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Amarkantak - A Worship Place of Madhya Pradesh

A majestic place of Madhya Pradesh is our next tourist destination. Amarkantak is the small city situated in the middle area of superb ranges Satpura and Vindhya. The average elevation of this city is 1065 meters. The charming weather and best valleys with amazing view makes this place first choice for nature lovers. Amarkantak wraps up the splendor of typical sylvan atmosphere. The 2 best rivers of India known as Narmada and Sone are flowing from this area. 

Word Amarkantak comes from Sanskrit language that is related to mythological meaning. Because of religious values this place is also known as Theertha Raja (King of Holy destinations). The Narmada River is having holy values for Indians.  It’s a land of great history holding story of diverse empires. Pandavas also ruled this place for short period. 

Amarkantak is added in the list of usual heritage zone. It’s full of dense forest with huge valleys. 

When we talk about the spots for travelers a list is not big, but each spot is different having unique quality. Amarkantak is well-known place today and some of the key destinations are mentioned below:

Temples: the great temples close to Narmada River are best place to visit in Amarkantak. Narmada River is having areas for swim and the open pond is recognized as Narmada Kund. Countless temples are located close to the pond of Narmada such Shiva temple, Ram-Sita temple, Kartikey temple, Annapurna temple, Shurya Narayan temple, Gorakhnath temple, Durga temple, Vangeshwar Mahadev, Shiv Pariwar, Radha-Krishna temple, Siddheswar Mahadev temple, 11 Rudra temple and some more.

Narmada Kund: once you reach this area you can enjoy the swimming in pond and can attain to take blessings of Hindu Gods in ancient temples. Maximum shrines are made of Kalachuri period. However, you have to go to southern area of Narmada Kund to reach Kalachuri temples. Such shrines are constructed by King of Kalachuri Mr. Karna Deva. Sources say the shrine was constructed in the mid of 1042 to 1072 AD. You must visit the Machhendra Nath temple and Pataleshwar shrine located in this area. Keshav Narayan shrine is also the one that visitor must not miss. It was constructed by the ruler of Nagpur City known as Bhonsle.

Sone Muda: a place that is origin of Sone River is next spot for you. However, the river is just 1.5 kms away from Narmada Kund. The starting point of river is from Maikal Hill. A best waterfall in this area is more than hundred feet long. A forest and the hill view from such spot is definitely going to take your breath away. 

Mai ki Bagiya: a spot known as Goddess Garden (Mai Ki Bagiya) is one more location for you in Amarkantak. The think jungle spread in kms is just 1 km away from Narmada Kund.  "Mai ki Bagiya" is devoted to deity Narmada. This natural garden is having countless trees of banana, mango, and other fruits. Roses and jungle flowers spread a sweet smell in the region so of course you are going to love this area. 

Kapildhara: a place also known as Kapil waterfall is next place to visit in Amarkantak. This waterfall is located at 6 km distance in northwest direction of Narmada Kund. The place is named after Kapil Muni. Kapildhara is full of natural scenery and hills with dense jungle. 

Kabir Chabutra: a circle popular on the name of Kabir the famous saint is another spot for travelers. Sources say Kabir spend many years in Amarkantak for medication. Chabutara is listed in the holiest locations for fans of the Kabir. 

Shri Jaleshwar Temple: a shrine of lord Shiva is next place for you. People believe Juhila River is originated from 8 kms Amarkantak. According to epics Lord Shiva founded the Shivaling in this temple so the devotee from Hindu religion is having huge values for this place. 

Jain Temple: a location known as Shri Sarvodaya Jain Temple is another holy place popular for Jain community. It is similar to Aksharadhama temple located in Gujarat. This shrine is made of approximate Rs. 20 crore and the temle is spread in 4 acres land. Around 300 workers did construction of this temple in two years. The chief architect of temple was C. B. Somapura. This shrine is positioned at hill station, though voyagers can enjoy the view of heavy flowing river Narmada from this point. 

Shri Kalyan Seva Trust: a trust used for the accommodation by the devotees is next spot to attain in Amarkantak. It is an Ashram of Shri Tapaswi Baba Kalyan Das Maharaj. According to sources Acharya Chandra Dev was the elder son of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Gurudwara: Religious spot of Sikhs community is other location for you. Here Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited for short period hence this place is having huge religious values for Indians. 

IGNT (Indira Gandhi National Tribal) University: talking about the education level of the Amarkantak a big university is located included boarding facility as well. 

Attaining to Amarkantak:
By Air: closest airport to reach Amarkantak is Jabalpur located at only distance of 228 kms. However, Raipur is also next big domestic airport having direct flights from Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur and some more cities. You have to travel for 230 kms distance to reach Amarkantak from Raipur. 

By Rail: closest railway station for such place is Pendra Road and the gap is only 42 kms from Pendra to Amarkantak. Pendra is the place comes between Katni to Bilaspur cities and South-East Railway is having trains for Pendra Road from various cities. 

By Road: MP roadway’s is having buses for Amarkantak from several cities. Road is properly managed by state administration and buses from Shahdol, Jabalpur, Umaria, Rewa, Anuppur, Bilaspur and Pendra Road are available in frequent level.
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