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Keylong - Hill station of Himachal Pradesh

Keylong is one of the wonderful hill places and also headquarter of Spiti and Lahaul district, HP (Himachal Pradesh). This station is strange, primitive, exciting hills and pleasant. Reaching Keylong allow a tourist to go through Rohtang Pass, which is again an exciting place. Visitors can enjoy Gondla, Koksar, Sissu and river Chandra Bhaga while reaching the destination. Keylong is the place where heavy snowfall is happened every year so this place gets cut off from the world, especially in November to June, months.

Keylong mounts are situated alongside the Manali and Leh road. This tourist place of India is special with the junction such as Bhaga Valley, Chandra Valley, and the Chenab Valley as these are some special spots of Keylong visit. Shasur, Kardang and Tayul monasteries are spots available for a tourist, especially Hindu visitors. Finest period to reach Keylong is from June to October every year.

Tourist places in and near Keylong:
Tandi: Tandi is positioned at the meeting point of Rivers Chandra and Bhaga that merge to create the Chenab River. Watching villages on the road is also diverse experience for visitors. Ample of villages offer outstanding prospects for educating about the distinctive cultural surroundings of Valley Lahaul.

Udaipur: this is another spot situated at 53 kms distant from Keylong. Udaipur is the home of the Mrikula Devi Temple. This temple is popular for timber carvings. Main River is Chandra-bhaga at Udaipur. Though, this village was identified as Margul in earlier phase.

Triloknath: Triloknath temple is world-famous and people are reaching this shrine throughout the world. Triloknath is the shrine for Hindus and Buddhists so devotee's list is longer comparing to other religious places of India. Mainly, this is the Buddhist worship place positioned on the bank of Chenab River. The impressive and huge structure of the sanctuary has been built in customary Lahauli method using timber and stones.

Jispa: one more beautiful spot in Keylong is Jispa, which is just 22 kms away. Here tourist can enjoy two nullahs and a key river Bhaga of Keylong. Visitors can reach to PWD rest house, which is situated near Bhaga River.

Gondla: Gondla is just 18 km away from Keylong, which is turned as the popular village of the valley Lahaul and turned as favourite tourist place of India. The royal legacy at Gondla is special. Here tourist can enjoy eight storey building of the Ruler of Gondla, and the identified as Gondla Castle. Its construction period is 17th century, and gompa is the main spot in this village for visitors.

Shashur Gompa: the gompa which is 3km distant from Keylong is known as Shashur Gompa, and it fits into the Gelukpa order which is again special thing to watch. This gompa was constructed in 16th century and celebration of various fests is special at this Gompa.

Khardong Gompa: establishment period of this gompa is 12th century. The huge statue of Shri Buddha with astonishing paintings and few old prayer drums are special things to watch in Khardong Gompa.

Sissu: Sissu is the village is sited on the side of the Chandra River. Reaching Sissu village will allow visitors to get pleasure of the beautiful scenery with Chandra River.

Reaching Keylong though various ways:
By Air: closest airbase for Keylong is Bhunter, which is just 175 km away from Keylong. However, local and domestic flights with limited services are available to reach Keylong.

By Rail: The closest and nearest railway station to Keylong is Jogindernagar. This station is located at good distance of 250 km away.

By Road: reaching Keylong through road is the easiest way. This Indian tourist place could become more interesting if visitors go through road because this way they can have to view of beautiful scenery of Keylong. The distance among Manali and Keylong is 115 kms so Manali reaching is the simplest mode to get this destination.

Interesting Images of Keylong

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