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Haflong - Only Hill Station of Assam

The known Indian tourist place Haflong is only hill station of small state Assam. This popular spot is under Himalayan territory of Assam. Haflong is the regional headquarter of hills of North Cachar region. Experts recognize the Haflong as Switzerland of East India.

Haflong is situated at only 84 kms away from Silchar which is one more tour destination of India. The eye-catching green hills and valleys with fast curving water streams are best thing to watch in Haflong. Haflong is also identified as White Ant Hill of India.

The hill is having narrow steep roads that is most exciting and thrilling travel path. Next exciting route is oldest rail track which is mostly used method for local public to reach other nearby destinations of Haflong. During the route to destination travelers can watch traditional township and rural areas of Assam. Learning the culture of North East India is easy by visiting these villages and small towns of Assam.

Haflong Lake is most visiting tourist location of Haflong located at center part of the town. The lake is full of greenery housing numerous kinds of birds and flora. Local people gather at spot to enjoy bird watching at lake particularly in the evening. Attaining Haflong at festival season will be more interesting as residents celebrate fests at intervals. Flea bazaar is available for buying the special items of Haflong.

Weather of Haflong is cool and voyagers can attain anytime round the year. However, its hill station so cold season becomes chiller, for that travelers must carry their warm clothes.

Haflong is most picturesque destination of North East India hence people are reaching here in large amount all time. The top feature of such spot is voyagers can visit Silchar too, though few other locations of Assam are also best spot for vacations. Green Assam is all time favorite for everybody.

People from India always welcome their guests, no matter if the person is from India or abroad. The tradition and culture of each state is differing so welcoming the guest in each state is quite different. Travelers reaching Haflong at festival period could be best experience as every side of Haflong is decorated and people dance the whole day. They celebrate the fest with colorful decorations and many other social activities.

This only mount area of Assam is bounded with countless natural beauty spots. Jatinga is the next closest tourist location of Haflong that is 9 kms away. The spot where migratory birds commit suicide is world famous and location is situated at Haflong known as Haflong Lake.

Rainbow is common view in valleys of destination which gives the astonishing view to visitors. Guwahati is big station near Haflong situated at good distance of 345 kms.

Shillong is the hill area very much popular throughout the nation. Language that local people use is Dimashi. The meaning of Dimashi word is white ants mound.

The lovely blue orchards, oranges and pineapple give diff feeling. Its nature is attracting that people comes to this place for longer holidays.

Attaining to Haflong:
The big stations of India such as Kolkata (1334 kms away), Mumbai (2991 kms away), Imphal (213 kms away), Shillong (263 kms away), and Kohima (331 kms away) are having rains and buses to reach Haflong.

By Road: Haflong Hill is first choice for adventurous lovers as the turning and dangerous roads to reach the center part are amazing. Summer is the best period of Haflong as weather becomes very pleasant and charming. Travelers can attain buses from several cities of India as direct buses are available for Haflong. Guwahati, Golaghat, Dimapur, Newgong, Diphu, and Jorhat are stations having buses for Haflong.

By Air: closest airport for Haflong is Shillong Airport which is connected with frequent domestic flights from almost all corners of India. Shillong airport is only airbase nearest to Haflong Hill, and travelers can attain to Shillong from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Tezpur, Imphal and Agartala.

By Train: Haflong station is linked through meter gage railway to various cities such as Silchar, Badarpur junction, and few more stations of Assam.