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Mount Abu- Only Hill Station of Rajasthan

Rajasthan” whenever we hear this name the first thing comes into the mind is Desert and dry area everywhere. However, things are not like this as there is a hill station in Rajasthan covered with full of water and beautiful green hills. Mount Abu is the one and only hill station of Rajasthan situated at height of 1220 meters in the Aravalli Hill Ranges. 

Mount Abu hill station in this dry state is positioned at a vastness of 180 kilometers from famous city of Rajasthan “Jodhpur” and 509 kilometers from capital of Rajasthan “Jaipur”. Mount Abu is becoming the favorite place for many people as it a famous pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Jain and nowadays countless people are reaching at this pilgrims place. Mount Abu is also renowned for its rhythmic nature exquisiteness. This hill station is also preferred as “An Oasis in the Desert”, for the truth that it is the place from where numerous watercourses, waterfalls and lakes created.

This place is special for its enjoyable weather, nature attractiveness and the plentiful holy places. Mount Abu could be the interesting place as vacationer target. Mount Abu is preferred place by world tourism as well because of there are large amount of Hindu and Jain holy places. Dilwara Temple is deliberated as the mainly vital and sacred temple by the Jain Community. Dilwara shrine is constructed of white limestone and was constructed amid the 11th to 13th century.

If you have planned your tour to Mount Abu, then few of the tourist spot must be visited as there are many, the mentioned are few world-known and very much attractive:

Dilwara Temples: These are Jain temples located at 2½ km distance central part of Mount Abu. Construction of such temples was done by Vastupal Tejpal between 11th-13th AD centuries. These world-known temples are made of marble.

Achalgarh fort: Next spot is Achalgarh fort located at 11 km distance from north Mount Abu. Construction of fort was done by Paramara Empire rulers. However, it was renovated by Maharana Kumbha and named as Achalgarh in 1452.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary: It’s a green hill station with forest in surrounding so you are going to enjoy the wildlife in such beautiful hill station. This wild park is located on the ranges of Aravalli mounts. This national park is 19 km distant from Mount Abu city.

Achaleshwar Temple: A shrine devoted to God Shiva is other spot. This temple is special as the great toe of God Shiva is worshiped in this temple. This 2500 years old temple is famous for mythology, folklore and many other features.

Ambika Mata temple: another temple known as Ambika Mata is available for you. This Hindu temple is placed in Jagat village located at 50 km distance from Mount Abu.

Nakki Lake: The ancient Lake known as Nakki is having scared values for the local people. As per Hindu myth this lake was dug out from Nakhun (Nails) of God.

Om Shanti Mandir: Brahma Kumaris Organization is having big headquarter in Mount Abu. This temple is famous for mental peace, meditation and Raj yoga. Its the best place for mental peace and every person should reach the spot. Om Shanti Temple is few kms away from Mount Abu central part. 

Attaining to Mount Abu:
By Rail: Abu Road railway station is available located at only 28 KM distance from Mount Abu City. Trains for Abu road are available from Ahmadabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Public transport is available from Abu Road to Mount Abu city.

By Air: Closest airport for destination is Udaipur located at 185 km distance. However, Ahmadabad is also available for Mount Abu. Flights for Ahmadabad (221 km away) and Delhi are available in good volume.

By Road: Rajasthan Roadways are famous in India because of their services. If you are planning to reach Mount Abu through road then you can connect to NH 14.
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