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The rich Indian tourist places welcome visitors all the way through the world for their hospitality. Today India is turned as first choice for global users as there are religious, historical, nature made locations where tourist can spend their memorable time. The Himalaya hills, beautiful beaches, lakes, forts and many other destinations of India make it favorite destination comparing to other countries. Talking about historical spots Mandawa is another place having stunning fort and some more beautiful areas. Mandawa is known as famous town of Jhunjhunu region, Rajasthan. The only distance of 190 kms from Jaipur city allow visitors to enjoy another tourist place of Rajasthan. The fort and havelis are famous in Mandawa.

In 18th century, the king of Shekhawat Rajput Mr. BHojraj Ji Kasubsub came to Mandawa. Sources say the town was established by Mandu Jat. He established the hamlet (dhani) in the town. The town as named as ‘Mandu ki dhani’ in early period. It was also identified as ‘Manduwas’ or ‘Mandu ka bas’ later changed to Mandawa.

After a period Ruler Thakur Nawal Singh Rajput ruled the Mandawa and Nawalgarh. He built the Mandawa fort in 1755 for protecting the town from external attacks. Slowly the town becomes popular for local trading and many other communities settled in Mandawa.

The town is having some villages under, such as Godu ka bas, Bazisar, Kuharu, Kamalsar, Chandrpura (Tetara), Hanumanpura, Syopura, Dinwa Ladhkhani, Mithwas, Khalasi, Tihawali, Sadinsar and Dabari.

Attraction in Mandawa:
Fort: The Mandawa fort was constructed in 18th century by the Thakur Nawal Singh. The fort comes under the vikram samvat. At the entrance the walls are painted with Lord Krishna and cow movement. The theme is completely according to medieval and the castle is decorated with stunning frescoes. Even the rooms inside the palace are also having paintings of God Krishna. Along with painting there are superb carvings and mirror work on the walls. Meeting hall of the palace is having unique beautiful paintings on the walls. However, the fort is converted to Heritage hotel but some part is still open for the tourist to learn about the history of Mandawa. Finest season to attain Mandawa is winter because the weather becomes calm and cool. However, winter becomes really cool because of flowing air and desert area of Rajasthan.

Mandawa city is known as open art gallery town of Rajasthan. The Havelis of Mandawa are eminent to the world because of beautiful painting and structural design.

Haveli Hanuman Prasad Goenka: the wall painting in the Haveli represents the God Indra sitting on elephant and God Shiva on bull.

Haveli Goenka Double: This Haveli is available with two gates in entrance has epic frontage of horses and elephants. External walls of Haveli are having dissimilar paintings, though the extended balconies and upper storey are painted with Rajasthani tradition.

Murmuria Haveli: walls of Murmuria Haveli are painted with cars, trains, Venice and George V. The work was done by Balu Ram in 1930. The painting on walls includes Lord Krishna positions, his cows and Jawaharlal Nehru on horse with national flag in hand.

Jhunjhunwala Haveli: Striking leaf painted in gold color is amazing work done on the wall of Jhunjhunwala Haveli.

Some more Havelis such as Mohan Lal Saraf, Gulab Rai Ladia, Binsidhar Newatia, Chokhani Double and Lakshminarayan Ladia.

Thakurji temple is also the spot for visitors established in 18th century.

The average population of town is 20500+ though the languages used in the town are Hindi, Rajasthani and English.

Attaining to Mandawa:
By Air: talking about closest airport to attain Mandawa tourist can get the flight for Jhunjhunu airport. This airbase is linked through domestic airlines from different parts of country so visitors can get the flights for Jhunjhunu to reach Mandawa. The other big airport near Mandawa is Jaipur connected with various parts of nation.

By Rail: railways are spread everywhere in the country, though the big junction for Mandawa is Jhunjhunu. Trains from Jaipur, Sikar and Delhi are available for Jhunjhunu, though advance booking of ticket is preferred particularly in holidays.

By Road: traveling through road in Rajasthan is good option and tourist will get the government buses from different areas of the nation. 
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