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Kabini a valuable place as per Indian history is our next tourist destination. Kabini was the town used by King of Mysore and British officers for hunting. The dense forest and flowing Kabini River are special thing for voyagers. Experts suggest Kabini as topmost wildlife sanctuaries of Karnataka popular for stunning flora and fauna with bird life. Kabini is also famous for scenic green beauty and huge lake. Herds of animals in the jungle are common as many elephants and wild animals are accessible in the jungle.

The town draws attention of environment lovers for natural beauty. Voyagers can easily view elephants, spot sambar, langurs (monkeys), bison, chital, sloth bear, pythons, crocodile, leopard and tiger. Approximately 250 kinds of birds are also attaining to Kabini forest at different intervals. The dam in center part of forest gives different feel to voyagers.

Walking in the forest could be diverse experience for voyagers, though Kabini wildlife and thick jungle gives pleasure to enjoy the wildlife. However, some rules and permission to be taken by the forest department of Karnataka to enter the jungle.

For travelers forest department have arranged, elephant safari, boating in Kabini River and Jungle safari. Watching wild animals like bear, chital, tiger, leopard in live is not simple task.

Attraction of Kabini:
Boating: the first attraction of Kabini is watching dense forest through boating and cruising. The view of eye-catching sceneries with amazing flora and fauna are possible through boating only.  

Iruppu Falls: also recognized as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls are next spot for travelers though the falls are placed in Bhramagiri Range. The height of fall is minimum 60 meters surrounded with Western Ghats. Iruppu falls is the key spot for tourism also having pilgrim values due to Ram and Lakshman Temple.

Brahmagiri Sanctuary: located in Nagarhole is next spot popular for evergreen Jungle. Brahmagiri Sanctuary is positioned under Kodagu region which is a part of Western Ghats.

Elephant Safari: next thing for voyagers is elephant safari allow them to travel through ways where jeep or car cannot enter. In early ages kings were using the elephants for hunting in Kabini.

Jungle Safari: next comes is forest safari which is a best thing to watch jungle. Wide range of animals can easily be seen in this safari.

Nagarhole National Park: this park is the part of NBR (Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve) which is also recognized as RGNP (Rajiv Gandhi National Park).

Rameshwara Temple: Rameshwara temple is one religious spot of Kabini located close to Lakshman Tirtha River. The idol of Lord Shiva is placed inside the shrine placed under Nagarhole area. As per myth Lord Rama and Lakshman go through this place during the search of Mata Sita.

Some more attractions in Kabini are Trekking, and Kutta. Kutta is located close to Nagarhole which is one best tourist place of Karnataka.

Attaining to Kabini:
Bangalore is just 208 kms away from Kabini where as Coimbatore is 225 kms, Mangalore is 284 kms, Kochi is 335 kms, and Chennai is 541 kms away.

By Train: closest rail hub is Mysore located at only distance of 72 kms. Trains for Mysore from various cities are available in frequent quantity. Travelers will get trains from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and few more cities.

By Air: talking about nearest air hub Bangalore is available serving domestic and international flights both. Bangalore is 208 kms far from Kabini so the global travelers can easily reach the spot easily. Private taxis and cabs are available from outside area of Bangalore airport, though taxi will charge around Rs. 4,000 from Bangalore to Kabini.

By Bus: KSRTC (Karnataka State Transport Corporation) is having direct buses for Kabini, though maximum buses start from Bangalore city. Buses from Mysore and Bangalore are available for Kabini in large amount and both are tourist destinations. People coming from abroad can get the luxury buses from cities of Karnataka, but reaching to Bangalore is better option than attaining to link buses from other areas.
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