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Mizoram - Terrain of Meghalaya

Northeast tourist destination Mizoram is our next target. This Indian tourist state lay among potent Himalayan ranges and flat terrain of Meghalaya. Mizoram is wonderful vista place with well-off biodiversity. Never-ending variety of scenery is specialty of state having full of flora and fauna.

The state Mizoram is having countless places for voyagers as the state is blessed with dappled hilly areas. Hills of Mizoram are vertical in shape and parted by rivers flowing towards north or south.  Some known rivers of Mizoram are Karnafulli, Tlawang, Tuivai, Sonai, and Kolodyne. River Tiu is the edge between Myanmar and India Countries. Curved roads and dense forests of Mizoram are making trips wonderful. This evergreen state is having huge hills and deep valleys with best hospitality services. However, Mizoram state is not big by land area but still there are countless things to do for voyagers.

Blue Mountains of Mizoram are popular and other closer tourist spots such as Manipur, Tripura and Assam are also available for holidays. Attaining to Myanmar and Bangladesh country is also possible from Mizoram, though tourist require the passport and visa to enter both nations. Vital spots for tourism in Mizoram are Champai, Aizwal and Vantawang.

Attraction of Mizoram:


Most developed city of Mizoram is Aizwal, which is blessed with the scenic scenery. Moderate weather and superb scenery is best thing to watch in Aizwal. Sources say Aizwal city is older than hundred years. Altitude of Aizwal is 4000 feet from the sea level. Turial River Valley and Tlwang river valley are two key spots of Aizwal. Apart from valleys, travelers can visit Mcdonald hill Museum and Zarkawt holding the huge collection of traditional costumes, historical relics and artifacts.


Next spot for voyagers in Mizoram is Champai also recognized as fruit bowl of Mizoram. Champai is popular for vineyards located close to India-Myanmar border. Champai is commercial hub of Mizoram and its background is full of rich heritage. Here travelers can visit small hamlets and dotted villages with memorials and monoliths.

Vantawang and Tamdil: 

Two other best spots of Mizoram are Tamdil that is blessed with scenic pond and Vantawang, which is a hill station of state having highest waterfall on Thenzawl hill. Both places are superb picnic spots and local people are attaining to location frequently. Surrounding area of Tamdil is dense forest and resort village is available for the accommodation.

How to reach Mizoram?

By Road: the 4,000 km road network of state allows voyagers enjoying greenery during journey. NH 54 is directly reaching to Mizoram from various parts of Indian states. One more highway NH150 is linked Mizoram to Manipur various other states.

By Air: domestic airport of Mizoram is known as Lengpui Airport located close to Aizawl city. Flights from Kolkata, Silchar and few more cities are available for Mizoram.

By Rail: Indian railway is spread to the complete nation and train route for Mizoram is available too. Bairabi Railway Station is accessible, though mostly it is used for good trains. Silchar located in Assam is big railway station to reach Mizoram. The journey will be of 6 hours from Aizawl, as Bairabi is 110 kms away from Aizawl. Indian railway is preparing to start project of broad gauge line to Bairabi Railway for proper supply of goods as well as improving the transportation.

By Helicopter: a service of helicopter is started by Pawan Hans Group allowing travelers to commute between Aizawl to Lunglei, Saiha, Lawngtlai, Chawngte, Champhai, Serchhip, Kolasib, Hnahthial and Khawzawl cities of Mizoram.