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Chandertal Lake

Indian tourist spot team is reached to one of the best tourist attractions known as Chandertal Lake. Our team spend around 10 days in this place to learn why this place is so special for nature lovers. However, there are few things that really attracts the voyagers such as surrounding hills, crystal clear water of lake, greenery spread near the lake and of course the peaceful environment.

Chandertal Lake is the tourist spot located in Himachal Pradesh. This lake town is also known as Chandra Taal and Chandra Tal. The good altitude of 4300 meters is enough to learn that it is one of the coolest locations of India. The high hills of Himalayas with white sheet of snow was different experience for our team. In our early post of Spiti we discussed this location a little bit, though we are today here to so we came to know the value of Chadra Tal.

Lahul and Spiti itself are top areas for visitors which means if you are planning to visit Chandratal then you are getting two most impressive destinations to visit. We are pretty sure this could be your life’s best experience to visit Tal and other nearby places. Talking about the Tal this lake is just 1 km long but the chilled air and beautiful adjacent places are enough attractions for visitors. Trekkers are reaching the Tal at regular intervals and you can also see local people enjoying at this place. It is turned as favorite picnic spot for voyagers.

Here few things are important to discuss about this Tal. You have to reach Batal to attain to Chandra Tal, be prepared and don’t visit the location from October to March. The reason is chilled weather and bad rod conditions. The landslide and road block is common errors that people are getting while reaching to Tal. Kunzum Pass is another destination closer to Chandra Tal. For Kunzum you must plan a trip between May to October.

You have to go by foot from Batal, though road is available of 14 km from Batal but only two wheelers can go through the road. Wildflowers, lake and vast meadows are key attractions of Chandertal Lake. Your face is going to smile more when you come to know that the land area where the lake is located is known as Samudra Tapu so Lake name is Chandra (Moon) Tal (Pond) and land area is Samudra (Sea) Tapu (Small Hill).

How to reach Chandra Tal?
By Air: The biggest international airport for Chandertal is New Delhi. Flights for Delhi are available from domestic as well as abroad cities.

By Road: From Delhi you have to move towards Manali then Rohtang Pass, Gramphoo, Chattru, Batal and then Chandra Tal. If you are planning to go through Shimla then you need to cross Narkanda, Karcham, Nako, Losar, Kunzum and then Chandra Tal.

By Rail: Big junction for Chandra Tal is Delhi again. You can also get the train for Dehradun and from there you can plan trip from Shimla.