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Barmer - City of Rajasthan

Indian tourist place Barmer is our next target. This city of Rajasthan is 2nd largest region as well. Major town comes under Barmer district are Guda Malani, Balotra, Baytoo, Jasol, Siwana and Chohatan. Barmer is also famous for large oil field. The city was named after King Bahada Rao Parmar. The king was also named as Bar Rao Parmar. Sources say the region was founded by the king in mid of 13th century. Earlier the place was named as Bahadamer which means hill fort of Bahada.

Barmer is having historical values in India’s past. This place is having amazing forts and that major attraction of the town. The historical castles get decorated on festivals especially the colorful events. However, the whole region is listed in dry cities of India.

Attraction in Barmer:
Barmer Fort: First place to visit in town is fort located on dry hill. If we recognize the Barmer area as dry rocky hill town then it will be easily understandable. Visitors can easily find the ruins of Fort from almost every corner. Water shortage is the major problem in the town, but the local administration is having special arrangements for voyagers. Presently some part of fort is serving the city as big hotel. You can get the accommodation in fort and can enjoy the royal living style of Rajasthan

Balark Temple: Next location of Barmer is Balark Temple that is devoted to the God Sun. Ancient damaged areas of Juna (old) Barmer are some more famous locations for visitors. Once you reach this place you will find 3 Jain shrines built in somewhere 1295 AD. If you are attaining to this temple then don’t forget to look the massive pillar located in the hall of temple constructed in the ruling period of King Kula Samanta Sinha.

Kiradu: Talking about the 3rd place of Barmer it is the hill location positioned at only gap of 35km. Kiradu is basically a village located on the foot of a hill closer to another village Hathma. The amazingly carved shrine and unbelievable structural design of temple is must view spot in Kiradu. In this area you will find 5 oldest shrines in which one is devoted to God Vishnu and rest four are devoted to God Shiva. Nature lovers will keen to visit the hill top as the view of district is amazing experience for visitors.

Closer attraction of Barmer: Few small but best towns for tourism near Barmer are Khed, Mallani, Jasol village, Meva Nagar and Nagar-Ki-Bhakarian hill area.

Attaining to Barmer:
If you are coming from Ahmadabad towards Barmer then you have to travel for 408 kms distance. However, if you are getting route of Jaipur then 522 km will be the distance, New Delhi will be 791 km, Kanpur will be 1016 km and Chandigarh is 1082 km away. Jodhpur is big city closer to Barmer having bus, train and taxi services.

By Train: Railway station of Barmer is properly connected through meter gauge to Jodhpur. In India train is the cheapest transport mode so we can say it is the most convenient and prominent transport facility for voyagers. Cities having trains for Barmer are New DelhiGuwahatiHaridwar and Kalka.

By Air: The Jodhpur airbase is closer to Barmer located at distance of 220 km. This domestic airport is having frequent flights from New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Udaipur.

By Bus: Rajasthan Roadways is one of the best bus transports of India and buses for Barmer from various cities of India are available. Buses are available in good amount from JodhpurUdaipurJaipur and some more cities for Barmer.