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Devprayag - Holy Town of Uttarakhand

An impressive destination for travelers in India is Devprayag. Some people call this place as Devaprayāg or Devanagari. This small town of Tehri Garhwal region is very famous as it having religious values for Hindus. Devprayag comes in Uttarakhand State, India and it is also listed in Panch Prayag list. Alaknanda River is meeting to Bhagirathi River at Devprayag so it’s having more values for the religious people of India. These two rivers take name of Ganga from the meeting point of town. 

The word Devaprayag comes from Sanskrit which means confluence of God. The major spot of town is temple of Raghunathji located on the top of hill. This shrine is constructed of big and heavy stones. 

Attraction of Devprayag:

Temple of Raghunathji: 

One of the ancient temples of God Rama is situated at this place. Its nearly 10,000 years aged made of rocks near the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers. If you are visiting the spot then must attend the special aarti conducted in the evening in temple. in 1803 a badly earthquake occurred that devastated some part of this temple. however, the repairing work was done by the Daulat Scindia. As per myth Lord Rama spend his valuable time while going back to Ayodhya after beating the Lanka King Ravana. Here you will see the Annapurna temple, Shankaracharya temple, Hanuman temple, and Garud temple.

Dashrath Shila: 

A place where King Dashratha performed penance is next place to visit in Devprayag. You can enjoy the water stream at Dashrath Shila that is named after her daughter, Shanta. Do not forget to attain seat of Raja Dashrath located on the small peak known as Dashratha Chal hill.

Suspension Bridges: 

A bridge known as Suspension is favorite picnic spot for you. This popular attraction of Devprayag is laid over the River Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. A stunning view of the hills and the rivers from the bridge is definitely going to take your breath away. 

Kyunkaleshwar Temple: 

It is the Mahadeva temple popular of Pauri. The sources state that this temple is built under the direction of Adi Sankaracharya who was the originator of Advaita Vedanta. 

There are many nearby tourist spots close to Devprayag and if you are planning a tour for this place then you can take pleasure of such places. Some of them are mentioned below:

New Tehri: 

A well known place New Tehri is first spot for travelers. It is one of the planned cities of Uttarakhand because a Tehri dam is constructed in this region. Countless tourists are regularly visiting Tehri for the dam and inert water flow. This Dam is constructed between the mountains, though some of them are submerged in water due to storage. A clean road of New Tehri allows voyagers to reach the spot easily. This spot is only 69 kms away from Mussoorie so you can enjoy another famous Indian tourist place. Accommodation is available in New Tehri so no worries for stay in the town for visitors.


An ideal place Rishikesh is next destination close to Devprayag. This spot is famous for camping and water rafting. Rishikesh is the city located close to Shivalik range of Himalaya. It is full of holy spots and if you believe in traditional India then you must visit this place. This city is listed as busiest place India and most demanding location of Uttarakhand state. Lakhs of tourist are reaching Rishikesh regularly. The distance of this city is 54 kms from another famous tourist attraction Dehradun.


A religious place situated at 50 kms distance is next location for travelers in Devprayag. A paradise Shivpuri is popular for adventure events. Shivpuri is the storehouse of water and many sports are conducted here such as kayaking and rafting. Here you can learn the real yoga conducted by many small centers. However, if you are looking for rock climbing that is also possible in Shivpuri. Voyagers get delighted once they visit the Shivpuri. The activities done in this place are water rafting, mountaineering, kayaking, and rock climbing, trekking and camping. Scenic view of River Ganga and high hills are enough to make the moments memorable for visitors. 


Another holy place close to Devprayag is available. You have to cover the distance of 22 kms from Chandrabadani Temple to Devprayag. It is the shrine of Sati Devi and its popular for Siddhpeeth. View of Himalaya ranges from this place is special event for attainders. 

How to reach Devprayag?

By Air: closest airbase for this town is JGA (Jolly Grant Airport) at Dehradun region. However, the distance of airport is 116 kms from Devprayag.

By Rail: closest railway station is Rishikesh, though it’s a meter gage station and not having fast trains from the cities of India. Reaching Haridwar is best option for travelers as it is the big railway junction of India located at 24 km distance from Rishikesh. Trains for Haridwar are available in frequent level get the tickets for this holy place and reach your destination easily. 

By Road: Uttarakhand state transport is having buses for Devprayag as it lies on NH 58. This national highway is directly connected to Delhi and Mana Pass. Sometime landscape problem occurs in Badrinath or Mana pass area but that is managed by the local administration. Rishikesh is the key point to start road journey towards Devprayag. Frequent buses are available from Rishikesh to Devprayag. If you are coming from Haridwar to reach Rishikesh you have to cover the distance of 24 kms. However, Rishikesh is 74 kms away from Devprayag. People coming from Srinagar have to travel only 34 kms distance for Devprayag.
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