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Malana Hill Station - Himachal Pradesh

The very pleasant and calm ancient village of India is Malana, located in Himachal Pradesh State. Reaching Malana is simple as this is the closest destination to Kullu Valley, HP. Kullu is the world-famous tourist destination and around lakhs of people are reaching Kullu every year. This lonely village Malana is situated at Malana Nala which is the side valley of another valley Parvati. Most adorable peaks near the Malana village are Chandrakhani and Deotibba village. Malana River flows through the village which is the source of drinking water for localities. The height of the village from sea is around 3,029 meters. The village is completely unaffected from any type of modern civilization so we can say the development is not done in this rural area. The existing living standard of people in Malana expresses their social values and structure. Local public of village is strict to their customs and rules. 
The background of the village Malana expresses that Jamlu rishi (the sage) came to this place and settled in the town. He made the rules and guidelines for the local population. Because of that Malana is having so many religious values which mean the tourist will find the temples and pray spots in village almost every side.
Experts say Malana town is considered as the first democratic town of the world. As per the rules of social community the populace of Malana belongs to Aryans community. The big dam project of Malana gave the new introduction of the town to the world. MHPS (Hydro Power Station) is the project becomes major earning source for the populace of Malana. 

Major Attraction of Malana:

Jamula Temple: The shrine is constructed after Jamul Rishi who came to the town and educated the public with religious values. Gaddi Tribes are highly reserved the temple and some strict rules need to be followed to enter the temple.

Green Valley’s: The high hills and green valley’s from the town are amazing. Spending valuable time in Malana village could be memorable period for visitors.
Calculating the population there are around 100 homes only so visitors must plan the trip before going to this place. Booking of accommodation is available at Kullu valley which is another feature for people reaching the spot first time.

Attaining to Malana:
The big closest airport to attain Malana is Kullu located at only distance of 25 kms. Airport of Kullu is linked through domestic flights of India from several cities such as Shimla, Pathankot, Chandigarh, New Delhi, and Dharamshala. Delhi is the easiest way for International tourist to reach Kullu to attain Malana.
JNRS (Joginder Nagar Railway Station) is the closest station having trains direct from Chandigarh and many other cities of India.

Reaching Malana is possible through road as well because local states are offering buses from Kullu and various other cities of India.