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Champaner - Historical City of India

Champaner is the place popular for historical spots. Champaner is the city of Gujarat, India established in Panchmahal region at 47 Kms distance from Vadodara. Earlier the city was capital of state Gujarat.

Founder of city was Vanraj Chavda the king of Chavda Empire. He ruled the town in 8th century and named the city after his friend Champa. The full name of Champa was Champaraj. As the city holds historical values lots of battles occurred in this place. In 15th century, the Chauhan Rajputs captured Pavagadh fort of Champaner. Later countless rulers from different origin came to this place and established the city in their own style.

Sultan Begada is one of the best visiting places of Champaner and Jama Masjid in the area is popular for voyagers. Experts suggest structural design of Jama Masjid is superb compared to other parts of Gujarat.

Attraction in Champaner:
Jama Masjid: Initial place to attain in city is Jami Masjid popular for big dome and minarets. Made in Sultanate structural design with high plinth with two tall minarets.  Minarets are around 30 meters in height with 172 pillars. Oriel windows are other special feature of Jama Masjid.

Champaner Fort: Next spot is Champaner fort a royal area of Muhammad Begara. The perfect rectangle shape of fort makes it different then other forts. The surrounded massive walls with big bastions and impressive gates are able to attract voyagers. A big lake known as Vada Talav is one more attraction of fort.

Machi: A town that holds countless monuments is next destination in Champaner. Khapra Zaveri Palace is first spot located towards of Machi. Flowing Vishwamitri River view is best thing of the palace, but you have to reach the terrace for clear picture. This palace is having 9 different gates and one among them is Atak gate. There are two catapult areas for throwing stones at their enemies. Some more famous spots of Machi are Makai Kothar, Kalika Temple and Muslim Saint Sadan Shah Temple.

Kalika Temple: A shrine of Goddess Kalika located at highest peak of Pavagadh mountain is another spot to visit. Kalika temple is listed in most sacred place for Hindu pilgrimage. If we go through data of tourist visit around one million devotees are visiting the temple every year. Rope way is available to reach the top of hill to enter the temple.

Lakulish Temple: A Lakulish shrine at Chhashia Talav is our next destination. You can find the sculptures of Lord Shiva in the temple.

Closer destination of Champaner:
Jambughoda: One more nearby tourist attraction to Champaner is Jambughoda. This famous Indian tourist place is just 25 kms away from Champaner. However, today the place is turned as sanctuary since 1992. Jambughoda is spread in 130 square Kms area with lush greenery.

Attaining to Champaner:
By Air: Domestic airport Vadodara is available for Champaner. Voyagers can get the flights from diverse cities of India to Vadodara. Distance of Champaner and Vadodara is only 42 Kms. Frequent flights are available for the town from Ahmadabad, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Ahmadabad is the closest international airport for Champaner.  

By Road: Gujarat state is having public transport for Champaner city. People can get the buses from Ahmadabad and Vadodara for this beautiful destination. Vadodara  is 49 km away, Ahmadabad  is 149 km far and Bharuch  is only 122 km distant from Champaner.

By Train: railway station of Champaner is small railway station. However, Godhara to Vadodara line is passed from the city and allowing voyagers to reach the destination easily. Before starting your journey for this famous Indian tourist place you must plan the trip and book the tickets in advance specially for transport and accommodation. 

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