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Balasinor - City of Gujarat

Jurassic park of India! Yes, this is true that Balasinor was the real the Jurassic park in the world. Dinosaur’s fossils are still available in this city of Kheda district, Gujarat. This small town is also recognized as Vadasinor. Town was founded in the end of 18th century. Earlier it was the town of Nawab Babi and Pathan Dynasty. However, city was born on 28th Sep- 1758. 

This amazing Indian tourist place has still kept old charm. Countless ancient temples, memorials and different attractions are major factor that tourist are all time reaching Balasinor for their vacations. Balasinor city is located at closer distance from some big cities of Gujarat such as Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.

Reaching town at festival period is best as it becomes lively at that time. Navaratri (9 nights) festival is major and popular fest of Gujarat and that is also celebrated with full excitement and enjoyment in Balasinor. Dandiya dance is performed and local people participate in this event to make it more exciting. Dandiya and Garba are two big famous dance of Gujarat. 

Attraction in Balasinor
Fossil Park: The Jurassic Park of Balasinor is first place to visit. You have to reach Raiyoli town for Fossil Park. State government is responsible for development and management of this park. The park name is Raiyoli Dinosaur Fossil having fossilized eggs of dinosaur. You can also watch the bones and other parts of Dinosaurs in this park. There are more than 13 species fossils of dinosaurs in this park. You need around half day to enjoy the spot completely. It is also declared as world's 2nd largest dinosaur fossil site. 

Ambaji temple: One bigger tourist destination of Gujarat is located closer to Balasinor. This oldest shrine is worth to visit. You can reach the temple from Fossil Park as it is just at walk-able distance.

The Garden Palace: One of the best picnic spot of town that was constructed in 1883 by Muslim King Saheb Manover Babi. The well-manicured park in the palace is major attraction. However, the palace is turned as heritage hotel, but some areas are still open for formal visitors. If you stay in this palace then you will be getting the royal treatment. That means you can enjoy the best hospitality of Gujarat by staying in real palace. Around 8 big well-maintained cabins are available with all latest amenities in old style. 

Wanakbori Dam: If you love to visit dam areas and greenery portions then visit the Wanakbori dam that is situated closer to Garden Palace. The dam is built on Mahi River famous for picnickers and locals tourists. Panoramic view of river especially in monsoon season is best thing at this place.

Timba Tuva: There is one more thing that people should not miss and that is natural warm water spring known as Timba Tuva. However, this place is not much appreciated by travelers but it has some medicinal properties because the spring can help you to solve many skin related issues. Many patients affected with arthritis and rheumatism had also received the benefits after taking bath of this worm spring. Timba is having mythological values as well because this place is connected to Mahabharata period as well. Pandavas from Mahabharata spent few years of their exile at this place. One Pandav King Bhima married to Hadimba at Timba Tuva spot only. 

Galteshwar: Our next spot of Balasinor is Galteshwar that is famous for old temple of Lord Shiva. You can enjoy the garden and some green areas at this place as the spot is famous picnic location as well.

Champaner: Our final spot of the town is Champaner that is famous from the big Bollywood film Lagaan, Champaner town is located at only distance of 50 km from Balasinor. There are temples of Jain and Hindu community that are nearly 1000+ years old. Chamapner village is declared as UNESCO Heritage Site so you must visit the town once you plan trip to Balasinor.

How to reach Balasinor?
By Air: Vadodara Airport is closest hub to reach the destination through air. The distance between Vadodara and Balasnior is just 79 Km.

By Rail: Closest railway station for our spot is Sevaliya that is located at 18 km distance. However, 
Timba road (19 KM), Godhra (37 Km), Derol (43 Km) and Vadodara (83 Km) are few closest railway station for Balasinor. 

By Road: Gujarat state transport is having buses from various cities of State. However, few other states are also having buses for Balasinor. 


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