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Gopalpur - Beach City of Odhisa

We always look for the interesting places for our vacations. However, we try to reach those places that are famous and crowded because we are not aware of many secret destinations. Today  our target is one of sea shores of Odhisa such as Gopalpur. It is the city at the coastal area of Ganjam region, Odisha. The state is using the port of Gopalpur for their commercial purpose. Berhampur is just 15 km away from Gopalpur. 

According to a report of the 2001 census Gopalpur had the population around 6660. 

Do you love to reach historical places than there are spots in Gopalpur that will attract you most. Most ancient locations of the city are commercial port, though the condition of the port is not good at the moment but state government is trying to repair it. This metropolis were known as a fishing village, though it became the biggest trading center at the time of BEIC (British East India Company) arrival. BEIC started their business with Burma through this route and they created lots of warehouses and go-downs. 

Attraction in Gopalpur:
Gopalpur Beach: 16 km distance is nothing but a small route to reach the Gopalpur beach from Brahmapur. Actually Gopalpur is located on the border of AP (Andhra Pradesh). You can enjoy the coconut groves, gentle sand dunes and casuarinas in this area. 

Old Jetty: A wonder spot of town, though it is in ruins according to the present situation. It is the monument of Gopalpur famous for its glorious history. Sailors of the city started visiting other countries from this point. It was the major source for the sailors to reach Indonesia and Rangoon.

Taptapani: A striking village located near the Gopalpur city. You have to cover the distance of 67 kms to reach the Taptapani. If we try to solve the name, meaning it is hot water. This place is famous for hot spring which attracts the voyagers from different places to Gopalpur. 

Dhavaleshwar: The exquisite location and best picnic spot is Dhavaleshwar. Once you reach this spot you can enjoy the Mahanandi River and is just few distance far. People recognize Dhavaleshwar as heaven for visitors. 

Gudahandi: Next place to visit in the city is a land of molasses. 3 hills with greenery is a famous part of this area. Gudahandi is little far from Gopalpur as this place comes under Khaligarh area. 

Taratarini Temple: A shrine on Taratarini hill at only a distance of 30 km is next place to visit in Gopalpur. Here you will see the two idols and temples of Hindu Goddess Tara and Tarini. 

Pati Sonapur Beach: Do you want to enjoy the splendor beaches of India? Visit Pati Sonapur beach that is one of the famous destinations of Gopalpur. It is only 20 km far from Berhampur, though Gopalpur is 35 km distance from this beach. 

Padmatala Sanctuary: 37 kms far from city famous for pond, greenery and wild animals. Wildlife Safari is available in this region so enjoy watching dangerous animals live here. 

Lakhari Santuary: One more national park of the city is Lakhari Park located in Lakhari Valley. The most popular animal of this park is an elephant. However, there are many more wild animals in the sanctuary. 

Lighthouse: A lighthouse constructed in 1871 is next spot to visit in Gopalpur. It was built for the assistance of coastal ships comes from Rangoon. 

Aryapalli Beach: A charming, peaceful beach named as Aryapalli is available for you. You only have to travel 30 km distance from Berhampur to attain the area. You can easily hear the wave sound at this place because less people visit this beach as the waves get higher anytime here. 

How to reach Gopalpur?
By Air: Closest big air hub for Gopalpur is Bhubaneswar that is directly linked to many big cities of India. 

By Rail: Closest and important station for Gopalpur is Berhampur and East-Coast Railway connects this station to many broad cities of the nation. 

By Road: Local or nearby people love to reach the spots of Gopalpur through bikes or their own vehicles. However, if you are coming to this destination from Berhampur then you have to cover the gap of 16 km. Bhubaneswar is 190 km far, Taptapani is 66 km away, Barkul is 75 km distant and Kolkata is 670 km away from Gopalpur.
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