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Wildlife Sanctuarie and National Park

Tour to India will become special if the destination is unique. India is also popular for wildlife as countless sanctuaries are there with diverse animals. Visitors can learn about the wildlife and the wild animals. Some special sanctuaries in different states and cities are mentioned below:

The NPWS (national parks and wildlife sanctuaries) of India are offering the greenery and cold weather with different animals and birds.

For Indian wildlife and national parks, users can visit:

DWS (Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary) in Kashmir: nature lovers or tourist having affection for broad valley, rare hangul deer, and mountain slopes, black or brown bear, heronry and leopard should visit DWS wildlife situated in Kashmir. Reaching Kashmir is possible through air, rail and road. The big air base in Kashmir is positioned in Srinagar that is just 22 km away from DWS. The big railway station that is connected with the city is Jammu Tawi, which is positioned at 311 kms. The best season to visit DWS is from June to July.

GSBS (Govind Sagar Bird Sanctuary) in Himachal Pradesh: the next north Indian bird sanctuary is situated in Himachal Pradesh. Their visitors can enjoy watching crane, goose, duck and teal. The big airport near GSBS is Chandigarh at 135 km distant. The railway station to reach GSBS is Nangal situated at 13 km distance.

CNP (Corbett National Park) in Uttar Pradesh (UP): CNP is the most famous wildlife sanctuary of India having Himalayan foothills close to Dhikala. Here visitors can watch tiger, leopard, elephant and countless diverse birds. CNP is also the best spot for fishing experience that tourist can do in River Ram Ganga. The airport near CNP is Pant Nagar, which is just 115 km away. The closest railhead is Ram Nagar 51 km away from CNP. Tourist must visit the park between November-May. The finest thing about CNP is a tourist will get the accommodation inside the park.

DNP (Dudhwa National Park) in Uttar Pradesh: Dudhwa Park is situated at Nepal border where a tourist can enjoy watching sloth bear, tiger and panther. The big airport close to DNP is Lucknow located at 251 kms distance. Railway station close to Dudhwa is 4 km away, and peak season for this park is between November-May. 

FVNP (Flower Valley National Park) in UP: the roof garden is famous for FVN park, which is covered in 3,500 metres area. This park is located in Badrinath though a tourist has to travel for 44 kms distance to reach the park. Railhead near FVNP is Rishikesh, which is another best tourist and holy place. Best time is between June-July when a tourist can enjoy watching many birds and wild animals.

SNP (Sariska National Park) in Rajasthan: Rajasthan is also having diverse wildlife sanctuaries and parks which home the loads of animals and birds. This park is just 200km away from Delhi homing sambar, spotted deer, Nilgai or antelope, leopard, blackbuck and tiger. Closest airbase to SNP is Jaipur located at good distance of 160 kms and the railhead is Alwar, which is just 35km away. Tourist will get the local buses from the railhead to reach the park. Peak season for SNP is from February to June.

Ranthambhor in Rajasthan: whenever we talk about the Hill forest, the first name comes is Ranthambhor Park situated in Rajasthan. Those who love plains, lakes and hill forest should reach this park as a tourist can enjoy crocodiles, Simbar, tiger, Indian gazelle, sloth bear and drifting birds. To reach Ranthambor Park tourist has to reach Sawai Madhopur station, which is 11 km distant from the park. Airport to reach the park is Jaipur planned at 162km distance.

BNP (Bandhavgarh National Park) in MP (Madhya Pradesh): the park known as BNP is another best tourist spot. BNP has a broad selection of wildlife together with Sambar, Panther and Gaur. Tourist can reach to Jabalpur airport to reach BNP. Railhead is Umaria situated in 34 km distance.

BNP (Bharatpur National Park) and Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary KGBS (KGBS) in Rajasthan: Bharatpur Park is the most exceptional bird sanctuary with native birds. Many international birds can also be viewed in this park, which makes this park special then other Indian parks. Crane, Stork, Geese, heron and snake bird is special things to watch in BNP. The closest big airport is Agra situated in 52km, and big railway station is Bharatpur. The clean and broad road allows the tourist to reach the destination with no worries. Best season for BNP is between September - February. 

KNP (Kanha National Park) in MP: KNP is the only home of swamp deer (barasingha), cheetal, tiger, Indian bison and monkey. Reaching KNP is possible through Nagpur airport and Jabalpur railway station. Season for this park is between November - March.

SNP (Shivpuri National Park) in MP: Here tourist can enjoy chinkara, nilgai, chowsingha, tiger, leopard and diverse birds. Airport is Gwalior to reach SNP. Railhead for SNP is Jhansi situated in 95 kms, and the best season is from February-May.

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