WhAt'S NeW?


Agatti is the Island also recognized as Agathy located in Union Territory Lakshadweep. Agatti Island is spread in 5.6 kms area only, though it’s most amazing spot for voyagers. Kochi is closest big destination to attain Agatti, but that is also 459 kms away. Small but closest another island of Agatti is Bangaram located at seven kms distance in south direction. Talking about inhabited islands Kavaratti is closer one placed at only gap of 54 kms.

Populace of Agatti is approximately 8000 as per Indian census. People from Muslim community are more in island. People believe traveler from Arab Mr. Ibn Batuta discovered this place and established Muslim community in area. People from other religions also converted to Muslim in Agatti. Local language of island is Malayalam, though they also speak English. Island is having own powerhouse of 100 kW using fuel to produce electricity. Island is having SWD (Sea Water Desalination) unit that convert seawater into drinking water for public.

Attaining to Agatti require 24 hour journey of ship. However, reaching through flight from Kochi require only 75 minutes. Agatti Aerodrome is the only airport in Lakshadweep and flights offered by Kingfisher Airlines and Indian Airlines are available on daily basis from Kochi airport apart from Sunday. However, Kingfisher Airline flights are stopped by Indian government due to flying permits.

Attraction in Agatti: Agatti is Island of Lakshadweep open for sightseeing, though government is having some restrictions in the island so travelers have to take permit to attain the spot. Lakshadweep administration is having entry permit procedure, which users can check through online sites of Lakshadweep tourism. Agatti is having limited land area and the accommodation is a concern. Local government is providing the permit to those people only who have confirmed accommodation in island. People can check the stay at AIBER (Agatti Island Beach Resort) and SSBR (Sea Shells Beach Resort) because these two private accommodations are available in the island.

The island is amazing with natural beauty and complete island can be covered by bicycle available on rent on shops in Agatti.

Museum: Agatti Island is having museum placed at 2 kms distance only from beach. Reaching through auto rickshaw is possible, though that will charge around Rs. 250. Hiring motor cycle is best option for voyagers to enjoy island. Replicas and statues of naval life are best thing to watch in museum.

Lagoon: bigger pond with crystal clear water is next tourist spot in Agatti located beyond Jetty. Entry of boat from is possible from jetty of Lagoon. Tourist must enjoy the glass-bottomed boats to get complete pleasure of Lagoon. The pond is full of aquatic animals like fishes, floating reefs, crabs, etc so voyagers can enjoy the sea life easily by watching the animals from glass boat. Dept of water is approx 10 feet and water is clear.

Pitti Island: the smallest uninhabited island of Lakshadweep is next spot known as Pitti Island. Island Amini and Pitti are two parts of sunken isle of Lakshadweep. Watching kinds of birds on Pitti Island is best thing to do. This specific island is becoming popular to world as Birds Island.

Bangaram Island: the small but attractive island Bangaram is inhabited island of Lakshadweep. Reaching to Bangaram will take 2 hours through boat, though the demanding place in island is Bangaram Resort. Voyagers can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and diving in sea at this place.

Attaining to Agatti:
By Air: domestic airport of Agatti is only airport in islands of Lakshadweep. Frequent flights from Kochi and Bangalore are available for Agatti. Air India Airlines is providing daily flights except Sunday from Cochin to Agatti.

By Helicopter: travelers can go for helicopter service available between Agatti and Kavaratti every day. During monsoon helicopter, service is extended from Bangaram Island to Agatti Island.

By Sea: big sources of transport to reach Agatti are Cruiser ships operated among Kochi to Agatti. M V Tipu Sultan and M V Bharat Seema are two big cruisers ship running between spots frequently offering air-cooled decks and AC cabins to their voyagers. Some more firms are having ships like M V Minicoy, M V Kavaratti, M V Amindivi, and M V Arabian Sea.