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Kemmanagundi - Landscape of Karnataka

About Kemmanagundi

People prefer the hill station should be wonderfully landscaped with gardens and eye-catching views. Kemmanagundi is the hill station placed in hill area of Baba Budan Giri. However, it is also recognized as Chandra Drona Parvath according to Hindu puranas. This Karnataka’s mount area is turned as favorite spot for nature lovers. People have huge attraction of adventure can also reach to this haven for exciting events.

Kemmanagundi is the place where Maharaja of Mysore Shri Krishnaraje Wodeyar IV spends the summer period of his ruling age. Kemmanagundi is the word taken from Kannada language, though the word is made of three different words such as Kempu (means red), Mannu (means soil) and Gundi (means place).

Altitude of Kemmanagundi is 1434 meters from sea level popular for incredible luxuriant nature and spectacular weather for complete year. Thick forests with sloshing springs and breezy weather attract the voyagers for Kemmanagundi.

The town is completely free from pollution so voyagers can take fresh breath at hilly. Even medical practitioners also suggest their patients to try for Kemmanagundi hill station because the place is cap able to revitalize and invigorate the mind, body and soul.

Attraction in Kemmanagundi:

Hebbe Falls: 

Like other hill areas this hill station is also having beautiful waterfalls. Hebbe Falls are one of them attracting people. Height of Hebbe falls is 168 meters.

Kalhatti Falls: 

Also recognized as Kalahashti Falls is next tourist destination. Height of Kalhatti falls is 122 meters. Old temple in area of Kalahashti is another spot for voyagers.

Rajendra Hill: 

Next tourist location listed in Kemmanagundi tourist spots is Bababudan Hill also known as Rajendra Hill. This hill is listed in highest peaks of Karnataka covered by coffee farms. The altitude of Rajendra hill is 1448 meters.

The other spots for voyagers are Rock Garden, Z Point, and Shiva Temple. Trekking could be another enjoyable thing that people can do in Kemmanagundi. 

Attaining to Kemmanagundi:

Bangalore is 248 kms away, Chennai is 583 kms away, Hyderabad is 622 kms away, Pune is 686 km away and Mumbai is 844 kms distant from Kemmanagundi.

By Train: closest railway station for Kemmanagundi is Tarekere linked direct to Bangalore and Mangalore. Distance between Tarekere and Kemmanagundi is around 33 kms and taxi is easily available from the outside station. To reach Tarikere Jn people can attain the trains from Bangalore, and Mangalore.

By Air: talking about nearby air hub to reach Kemmanagundi is Mangalore which is the closest domestic airport. Bangalore international Airport is next hub for abroad voyagers. Flights for Mangalore are available from Bangalore and Chennai so travelers can get the tickets according to their convenient.

By Bus: Karnataka is popular state for state bus transport. Kemmanagundi city is properly linked by road to various cities of state. Public and private transports are frequently available for Chikmaglur which is only 55 kms away from Kemmanagundi. However, buses from Mangalore and Bangalore are also accessible. 
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