is a well-known pilgrimage.  If you look at the temples from a distance. You can see the mountains as the background. The complete image is so astonishing that you cannot stop gazing this nature’s splendor. If you love archaeological than this is the destination that you must not miss out. The sculptures are designed very modestly. The beauty of the temples and ashrams cannot be defined in words. 

Well stating the place completely is not possible in this niche. There are around eight important destinations that cannot be ignored.
  • Arunachaleshwara Temple
  • Sri Ramana Ashram
  • Skandashramam
  • Virupashaka Cave
  • Seshadri Swamigal Ashram
  • Mamara Guhai
  • Sattanur Dam
  • Sathanur Reservoir

It is said that Lord Shiva subsists in five various appearances in Annamalai. The foremost is the hill. Second is the Linga shape.

Third in the sand form, therefore people do wear footwear’s while visiting temples and other holy places. Fourth in the form of fire. Fifth is in all five elements, which is also termed as paanch bootha in human form. The residents of this place have a belief that Lord Shiva is residing in between them in a human figure.

If you want to feel how heaven can be? Then this the destinations that you must definitely visit at least once in your lifetime.  

How to reach Tiruvanamalai?
You can reach the destination by rail or road. There is a train for Tiruvannamalai from all big cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Vellore, Kochi and many others. If you are travelling from Southern cities then you can also use the road mode that is buses and taxis. There are many hotels and guest houses near by the bus stop and railway stations so accommodation will not be a problem. There are many travel agencies that are offering a complete tour package that will include accommodation, traveling, sightseeing and visit to holy places.

If you are traveling from a long distance then it would be good to hire a city tour guide by contacting a nearby travel agency.