WhAt'S NeW?


Indian tourist places are world famous and travelers from around the world are reaching the different spots at various locations. Today we are going to discuss a small town known as Kushinagar located in UP (Uttar Pradesh) State, India. This town is popular for Buddhist pilgrims. According to sources Lord Buddha died in Kushinagar so its having huge religious values for the Buddhist community. It is spread in just 6 kms area and nearest big city is Gorakhpur which is just 55 kms away. The Hiranyavati River is major source of water in the town. Mallas were the ruler of the town at the time of arrival of Lord Buddha. 

Attraction of Kushinagar:
Nirvana Temple: the most demanding and impressive religious spot where large amount of devotees arrive is Nirvana Temple. The peaceful environment and the serenity of the temple give different feeling to the visitors. This beautiful spot is famous as Buddhist temple also. 

Monuments: Stupas and Viharas between 230 BC to 413 AD are other popular monuments of Kushinagar. People must not miss the spots as they are made of hard rock in different style. 

Some more major spots to visit in Kushinagar are Nirvana Stupa, Mathakuar Shrine, Ramabhar Stupa, Kushinagar Museum, Buddha Vihar and Wat thai Temple. 

Best period to attain:
Reaching Kushinagar from October to April is best period because the climate becomes pleasant and humid gets off from the weather. Summer is very hot in UP so better not visit the spot at such time. Rainy season starts from June to September so you can plan your trip according to your choice. 

Attaining Kushinagar: 
By Air: reaching the town is possible through different ways. However, road is the major source that maximum people are using for Kushinagar. Lucknow is the major city serving international flights from various nations. Flight for Lucknow is easily available from domestic as well as abroad places. 

By Rail: Gorakhpur is properly connected to major cities of India through rail. Tourist can book online tickets for Gorakhpur from various parts of the nation. 

By Road: Kushinagar is easily reachable by road as simple road from Gorakhpur is properly maintained by the administration. UP roadways are having buses from Delhi, Lucknow, Bhopal and many other cities for Gorakhpur. 

Kushinagar almost lost its value after the death of Gautama Buddha. However, town values increased after the visit of General A. Cunningham who tried to repair the religious spots of Kushinagar and introduced the town to global visitors.