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Satna - Madhya Pradesh

The Satna city of Madhya Pradesh (MP) is turning attractive tourist destination these days. However, MP is full of tourist destinations and Satna is one of them. This city is a municipal corporation of Satna region, MP and it borders Uttar Pradesh, the big state of India.

Satna City is having historical values as the city is also described in Hindu legend Ramayana. This striking region is admired for religious values as countless devotional locations are available. City is having glorious past and their ancient temples are attractive in structural design.

The city is close to another big ancient metropolis known as Bharhut. Bharhut is the Buddhist traditional city whose objet d'art and writings are exhibited in whole world. Attaining to Satna allow visitors to enjoy Khajuraho temples as well. Khajuraho is world-famous for beautiful temples so voyagers can enjoy multiple spots once reaching Satna. One more location such as Ramvan is available for visitors. However, the distance of 16 kms need to be covered by visitors to reach Ramvan where they can watch Tusli museum consist of very old and unique idols of immense picturesque. Some nearby Indian tourist places in Satna where voyagers can attain are Birsinghpur-semariya (famous for Oldest Shiva Temple), Dhawari (popular for Sai Baba Temple), Madhavgarh fort, laxminarayan mandir, Gidhaila (Gidhakoot) parvat and some more places.

Plenty of outskirts shrines are also available in Satna that can make holidays special for visitors. Some pilgrim spots are best with natural scenery and calm to relax the mind. Venktesh Mandir and Pranami Temple are prime temples of Jain community. Dali Baba Temple and Pashupati Nath Shrine are another best holy spots. The flawless beauty spot near Satna is Lord Maheshwar Center located near the banks of Jagatdev Pond. Chitrakoot and Maihar are two other religious centers for voyagers.

Travelers can also attain to devotional centers like Kotwali Chowk, Mukhtyarganj and Rajendra Nagar.

Major attraction of Satna:
Chitakoot Dham: initially tourist should reach Chitrakoot Dham located at only distance of 60 kms from center part of Satna. Here tourist can visit temples, dam and rich picturesque locale.

Sharadha Shrine: The rural area of Maihar is next spot reachable at 40 kms distance. Sharadha Devi Shrine is major spot of Maihar positioned on the hill of Trikut. The good height of 600 feet of temple allows visitors to watch the Maihar town from hill. Approximately 1001 steps of temple are little difficult to lead the spot but it is excited and adventurous trip. Road to temple is available from down area and travelers can hire the auto and private vehicles charging nominal for service.

Attaining to Satna:
By Air: closest airport is Satna Airport having domestic flights from some major cities of India. Jabalpur Airport is biggest air hub located at around 220 kms from Satna city.

By Rail: STA (Satna Junction railway station) is the IRCTC code of Satna Station. Train going through Jabalpur route to Allahabad crosses the Satna station. Train from Mumbai, Howrah and some more stations are available for Satna.

By Road: MP roadway is having direct and linked buses to many big cities of India. Luxuries Buses for Satna are available from Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur and Jabalpur. NH 7 and NH 75 passes from Satna City and buses from Jabalpur, Allahabad, Nagpur, Varanasi, Bhopal, Singrauli, Indore and Ambikapur.
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