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Yamunotri - Religious Hill Station of Uttarakhand

India a delighted country is my favorite destination. Tourism in India is always special as there are countless heaven areas where people can spend their holidays. The amazing hill areas, landscapes, valleys, dense forest and many other things makes the India first destination for the visitors. I know the world is full of wonderful places, though the spots of India are not compared to even the best locations of world. Loads of languages, their tradition and the culture of India make it special country. In this short note we are going to discuss about one of the ranges of Himalaya known as Yamunotri. It’s a religious place of India, but full of natural beauty and high hills. Yamunotri is the place I never visited but I want to reach this place once in my life. 

Yamunotri is kind of place that is equal to heaven because it is on the peak of Himalaya hills. It looks like sky is touching the earth at the peak of Himalayas. You are definitely going to miss this place all the time if you will not visit. Yamunotri is located in Garhwal region in Himalaya ranges. Yamunotri city is located under popular state of India “Uttarakhand”. This hill place is full of attraction and allure. Altitude of Yamunotri is 3293 mts from the sea level lies close to India China border. I refer this place as holiest center of India because the famous Yamuna river origins from this place. According to Hindu pantheon is having countless unparallel panoramas of scenery. 

The glacier of Yamunotri is origin of river Yamuna. The thermal springs of Yamunotri are special. As per Hindu culture Yama is the brother of Yamuna and Yama is the divinity of death. Thrilling ranges of hills in this region are able to take your breath away. Major spots of this place are green valleys and dense forest areas. 

However, some of the best places of Yamunotri are described below:

Sapta Rishi Kund: A pond that is popular for enthralling is first destination for visitors in Yamunotri. Sapta Rishi Kund is the place from where the River Yamuna begins his journey. This lake is located at the highest peak of 4421 meters from the sea level. The scenic areas are not easily reachable in the region because maximum spots are covered snow and trying for trekking in these hills could be dangerous. However, Sapta Rishi kund is easily reachable because local administration is having direct road for the spot from lower area of the hills. This spot is only 10 kms away from Yamunotri City Center. 

Surya Kund: another lake that is famous for cooking the rice directly on the water. It’s a kind of hot lake where the water is always hot in every season. People believe Surya is the father of Yamuna and he is giving power of boiling to the lake. The average temperature of lake is 1900 F so cooking in such pond is possible. 

Divya Shila: Next location for you in Yamunotri is Divya Shila that is the powerful pillar of rock. Reach Surya Kund as Divya Shila is located close to Suyra kund. Attaining to this place will give you ethereal feelings. 

Yamunotri Temple: a holy spot is our next destination that is perched at 3030 mts altitude from the sea level. Temple is constrcuted on Kalind Mountain and flowing River Yamuna is special thing to watch here. Yamunotri temple is listed in char dham yatra conducted by the Hindus every year. 

Trekking: maximum locations of Yamunotri are dangerous but there are certain areas where you can do trekking and can enjoy the adventurous events. Ardous road is one of them allowing you for trekking. Nature lovers always visit this place for adventure and elevation is 3030 mts. 

Badkot: a view of natural valleys is possible from Badkot that is also known as Bandarpoonch. This place is 49 kms distant from Yamunotri central part. The ancient temples of Badkot are world famous. This holy place is offering divine atmosphere to the visitors. 

Hanuman Chatti: flow of Yamuna river is very high and you can view or can swim in Hanuman Chatti. It is the thrilling hill located at only distance of 13 kms from Yamunotri. Here two rivers Yamuna and Ganga meet and flow downwards. The scenery of such area is amazing that you are never going to forget the location. 

Janki Chatti: another most exciting spot for voyagers is Janki Chatti. It’s again hot water spring place located at 3 km gap from Yamunotri. 

Kharsali: A location used in some of the Bollywood movies is next destination for you in Yamunotri. Placed at few kms distance from Yamunotri and recognized as Janki Chatti. Exciting adjacent and charming atmosphere is special thing of Kharsali. 

Yamunotri is turned as demanding tourist destination in last few years. If you are planning for amazing spots for this vacation then you must try for Yamunotri. 

Attaining to Yamunotri:
We all know that train is the best media of transport in India. If you are reaching Yamunotri from Chandigarh then you have to travel for 394 kms distance, though Delhi is 419 km away, Shimla is 509 km far, Nagpur is 1470 km far and Mumbai is 1795 km distant. 

By Train: the big and closest railway station to reach Yamunotri is Dehradun connected to almost ever part of the nation. Direct trains for Dehradun are available from Haridwar, Moradabad, Ambala Cant, ChandigarhDelhiChennai and many big cities. 

By Air: International customers can reach to Delhi for Yamunotri visit. However, Delhi is far from Yamunotri but frequent flights are available from big nations to Delhi. Jolly Grant is the domestic airport close to Dehradun that is having good amount of flights from several cities of India. Distance of airport from Yamunotri is only 210 km. 

By Road: attaining to Yamunotri directly through road is possible, though the route is little difficult because of high hills. Road till Hanuman Chatti is properly managed by local admin. Direct buses from RishikeshDehradun,Tehri Garhwal and other cities are available for Yamunotri. Uttarakhand state is having many buses for Yamunotri. If you are coming from Uttarkashi and Barkot you will get the direct bus for Yamunotri.
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