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Bhopal is very famous city and the capital of MP (Madhya Pradesh), India. This lake city is famous for natural and artificial lakes and the greenery spread everywhere in the city. The big institutions and colleges of Bhopal are famous for offering higher studies. 

The climate of Bhopal is humid subtropical with weak, dry and hot summer. The approx temperature of the city is around 30 °C with the peak time of summer.

Tourism in Bhopal is increasing regularly because the city is having historical importance with some glory spots created by various rulers at diverse intervals. This superb Nawab’s city is a union of the rich types of art, custom and civilization. Bhopal is modernizing and changing according to generation change, which is the essential thing for development. Those who want to learn about the history of the rulers came to India should visit Bhopal city. Historical palaces within the city are attracting the tourists throughout the world. Founder of the city was Raja Bhoja, and city was named as Bhojpal in early period. Later, the name was changed to Bhopal and continuously serving the city since 11th century.

This stunning Indian tourist place is shelled over 7 big hills and two gorgeous lakes. Some key tourist destinations are described with small description:

Moti Masjid: Masjid named as Moti is positioned in the city’s heart, which is also recognized as the Mosque of pearl. It was constructed in 1860 under the guidance of Sikandar Jehan Begum.

Taj-ul-Masjid: a well-known Masjid of Bhopal was created in 19th century with stunning architecture. It is the most stylish construction in Bhopal stands with the pink wall. This largest mosque of India positioned at the center of the city. The construction of this mosque was done under the order of Ruler Shah Jehan’s wife, though the construction was completed after the death of his wife.

Shaukat Mahal: The palace known as Shaukat is located at the entry point of the busy area of city Bhopal. The stunning architecture and occidental style of the Shaukat palace are best thing to watch.

Sadar Manzil: another tourist spot in Bhopal is Sadar Manzil, which occupies the fame of the city. This elegant and grand building is completed of red bricks that enhance the look of the structure. The properly managed garden with diverse species and plants augments the attractiveness of the Manzil (building).

Lakshmi Narayan Temple: This shrine place is also known as Birla Temple constructed on the top Arera Hills in Bhopal. The panoramic view from the hill above the city is amazing. Devotees of the goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayan visit this temple each day.

Bharat Bhavan: the center inaugurated by first lady prime minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi is the next tourist destination in Bhopal. This multi art is set up to develop the interactive closeness among the visual, verbal and drama.

Bhojtal (Upper Lake): the lake of Bhopal is known as Bhojtal formerly identified as Upper Lake. This is the largest lake of Bhopal that lies on the Western side of the city. Bhojtal is providing the drinking water to the city so lake is having valuable importance for the city. Approximately, 40% capacity of drinking water is offered by this lake.

Lower Lake: the lake known as Chhota Talaab is always full with water. Lower lake is situated along with the Bhojtal Lake.

Van Vihar Zoo: the zoo with Hyena, Panther, Tiger, Lion, Bear and many other animals are available in this national park. Visitors can view Blackbuck, Blue bull, Cheetal, and Sambhar also.

Some other spots for a tourist in Bhopal are NAM (National Archives Museum) and RMS (Rastriya Manav Sangrahalaya).

Attaining Bhopal by:
Road: Bhopal is connected with all major cities of India so tourist can visit the place with no worries. The direct busses from Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay and many other cities allow tourist to reach the destination easily. Lots of radio taxies are available to hire for sightseeing. The rapid bus transit system of Bhopal is famous in India.

Rail: Habib Ganj railway station lies in the Western Central Railway Zone. Bhopal route is one of the finest routes, which connects the maximum cities of India. Loads of big trains are passing through Bhopal to reach their destinations. BJRS (Bhopal Junction Railway Station) is another big station of the city. 

Airport: The airport recognized as Raja Bhoj is situated near the satellite town Bairagarh. Many national and international flights are directly reaching Bhopal.

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