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Khajjiar : Honeymoon spot

India is full of exciting places and Khajjiar is one of them. This small but impressive city of India is turning as first choice for tourism to the world visitors. Actually Khajjiar is the small hill town of Chamba becoming popular for honeymoon couples. 

Many experts from the world refer this place as India's mini Switzerland. Positioned at the altitude of 6,500 feet from the sea, this hill station is just 24 kms distant from Dalhousie (another hill destination for tourism). Khajjiar is favorite destination for a tourist these days because it has rich deep forest with pines, deodar and abundant green pasture. The overwhelming nature beauty of this place allows the tourist to refresh them from regular busy life.

Major Attraction of Khajjiar:
Khajii Naga Temple: There are countless spots with nature beauty where a tourist can spend their time, and Khajji Naga temple is one of them. The wooden posts with ceilings of this holy place are special. As per available sources the images placed on the barrages symbolize the availability of Kauravas in town as they were tied up at this spot by the Pandavas. 

Hadimba Temple: The other popular tourist attraction of town is Lord Shiva and Hadimba temple. A big idol of Shiva is very attractive and also the Hadimba temple is made of ancient structural design. 

Golden Devi Temple: A golden dome of temple is reason the shrine is named as Golden Devi Temple. You have to reach closer to Khajjiar Lake to reach the temple. You can also enjoy the golf course located closer to shrine. 

Panch Pandav Tree: A beautiful spot known as Panch Pandav Tree is next destination for travelers. This tree is having religious values of Indians so you will find lots of religious things near the tree. 

Kailash View: If you want to enjoy the mount Kailash view then Khajjiar is the best place for you. View of glimpses of Kailash Mountain is best thing to do in such area. 

Khajjiar Lake: reach the most beautiful spot of city known as Khajjiar Lake. However, you have to reach the spot via the Bakrota Hills that starts from Dalhousie. Don’t miss the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary Park that is on the way to Khajjiar Lake. 

Khajjiar Villages: Learn how villagers of Khajjiar live their life. You can visit the town areas and can chat with the locales. Reach to dense forest of deodar and enjoy visiting small villages such as Ladi, Rota, etc. 

Big cities of India are connected to this Indian tourist place. Frankly speaking Chamba region is famous in India and link to this district from different cities of India allow travelers to reach here easily. This supreme and idyllic picnic spot is accessible by bus from Chamba and Dalhousie. Summer is the delightful period to reach Khajjiar. However, accommodation could be a little trouble for the visitors. 

There are limited hotels with excellent services so if you have planned to visit the town then you should book your hotel in advance. Booking through online portal is possible for Khajjiar hotels. Ample of options like luxury, regular range and lower price hotels are accessible by Khajjiar. International tourist can check for the various tourist packages provided by many travel agencies.

As Khajjiar is positioned near to Chamba and Dalhousie, it could become refreshing place for visitors. Both Chamba and Dalhousie are best tourist locations of India. The lush green forests of Khajjiar could make the moment memorable. We can say honeymoon couples are going to enjoy a lot in this region because the place is full of peace and natural beauty spots. 

Evaluation of distance between Khajjiar and different cities: Amritsar is 213 km away, Chamba is 23 kms away, Chandigarh is 322 km far, Delhi is 585 km distant, Jammu is 210 km far, Jalandhar is 214 km away, Manali is 382 km far and Pathankot 102 km distant.

Reaching to Khajjiar: 
By Air: Closest airport from Khajjiar is Gaggal also known as Kangra. Located at 134 km from Khajjiar so we can say reaching the spot through air is not difficult task. This domestic airport is properly linked to many big cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. 

By Rail: Nearest railhead to this place is Chakki Bank. Experts identify this place as Pathankot too. The station is just 142 kms away from Khajjiar. Train from big city of India is connected to this hill station. 

By Road: HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) is having buses for Khajjiar from different corners of the state. HRTC network is spread in whole state and other cities are also having buses for Khajjiar town. 

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