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Udayagiri: Amazing Destination of India

Udayagiri is our next Indian tourist place popular as Mandal of Nellore region, Andhra Pradesh born in 14th century. Earlier the city was capital of Langula Gajapati Kingdom from Orissa. However, Krishna Deva Raya the ruler of Vijayanagara captured the city under Andhra Pradesh in 1512. Udayagiri fort was constructed by Ruler Langula Gajapati. To reach fort people use to go through dense jungle track from eastern side of state. 

Famous Udayagiri Hills: major attraction parts of city are Hills mingled with historical background. Such hills are explained the Ramayana as well. It is the place where Lord Hanuman carried Sanjeevini mount to cure Lakshmana. At the time of returning from Lanka god Hanuman thrown the Snajeevini hill in this place. The crystal clear flowing water from hill states the importance of Udayagiri hills. Experts are still not able to find the source of water coming from the hills. Local people are using the water for drinking purpose. Some best spots to visit in Udayagiri are shrines of Udaya Lakshmidevi, Lakshmi Narasimha, Devastanam village Loddi, Tapka, Kona, Choti and Badi Masjid. 

It was really difficult to built roads, place electricity polls, etc. in this region. However, the AP government did hard work to constructed clean roads and light polls. Today Udayagiri is turned as best holiday spot of the State. 

Amazing spots of Udayagiri:
Gandipalem Dam: This popular spot is famous for storage of drinking water and cultivation for farmers. Name to this dam area is given after Langula Gajapati the ruler of Udayagiri. 

Ghatika Siddeswaram Shrine: A shrine dedicated to god Shiva is another amazing spot for voyagers. This stunning and picturesque location is famous for continuous water supply. The shrine constructed is added in list of oldest temples of India. 

Siddeswaram: A small but effective village is available for you as next tourist place. You can visit lord Shiva temple also known as Siddeswaradu, Kasi Nayana, Istakameswari devi Ayyappa, Agasthya Rishi Thapovan, Veera Bhoga Vasantaraya temples, 7 water sources, Sree Lalita Devi, Sree Guru Datta, Lord Shiva and Vinayaka shrines, etc. 

Forest products: Once you reach to Udayagiri you should search the local market and must get the pure honey and dried fruits such as Sara Pappu. The fresh and pure items from forest are not available everywhere. You can also get the red sandal and several other sandal trees in this region. 

Attaining to Udayagiri: 
By Road: If you have planned to visit the spot then closer station to reach Udayagiri is Nellore located at only gap of 96 kms. Road is the best mode to reach Udayagiri as the hills are quite dangerous to drive so you must be careful if going through own vehicle. State buses are running daily from various parts such as Kavali, Atmakur, Nellore and Ongole. 

By Rail: Closest railway station is Kavali located at only gap of 75 kms from Udayagiri. Hyderabad is next big closer city for Udayagiri placed at 410 km distance. Direct bus is available from Hyderabad for Udayagiri. Some other Telangana regions are also having buses for Udayagiri such as Nizamabad, Warangal and Karimnagar.

By Air: Chennai is most convenient city to reach Udayagiri through airplane. Chennai is only 280 km far from Udayagiri and local buses are available for the destination. Other big airports available for Udayagiri are Hyderabad and Bangalore (only 380 kms away).