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Athirapally - Jungle Town of Kerala

There are countless places in India and we all are completely unaware of these places. The reason is less popularity of these amazing destinations. Today our prime target for voyagers is Athirappilly that is also spelled as Athirapally. This town is turned as a favorite destination for abroad users. However, it is really bad for us that abroad voyagers are known in this place, but we Indians are not such aware. This short note is available for you to learn about this rain forest resort town.

Talking about the land area, it is the Grama Panchayath spread in 489.00 km² land area. This town comes under Mukundapuram Taluk of Thrissur region, Kerala. You have to cover the distance of 60 km from City Thrissur to reach Athirapally. However, Kochi is 70 km far and international airport of Cochin is only 55 km away from this spot. Foreign as well as Indian travelers can easily reach to our place for their holidays.

We will discuss the important facts about Athirapally so that you will not get bored by going through long story.

Wildlife: The falls of Athirappilly are a major attraction for travelers. These falls are situated 1000 feet above the sea level. River Chalakudy is flowing from this region that is one of the heavy river of Kerala. This river enters the town from Sholayar ranges. Even the whole Kerala is beautiful, but Athirapally is having a scenic combination of jungles and small streams. Heights waterfall is of just 80 feet in this region, but the water flow is higher so taking bath need more attention. As Athirapally is dense in jungle so you will find many dangerous wild animals and endemic species of fauna in the forest. The Western Ghat is important center of biodiversity in this region.

As per WTI (Wildlife Trust of India), Athirappilly is India's best elephant saving efforts.

Tourism: Athirappilly Falls are all time best attractions for voyagers. The falls at Vazhachal are popular among travelers as well. Athirappilly town is the destination accessible from Chalakudy and state buses are available for Athirapally from Chalakudy terminal.

Rivers are always high in pressure so it is advised to the visitors to take precautions while swimming or moving to the jungle. Police camp is accessible there to help explorers. Athirappilly is dangerous forest area and night driving is strictly not allowed. If you have planned to reach this wonder destination, then you should get the SH-21 highway that connects the Tamil Nadu state of Kerala. This could be best adventurous drive of your life because the jungle and the route is full of natural sceneries.

Major attraction areas of the town Athirapally:
Thumpurmuzhi Gardens: An ideal location that is full of greenery, scenic splendor and noisy waterfall.

Charpa Falls: water from this falls plunges on the road in monsoon. Most enjoying spot of Athirapally.

Forest Gardens of Vazhachal: A dense jungle and the waterfalls are key spots of Vazhachal.

Malakapara Tea Gardens: Want to take pleasure of Jungle safari? Reach Malakapara where you can do safari and can enjoy the high end tea gardens. Gardens are only 51 km away from Athirapally.

Sholayar Dams and Peringalkuthu: The dam constructed on the Chalakudi river is another spot to visit. You have to enter the jungle to reach the dam portion.

How to reach Athirapally?

There are multiple routes that people can follow to reach their destination:
Valparai Route: This is the road that starts from Coimbatore towards Pollachi. Valparai is only 40 km away from Coimbatore. Don’t forget to enjoy the tea estates that come during this route. The curved roads and deep valleys can excite you, but drive safe to reach safe. The road that starts from Valparai is surrounded by thick, dense jungle and many wild animals comes on the road so this is the place you have to be very-very careful. The route becomes more dangerous from Malakkiparai to reach Athirapally.

Angamaly Route: People coming from Cochin can get the route of Angamaly town. It is the shortcut route to reach Athirapally. Take a right turn from the bridge that comes after crossing Angamaly town. The towns that come between Athirapally and Angamaly are Mookkannoor, Ezhattumugham, Edalakadu, Oil Plantation and Vazhachal.

Chalakudy Route: People coming from Chalakudy should get the route of Anamala Jn. And Chalakudy town.

Note: Once you enter the jungle area you will see elephants and bison on the road. The night journey from this road is discouraged. You will not find human settlement from Malakkiparai to Peringalkuthu area. If you get stuck anywhere then you have to help yourself as getting support from others is not possible here.

June to October are the best period to reach Athirapally town and the forest. You can enjoy the real wildlife and the theme parks know as Silver Storm and Dream world in Athirapally.
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