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A less famous but very attractive Indian tourist place Aihole is our next destination. This is the complex city comes under the region of Bagalkot, Karnataka state, India. People from northern area of Karnataka state are reaching Aihole in large amount.

Aihole is basically a holy place having several big and popular temples. Shrines constructed by Galaganatha group are more famous than others. However Kontigudi group is also popular for constructing temples in Aihole. It is kind of secret tourist destination and travelers from around the world are visiting this place in gradual ratio.

When we talk about the major temples of Aihole the first name comes in the list is Lad Khan temple. This shrine is protected by 2 big towering gateways (mantapas). Deity of lord Shiva must reach this place because of impressive and attractive idol of Lord Shiva is placed. The Shivling present in such shrine is grand for pilgrims.

Some more shrines that people should not miss in Aihole are Huchappayya temple, Durga temple, Huchimalli temple and Surya Narayan temple.

If you like natural spots than visit Ravana Phadi which is one more tourist favorite destination in Aihole. It is the oldest cavern temple of India located in this city.

Attraction in Aihole:
Revalphadi Cave: reach south east area of Hucchimalli shrine to attain Ravana Phadi or Revalpadi Cave. This cave is popular for temple constructed inside the cave. This very old rock cut shrine is one of the unique temples in India. It was constructed in 6th era with two mantapas. It’s a Lord Shankar temple with 3 way entrance.

Durga Temple: once you reach Aihole you must visit the Durga Temple. This oldest temple was constructed in the time of Chalukya dynasty. 7th and 8th era is the expected period of this temple.

Huchappayya Gudi: located in south direction of Aihole Fort is next tourist place. Malaprabha River is flowing from this area that is also impressive especially during rainy season. Experts say the shrine was constructed in 8th century.

Jain Meguti Temple: a shrine that is constructed on small hill is known as Jain Meguti temple. The surrounding area of temple is like monument. However, the construction was incomplete of the temple. The structural design of temple was like Dravidian style so we can justify the architectural status of such era.

Kwathi Gudi: also known as Konthi Temple is next tourist location for the visitors. It’s impressive and gives mental peace to the visitors so people must attain to this place.

Lad Khan Temple: if you want visit the oldest temple of Aihole then you must visit Lad Khan Temple. This shrine is devoted to Lord Shankar structured in 5th century. This is the temple that is named after Muslim ruler of the town.

Uma Maheshwari Temple: the last attraction for visitors in Aihole is Uma Maheshwari temple that is goddess Maheshwari’s temple. People believe all wishes come true if the prayer is done honestly.

How to attain Aihole:
City Aihole is just 468 kms away from Pune, 640 kms from Mumbai, and 690 kms from Chennai.

By Train: nearest big railway station to reach Aihole is Bagalkot. However, Aihole is also having the small station where some passenger trains are reaching from various cities of the State Karnataka. Bagalkot is 34 kms away from Aihole. Trains for Aihole are available from Belgaum, Hubli and Sholapur.

By Bus: Regular buses from Bagalkot are available for Aihole.

By Air: the closest domestic airbase to reach Aihole is Hubli connected to various parts of nation. International travelers can reach Bangalore airport to reach Aihole. 
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