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Yelagiri - Hill Station of Tamil Nadu

Are you looking for best hill station of South India? If yes, they are going to tell you one of the secret Indian tourist place named as Yelagiri. It is the hill station of Vellore region, Tamil Nadu. This amazing hill area is located on Vaniyambadi to Tirupattur road at good altitude of 1410.6 meters from the sea level. It is the small town spread in 30 km2 area. Some people recognize this place as Elagiri. The surrounded of this place is covered with orchards, green valleys and rose-garden.

History: town is not having big history because people are not much aware of this place. Yelagiri is the village comes on the route of Vaniyambadi to Jolarpettai. The town was established by British colonial for their summer vacations.
In ancient period the town was the private property of Zamindar Yelagiri. In 1950 Indian government take over the town and announced as Yelagiri city. Family members of Yelagiri Zamindar still exist in Reddiyur city.

Summer Festival: the most special occasion for the village is Yelagiri Summer festival. It is conducted in May by the TNTD (Tamil Nadu Tourism Development) Board. Some special events in the fest are different Stalls, cultural programs, Flowers show and Dog Show. Large number of people reaches Yelagiri at this time to enjoy the festival.

Tourist attraction in Yelagiri:
Trekking: As Yelagiri is the hill station you can take pleasure of trekking. There are many areas where you can do trekking, though some places are difficult and dangerous so be careful if you are planning for such event. 

Punganoor Artificial Lake: It is the park as well as lake area for picnic of local people. We can say it is the most impressive landmark of Yelagiri. Tamil Nadu tourism department is taking care of park as well as the lake.

Jalagamparai Waterfalls: Do you love waterfalls then visit a short distance place known as Jalagamparai falls located at only gap of 14 km from city Tirupattur. The river Attaru is flowing from this region and there countless areas where the water flows with high speed. Nature made waterfalls is best in this location. You have to travel for one hour to reach the spot as it is only 5 km away but the path is not easy to move free. You have to get downhill to reach the spot. This place is added in the list of most adventurous places of Tamil Nadu.

Swamimalai Hills: Next destination for travelers is Swamimalai hills which is one of the peaks of Yelagiri village. Swami hills are in shape of a cake and its high altitude makes it impressive destination for travelers. Hard trekking of 3 km is equal to 7 kms of other trekking areas of Tamil Nadu state.

Telescope observatory: If you want have closer look of nearby spots of this hill then reach telescope observatory located closer to Yelagiri hill. However, news is gathered that this observatory is closed for some reason.

 YMCA Centre: This is the non-profit organization offering loading, dormitory stay, trekking and few more camp activities.

YASA Club: You are getting a chance to enjoy adventure sports, paragliding and many other events offered by YASA club.

How to reach Yelagiri?
By Road:
Tamil Nadu state transport is having buses for Yelagiri from different cities. However, the town is not much popular so travelers might face some difficulties to get booking in local transport. Direct buses for Yelagiri are available from Bangalore, Chennai, Jolarpet, Hosur, Tirupattur and Salem.
By Air: closest airport to reach Yelagiri is Chennai located at 219 km distance. Chennai is the international as well as domestic airport so you can easily get the flights from your special destination. Flights for Chennai are available from Bangalore, Delhi and almost every big city of India.
By Train: closest railway station is Jolarpettai junction connected directly through train to Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai and some more cities.
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