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Ramgarh - Hill Station of Uttaranchal

India the wonder nation is serving the world with amazing tourist locations. One of the best hill stations of India is Ramgarh popular for peaceful cool hill areas. Ramgarh is a small city of Kumaon district, Uttaranchal State. The altitude is 1789 meters from the sea level having countless orchards and fruits farms. This city is having historical values for India as founder of this amaze place was British Army. The high profile people of British and India government regularly visited this place. Some best ancestral houses, buildings and monuments are available in the city. Maximum buildings were used for inspection by the officers of British Empire.

Ramgarh is having countless scenic spots with breathtaking views. Nobel honored Mr. Rabindranath Tagore was located to this place. He was the devoted voyager to Ramgarh. If you go through list of best hill stations of India you will find the Ramgarh on top of the list.

Attraction of Ramgarh:
Major spots of Ramgarh are Sri Aurobindo ashram, KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigamlla) rest house, Tulla Ramgarh and NSA (Narain Swami Ashram). April to June is best period to visit Ramgarh. You can also attain to city between November-March.

Girija Devi Temple: Just 25 kms away from the central part of Ramgarh. This temple is having huge religious values for the people. Attain to this temple and take blessings of Girija Devi. This temple is located on hill top in Ramgarh. 

Shiva Temple: A temple also known as Mahadev Stanam is available for voyagers. The distance is few kms from Girija Devi temple located on hills top. 

Camping: Whichever hill area you go you can do camping and Ramgarh is also having such feature. City is full of scenery spots so you can search the best spot for yourself so that you can enjoy the nature closely and properly.

Fishing: What if you get a chance of fishing between the high hills? Ramgarh is the correct spot to test angling skills. The river Kosi is flowing from this area has all ingredients for real fishing experience. Mahseer fish is the costly item of this river and that is found in Ramgarh only.

Mountain Biking: Do you love adventure then go for mountain biking. This most challenging sport is possible at Ramgarh Mountain.

Rock Climbing: Try the rock climbing or rappelling in Ramgarh. If you check the further details Ramgarh hill station is best spot for adventurous people. You can point the place as training institute for Rock climbing.

Nathuakhan: plenty of places are available in city for voyagers and Nathuakhan is one of them. Its an impressive village closer to Ramgarh city in Uttaranchal. Nathuakhan is popular for trekking as well.

Attaining to Ramgarh:
If you are coming from Delhi to reach Ramgarh then you have to cover the distance of 292 kms. However, Mumbai is 1604 km, Bangalore is 2223 km far, Nainital is 18 km far and Ranikhet is 40 km away.

By Train: Closest railway station is Kathgodam located at only gap of 35 km from famous city Nainital (another hill station of India). You can avail the taxi from outer area of station to Ramgarh from Kathgodam. Trains for Kathgodam are accessible from DelhiDehradun, Howrah, Jammu and Kanpur.

By Air: Closest airport is Pantnagar for Ramgarh. Delhi is closest International airport located at 325 km distance from Ramgarh.

By Bus: Ramgarh is properly linked to big cities through road. Nainital is the biggest destination to reach through road from various cities of India. Naukuchiatal is another city closer to Ramgarh. Delhi is also having bus services for Ramgarh.