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Jaisalmer is nicknamed as "The Golden City." It is the small town of Rajasthan, India. Jaisalmer is situated at good distant of 575 kilometres from Jaipur the capital of state. This amazing place stands on the edge of yellowish granite, garlanded by a castle, which includes the fort and some elaborated Jain temples. The houses and temples at this small town are finely sculptured. The world known desert Thar is the heart of this town. The population of Jaisalmer is around 78,000 and also managerial headquarter of Jaisalmer.

History of this town itself is special. The origin name of Jaisalmer is after its originator Raja Jaisal. He was the king of Rajput. Because of yellow sand and desert area this place is also named as "Golden City of India."

The mainstream of the population of this gold city is Bhati Rajputs. This population is belonged to the warrior community of India. Many rulers ruled on Jaisalmer, which gave the special spot to this place in India's history. Deoraj was the well-known prince of the Bhati family, and he was the real founder of Jaisalmer Empire. In 1818, this place was under the British rulers, and that was the real period of politics in Jaisalmer.

Tourist attractions at Jaisalmer:
Jaisalmer Fort: Jaisalmer is famous for fort and art creation. The fort was situated on Trikuta Hill of Rajasthan by Bhati Rajput ruler Jaisal in 1156. However, this place is having a valuable contribution in history as many battles had happened in early time. The huge stone walls are made of yellowish-brown colour, which expresses the feelings like a lion. During the day, it looks as yellow were in evening it looks like magical honey-gold. Lots of movies being made on the Jaisalmer fort, which gave the world-popularity to this fort and Jaisalmer town. The best part about the Jaisalmer is more than a quarter population of the city still live within the fort. The key places to visit in the fort are Royal palace (Raj Mahal), the Laxmi temple, and Jain temples.

Havelis (Royal houses): the major spots of Jaisalmer are their royal houses built by local as well as the rulers of the town.

Haveli of Patwon: A wealthy trader belonging to influential Oswal Jain society constructed this five storey complex, which took more than 50 years to get completed. This Haveli is also known as the largest and most wonderfully developed Haveli of Jaisalmer.

Haveli of Salam Singh: this royal construction was done by the scheming PM Salam Singh in 1815. The beautifully arched roof with blue cupolas makes it different from other constructed havelis of Jaisalmer.

Haveli of Nathmalji: constructed by PM of generous state of Jaisalmer. Its concealment is an uprising of decoration such as flowers, elephants, birds, soldiers, steam engine and a bicycle.

Haveli of Shreenath: The Haveli constructed by Vyas family is another special spot to visit. It is turned as the popular hotel of Jaisalmer and visitors can enjoy the tradition of Rajasthan in this hotel.

Transport for reaching Jaisalmer:
Jaisalmer is the last station of a Broad gauge situated at the border of India and Pakistan. Visitors have to check with railways for train as limited trains are only available for Jaisalmer. The best palace train of India known as “Palace on Wheels” is having a scheduled stop at Jaisalmer. In special events, Kingfisher flights are also accessible to this place. Reaching Jaisalmer via road is possible as many commercial and private transport vehicles are available to reach this place. Sleeper and sitting buses are also accessible to reach Jaisalmer.

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