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Ranchi - Important city of Bihar

Ranchi a city of MSD (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) is our next Indian tourist destination. Ranchi is the capital of state Jharkhand, India. This scenic metropolis is also recognized as Chota Nagpur. Ranchi is known to the world for Bamboo forest and its altitude is 2,140 feet from sea level. Reddish soil and countless waterfalls is specialty of the Ranchi city. Greenery hills, infertile rocks and scenic charming valleys of Ranchi attract the visitors in large amount.

The best attraction spots of Ranchi are Hatia Museum, Ranchi Hill, Kanke Dam, Jonha Falls, Tagore Hill, Hudru Falls, Ranchi Lake, Jagannath temple and TRIM (Tribal Research Institute and Museum). Voyagers can take pleasure of hilly safari conducted in Ranchi by state government.

Another specialty of city is their celestial hospitality, superb tribal traditions and charming nature beauty. Experts refer the city as gift of God to human. Surrounding area of Ranchi is covered with dense jungle including the wildlife so voyagers can enjoy the safari in such areas. Few known trees in such forests are Simul, Sal, Maugha, and Gambhar. Travelers can hear the sound and can watch the Bears, Nilgai (looks like black deer), Sambar, Hares and Chital (dotted deer) in forest of Ranchi.

Key attraction points of Ranchi:
Kanke Dam: a very first place to visit in Ranchi is Kanke Dam constructed on calm lake. Dam is constructed on two hills between Gonda mounts. The beauty spots with unpolluted air are best things of Kanke Dam.

Dassam Falls: next location is the superb natural waterfall known as Dassam. This waterfall is in the amazing and attractive town Taimara, which is very close to Ranchi City. Visitors can do the swim in fall and can enjoy the boating on Kanchi River flowing from same area. Average height of Dassam falls is 144 feet and surrounding area is full of eye-catching landscape.

Deer Park: Ranchi is having big deer park housing loads of diverse types of deer’s. This park was started with only 15 dears and slowly the strength grown up. Today thousands of dears are available in the park offering amazing view to the voyagers.

Hundru Falls: people love nature must visit Hundru Falls which is another tourist spot of Ranchi. This natural beauty spot of Ranchi is having one of the highest waterfalls with average height of 320 feet on Subarnarekha River.

Jonha Falls: Ranchi city is having countless natural tourist destinations and Jonha falls is one of them. The place is also recognized as Gautam Dhara. The fall is on river Kanchi and its nearby area is full of greenery. Attaining to Jonha falls allow voyagers to visit Sita falls that is one more waterfall in same area. Thing to notice is a traveler had to get down with 500 steps to reach the main spot of Jonha falls.

Panch Gagh Falls: numerous waterfalls of Ranchi makes it beauty spot for nature lovers. The Panch Gagh falls are available for travelers, though travelers have to reach Khunti village that is beautiful town of Ranchi region.

Ranchi Lake: another attraction is Ranchi Lake positioned at mammoth hill of Ranchi with good height of 2140 feet. This is the manmade lake excavated in 1842 by the BNCO (British National Colonel Onsely).

There are countless places in Ranchi where travelers can visit like Rock Garden, Jagannath Temple, Tagore Hill, Birsa Park (Zoo), Pahari Mandir, Angrabadi Temple Complex, and Sun Temple.

Attaining to Ranchi: reaching Ranchi is possible from various parts of nation as the direct trains and buses are available for city from almost every major city of India. People coming from Kolkata have to travel for 434 km distance whereas Nagpur is 844 km away, Kanpur is 869 km, Indore is 1302 km and Delhi is 1303 km away from Ranchi.       

By Train: Ranchi railway station is directly connected to big cities of India. Big railway station to reach Ranchi is Hatia station. Direct and link trains to Hatia makes it easy reachable destination. Trains from Delhi, MumbaiKolkataBangalore and Chennai are available for Ranchi.

By Air: Ranchi airport is connected to metro cities of India as this domestic airport is having direct flights from PatnaKolkata and Delhi. Distance between Ranchi airport and city center is only 7 km. Big international airport closer to Ranchi is Kolkata having direct flights from aboard. Kolkata is having domestic airport as well so travelers from any corner of world can reach Kolkata though distance between Ranchi and Kolkata is 400 km.

By Bus: Reaching Ranchi by road is possible Jharkhand State Transport is having buses for Ranchi from almost every corner of State. Travelers can avail the buses from Bokaro (only 110 km away), Chaibasa (130 km away), Patna (340 km away), Dhanbad (170 km away) and Jamshedpur (140 km away) for Ranchi.