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In India, Rajput community is strong enough from years and ages. If we go through history of Rajasthan and many other states of India Rajput Empire become strong at particular interval. They controlled almost west India single handedly and built countless historical palaces and havelis. These Havelis and palaces are attracting tourist around the world for whole year. Learning life standard of luxurious and exciting period of Indian emperors is possible by reaching these spots.

The historical place Bundi is the city of Hadoti district, Rajasthan. This Indian tourist place is turned as best choice for people who are doing research on India’s past. The lavish forts, step well pools and palaces are famous throughout the nation.

The big city Kota is only 35 kms away from Bundi which allow visitors to take pleasure of one more tourist spot of India. Jaipur is the next big city near Bundi which is only 210 kms distant. Average elevation of Bundi City is 268 meters. The surrounded area of Bundi is covered by Aravalli hills from 3 sides. Reaching Bundi also permit the travelers to attain Indragarh which is popular for Kamleshwar and Kali temples. Searching about the Indargarh will help the travelers to get knowledge about the tourist spots near Bundi that means if the trip to Bundi is decided, voyagers can visit more nearby places to make their holidays special. Step well is one more impressive tourist places of Bundi particularly in rainy season.

Few spots for tourism in Bundi:
Taragarh Fort: also known as Star Fort is first choice for Bundi visitors. This impressive structural design building was built in 1354 AD. Big feature of fort is it is constructed on top of steep hill. View of Bundi city from citadel is too good. The big cannon of Rajasthan recognized as Garbh Gunjam is positioned in Bundi. The 3 tanks of fort are special as they never dry in any season. The system applied to construct those tanks is lost but still the tanks are serving water with same capacity of water.

Bundi Palace: next spot for tourism is hillside palace which is adjacent to Taragarh Fort. The lavish customary wall paintings and murals of palace are best thing to watch. The picture gallery known as Chitrashala is open for general visitors.

Bundi's baoris: also recognized as step wells is next spot for visitors. In Hindi, the spot is called as Raniji ki Baori. This 46 meter deep Baori was constructed in 1699 by Queen Nathavat ji. The impressive steps structure of Baoris is capable to take water easily even in deep low level.

Nawal Sagar: another location where visitors can reach is Nawal Sagar which is the square-shaped man-made lake. The lake is located in the centre part of Bundi City having countless small isles. Here voyagers can visit the shrine of Lord Varun. He is the Vedic Lord of water stands in the heart of a lake.

Nagar Sagar: one more sagar is Bundi’s next tourist spot. This is basically a twin step well crafted with perfect stonework on each side of well. The pools also known as kund’s are presently full of garbage from the very old market of vegetable of the city.

Dabhai Kund: the pond recognized as the jail pool (kund) is next spot. This largest kund of Bundi is somewhat overgrown and its impressive structure is best thing to watch. The countless steps of kund is not easy to get down so travelers must be careful while going down.

Few other locations like Jait Sagar Lake, Sukh Mahal, Kshar Bagh, Phool Sagar, Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri, Gudha Dam, Kedareshwar Dham, Keshoraipatan, Thikana, Ramgarh, Bijolia, Menal, Talwas, Rameshwaram, Indragarh, Thikarda and Hindoli.

Few big fest of Bundi are Kajali Teej, The Gangaur fair and Bundi fair.

Attaining to Bundi:
Few big stations close to Bundi are Jaipur (located at 212 kms distance), Indore (located at 382 kms), Delhi (located at 474 kms), Ahmedabad (located at 530 kms), and Pune (located at 1009 kms).

By Rail: closest railway station is Kota located at only distance of 35 kms. Hiring taxi from Kota will charge approximately Rs. 500 for each taxi. Kota is the big city of India connected properly with almost every city of India. Train for Kota is available from Agra Fort, Ajmer, H Nizamuddin (Delhi), Kolkata, Meerut, Nimach, Ratlam, Santragachi Jn, Shalimar, and Udaipur.

By Air: closest airport to reach Bundi is Sanganer Airport at Jaipur. The distance of 215 kms allow visitors to reach spot easily. Domestic flights are easily reachable to Jaipur from almost every airport of India.